Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World

Chapter 1167-1170

Chapter 1167 – Condensed Astral Qi Art

Seeing what just happened, Zhao Hai knew that the seal has been dealt with. Then he immediately scanned the jade slip with his spiritual force. Just as his consciousness entered the slip, an explosion was heard, shaking his head. Then the five element killing formation activated and kept the danger at bay.

Zhao Hai stared, then he immediately understood what just happened. The five element killing formation blocks all kinds of spiritual force that went to his head. It seems like there was something inside the jade slip that triggered the formation.

Zhao Hai took the formation down and allowed the spiritual force from the jade slip to enter his mind. Before long, writings appeared inside his head.

Zhao Hai proceeded to read through the words appearing in his mind, "Condensed Astral Art. The Heavens and the Earth are righteous, evil, arrogant, and divine. The mind should be….."

As he contemplated on the writings, Zhao Hai finally knew what was recorded inside the jade slip. Inside was actually a secret art. It was an article detailing evil qi and astral qi. And further on, it dictates how to use them to make a life source weapon.

There weren't only ordinary magic artifacts in the Cultivation Realm. Those that passed through evil qi or astral qi became life source artifacts. Since these artifacts passed through evil qi and astral qi, whether it be defensive or offensive strength, these artifacts were much better than ordinary ones.

It can be said that this art came at a timely moment for Zhao Hai. Both Yellowsand Planet and the Space had a non stop supply of astral qi. If he was able to make use of it, then his body would become more tenacious. And if he was able to join astral qi with his own strength, then his attacks would be more aggressive. And lastly, if he could add astral qi to his own treasures, he would be able to promote them at least a level higher.

Zhao Hai badly needed these improvements. Therefore, he really wanted to find a method to utilize astral qi.

Zhao Hai carefully looked through the secret art and found out that it was very complex. He would introduce astral qi into his meridians, then bit by bit he would merge it with his own spiritual qi.

However, this process came with a huge amount of pain. Most people wouldn't be able to endure this type of pain. This was the main reason why most people go insane and die once they tried merging evil qi or astral qi to their bodies.

But this issue wouldn't be a problem for Zhao Hai. He had already experienced something like this before when he was tempering his body. Therefore, Zhao Hai didn't worry about introducing astral qi to his body.

After looking through the entire secret art, Zhao Hai didn't immediately go and practice it. This was because there were still dangers in practicing this art. If people were to arrive and disturb him, then his concentration would be broken and the situation might turn sour.

But even if Zhao Hai couldn't integrate astral qi into his own spiritual qi, he could still practice the art on some magic artifacts. Presently, Zhao Hai had Liquid Silver, which was also a magical artifact. Zhao Hai could definitely use astral qi to improve Liquid Silver. Zhao Hai believed that Liquid Silver could still become stronger.

With this though in mind, Zhao Hai sat down and then took Liquid Silver out. Then he used his spiritual force to temper liquid silver using the astral qi around him.

When Zhao Hai's spiritual force got in contact with the astral qi, he immediately felt a great pressure pulling at it. Then Zhao Hai's spiritual force was immediately twisted and shattered by the pressure.

However, Zhao Hai was still fine. After all, he had prepared well for this situation. Although he could feel his head ache, this pain wasn't uncomfortable.

Zhao Hai calmed himself down and then guided the astral qi using his spiritual force. However, the result was still the same. Zhao Hai slowly learned as he failed time and time again. His failures also reinforced his spiritual force. If his previous spiritual force was a silk thread, now it was already like a metal wire.

Zhao Hai didn't know for how long he's been introducing astral qi to Liquid Silver, but suddenly, Liquid Silver shone with light. Then the Space issued a prompt, "New energy has been introduced to the host's staff. The Space has judged that it is beneficial to the host. The energy's existence has been approved. The Space will now take over in controlling the new energy."

After hearing the prompt, Zhao Hai discovered that the astral qi no longer needed his control in order to enter Liquid Silver. Moreover, its progress was much better than when he was the one controlling it.

Zhao Hai was glad with this development. Then he sat in place to recover his spiritual force. And just as he was feeling his spiritual force, Zhao Hai discovered that his capacity had increased. Moreover, his spiritual force was more solid than before. This was completely out of his expectation.

After his spiritual force was fully restored, Zhao Hai was finally able to confirm that his spiritual force had increased. Originally, his spiritual force could support 1000-layer formations at most. But now, he could support 3000-layers with ease. Even if he cast five formations at the same time, it would still be possible for him.

And if his formation sets had supporting formations, he could cast 10,000-layer formations with no problem. And this was without Liquid Silver's help. If he used Liquid Silver, then he could achieve 30,000 layers.

Seeing his strength increase by more than a single fold, Zhao Hai couldn't help but feel ecstatic. He was worried that his spiritual force wouldn't be able to catch up to his body's increase in strength. But now it seems like his spiritual force had already caught up. This was absolutely good news for Zhao Hai.

Once Zhao Hai had sorted his spiritual force out, he suddenly discovered that a day had almost passed in Yellowsand Planet. This caused him to be surprised.

A day had passed but he only met Wan Xiang. Wasn't this too strange? One must know that there were about 100 thousand participants in this region. Moreover, the region wasn't very large. It would be very easy for two people to meet each other. But ever since the beginning, Zhao Hai had only met Wan Xiang.

At this time, Cai'er suddenly said, "Young Master, while you were practicing, there were 50 people who scanned you with their spiritual force. However, since they don't pose any danger, I decided not to wake you up."

When Zhao Hai heard this, he began to understand. Then he asked, "There are 50 of them? Who are they?"

Then as he said that, a list flashed inside Zhao Hai's mind. There were detailed descriptions about the 50 people in the list. The time when they scanned Zhao Hai and for how long they kept scanning him were also listed.

Zhao Hai looked at the list and nodded, "Good. They're lucky that they didn't make a move. Otherwise I will have to be impolite."

Cai'er nodded, "Young Master, there's no need to worry. If they really dared to make a move, then we can release the Undead you captured from Tyro Planet and the Rainbow Meteorite Field. They should be enough to kill all of them."

Zhao Hai laughed and said, "Right, just like what you said, we can just release the Undead to eliminate them."

The Undead that Zhao Hai gained from Tyro Planet and the Rainbow Meteorite Field had preserved their original strength. This was to say that Zhao Hai had a few Undead with level 4 and level 5 strength. If people dared to attack Zhao Hai, then these Undead could just kill them.

At this time, Laura said, "Brother Hai, why don't you try taking a stroll?"

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, "Forget it. It's not easy to survive in this elimination round. If I went to other places, even if I don't encounter other beasts, I would still see other participants. And in the end, I would have to defeat them. I'll give them a chance. As long as they don't make a move on me, then I won't actively attack them."

Laura paused for a moment and then she nodded, "In any case, it doesn't matter if you meet anyone or not. And if you encounter a strong beast, even if you can run away, you would still disturb everyone around you. It would be good if you stay here."

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "That's right. I think it would be best for us if I don't expose my strength. Therefore, we can't catch any beasts for now. If my abilities are discovered, then I would be at a disadvantage later on. We shouldn't forget that we cannot guarantee if the other realms are looking into the Machine Field. If they are really monitoring us, then we would be in trouble if they see my strength."

Laura nodded, then she said, "Brother Hai, you should build a house made out of sand. If there's an opportunity, we can head out and accompany you."

Upon hearing Laura, Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, "Forget it. If we do that, we will only attract unwanted attention. It's fine like this."

Laura smiled and said, "Alright, but Brother Hai, you need to at least take out an umbrella and a proper chair. You should be comfortable."

Zhao Hai's eyes shone, he said, "That's a good idea. Get me an umbrella and a recliner. Right, get me some cold fruit juice as well. I'll take the next few days as vacation time."

When Laura and the others head this, they couldn’t help but giggle. Before long, everything Zhao Hai requested had been brought over. Zhao Hai comfortably lied down on his recliner as he sipped from his cold drink. He even looked as satisfied as someone who was on a vacation.

As Zhao Hai relaxed, several spiritual forces came to scan him. But after seeing that they weren't Zhao Hai's match, they decided to move on.

The day quickly went past and night arrived. Zhao Hai didn't return to the Space and instead just lied down on his recliner. At this time, a sound was heard. Zhao Hai opened his eyes to see a large group of huge spiders about five kilometers away from him.

These spiders were very huge, each one exceeded five meters tall were eight meters long. Their entire bodies were covered in fur, making people feel dread while looking at them.

There were 40 spiders in this group, both big and small. It seems like they belong to one cluster. Zhao Hai stood up, he knew that this was because the sandworms were already full. Once the sandworms were no longer hungry, their territory would become safe. Because of this, the spiders began to come out.

However, Zhao Hai wasn't afraid of these spiders. He would have the spiders come then send them all into the Space, adding new species to the Space.

Before long, the spiders were already close to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai waved his hand and released a 3,000-layer formation, giving the spiders no chance.

This was the first time that Zhao Hai used a 3,000-layer formation set. To be honest, these 3,000-layer formations were very strong, exceeding his expectations. From what Zhao Hai could see, these spiders had about level 4 strength. In this case, capturing them with a 3,000-layer formation was beyond easy.

Of course, Zhao Hai believed that the 3,000-layer formation sets of other people weren’t as powerful as his. It was necessary to know that Zhao Hai's 3,000-layer formation set included a large amount of supporting formations.

At this time, Zhao Hai's formation sets were divided into five categories. The first type were defensive formations. It was needless to expand about this since they were just formations meant to defend. The second type were offensive formations. These were formations that focused on very strong attacks. As long as one was hit by these formations, then they would either get severely injured or get killed. The third type were trapping formations. These formation sets don't aim for killing. Instead, they were used for capturing their targets alive. But sometimes, it was harder to capture enemies than killing them. The fourth type were supporting type formations. These formations weren't usable during fights. Instead, they were very effective for Mechs and Battleships. The fifth type of formation were weapon formation sets. These formation sets were used for weapons, reinforcing them or giving them attributes. This type of formation set could also be used for defensive equipment, making their defenses stronger.

These five categories were already known in the Machine Field. Moreover, each of these branches were being gradually improved, albeit the very long progress.

Chapter 1168 – Violent Aura

The Space didn't issue much of a response when the spiders were sent to the Space. It only gave simple responses like they were irradiated and were mutated versions of spiders.

Although the Space didn't level up, the spiders were still quite strong. But this was in the condition that they maintained their current state.

The Space's prompt informed Zhao Hai that if these spiders were placed in an ordinary environment, then they would slowly turn into ordinary spiders. Although their strength was still stronger than most spiders their size, they were weaker than the spiders who lived within astral qi.

Strictly speaking, this was devolution. Because the environment that they lived in was good, these animals would no longer need their strong abilities to survive. As generations pass, their strength would naturally decrease.

Zhao Hai doesn't want this to happen. Although the Hell Space was also an unfavorable environment, it was still different compared to Yellowsand Planet. If he wanted to preserve the strength of these spiders, then he needs to keep their living conditions.

With this thought in mind, Zhao Hai immediately ordered Cai'er to transform an entire ordinary background into an environment similar to Yellowsand Planet. Then he would make use of it later.

This time, the Space did not' require Zhao Hai to spend money on the transformation. The Space had already told him that he can transform any environment to be the same as Yellowsand Planet. Because of this, even if he did it several times, Zhao Hai would not need to spend money to transform a background.

Naturally, the Space's yellowsand environment was different from Yellowsand Planet. Currently, only beasts inhabit Zhao Hai's yellowsand background. As for plants, he would need to work on it in the future.

Zhao Hai wasn't worried much about developing this yellowsand background. In any case, Yellowsand Planet has already been mapped by the Space. There were a lot of opportunities to come back here.

Actually, the Space now had the ability to improve genes. Zhao Hai could simply take ordinary plants and then modify them so that they could survive in the yellowsand environment. There was no need to take plants from the Yellowsand Planet.

After instructing Cai'er what to do, Zhao Hai returned to his relaxed state. He lied down on the recliner and then folded his umbrella. Since it was already dark, Zhao Hai can only sleep.

But just as Zhao Hai laid down, Cai'er suddenly said, "Young Master, there's an assassin. They hid very well. They're currently 5li(2.5 km) away from you. Judging by their strength, they should be level 3."

Zhao Hai raised his eyebrow. He didn't expect this night to be lively. There were spiders earlier and now assassins came.

Although he heard Cai'er's warning, Zhao Hai didn't do anything. He believed that the assassin had already discovered him, he wanted to see what it would do.

Before long, the assassin was already about two li(.5 km) away from Zhao Hai. He stopped and then carefully sized Zhao Hai up. Zhao Hai looked as though he was asleep. He was lying down on his chair, unmoving.

The assassin couldn't make up his mind. There were still winds in Yellowsand Planet, yet this person was sleeping peacefully. This was the first time that he'd seen this.

It must be said that Zhao Hai wasn't the first person that the assassin met in Yellowsand Planet. He had run into other participants before, but all of them were in a critical situation. Their bodies would be covered in protective formations or shields made from battle qi. The others would also have defensive equipment protecting them. Everyone was very cautious, they were guarding against other participants as well as the planet's beasts. Nobody even dared to think about taking a nap. And now there was Zhao Hai, the sole person who was unafraid in Yellowsand Planet.

It was because of this that the assassin was unable to make a decision. If Zhao Hai was the same as the other participants, then he would have already made a move. However, Zhao Hai wasn't the same. This made the assassin stuck on what to do.

The assassin stopped two li away from Zhao Hai for one hour. In this hour, Zhao Hai was still lying down on his recliner, looking like he was sleeping soundly. He would even turn once in a while. He looks like he was really asleep.

It can be said that when it comes to the skill of pretending to sleep, if Zhai Hai claimed that he was second, then nobody would dare claim first. This was a skill he perfected back on Earth. He could pretend to sleep for several hours at a time. People wouldn't be able to see any flaws in his acting.

Zhao Hai would pretend to sleep back on Earth just to curb his boredom. But here, it seems like it was actually useful.

As the assassin was observed Zhao Hai, he was beginning to be convinced that Zhao Hai was really asleep. Then his heart began to stir. He was the same as Wan Xiang, thinking that Zhao Hai's comfort amidst the astral qi winds was certainly due to some treasure. The thought of this treasure moved the assassin.

Since it was the season for astral winds in Yellowsand Planet, the participants needed to stay in these winds for three whole days. These three days would no doubt be very uncomfortable. Level 4 experts might have a better time, but for level 3 experts, even if they were in a fight, they would still need to allocate some energy inside them to support any protective shield. Even if they drank recovery potions, their strength would still be heavily affected.

And now there was Zhao Hai, who was comfortable despite the harsh winds surrounding him. He didn't even bother erecting a protective shield. This would allow him to be in his peak condition all the time.

Humans die of greed while birds die in pursuit of food. Since ancient times, people had died because of their greed. This assassin was the same. After he convinced himself that Zhao Hai was truly asleep, he made a move and then took out his dagger before slowly creeping towards Zhao Hai.

Perhaps this was a habit of assassins. When assassins went for the kill, they needed to make sure that they did it in one shot. Therefore, they would usually get closer to their enemies. This habit didn't change in the Machine Field. The assassin reeled his aura in as he got closer to Zhao Hai.

However, the assassin also knew that he couldn't fight like he did back in the lower realms. He knew that it was impossible to get really close to Zhao Hai in order to assassinate him. Therefore, he stopped about one li away before he waved his dagger, sending a jet black sword qi flying towards Zhao Hai's sleeping figure. If it reaches the target, there was no doubt that Zhao Hai's heart would be pierced.

But at this moment, a sigh was heard, causing the assassin's hair to stand upright. He stared at Zhao Hai as he gripped his dagger.

And then something strange occurred. Just as the assassin was feeling happy that the sword qi had a hit Zhao Hai, he was suddenly met with a shock.

As the sword qi hit Zhao Hai's body, a 'dang' sound was heard. And nothing else happened.

Zhao Hai slowly got up from his chair and then turned his head to look at the assassin's direction. Then he said, "I gave you an opportunity, but you still attacked me. I didn't want to finish you off, but since you took action, then allow me to retaliate.

The assassin didn't say anything and just looked at Zhao Hai. Seeing the Assassin's response, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "Good, you're certainly a true assassin. But the most important thing for an assassin is being calm, understanding the opponent's circumstance in order to judge if then can be killed. If your opponent is strong, then even if your goal is important, you need to accept that it's impossible. Unfortunately, you failed in this aspect. In any case, this doesn't matter anymore. Let's just hope that you learn this in your next life."

The assassin kept silent, he didn't relax upon hearing Zhao Hai's speech. He kept all of his attention on Zhao Hai's movements. Zhao Hai smiled faintly at the assassin before his figure vanished from the chair.

The assassin's eyes shrunk. Then he immediately dodged to the side. However, just as he moved, a huge sword appeared on his side. Then the sword hit the assassin's body.

The assassin discovered the sword too late. He expected that his action would give him enough time to block any attack. The sword stabbed through the assassin's heart and was immediately killed. The Assassin turned his head for the last time to look at the attacker, but what he saw was actually a dark green skeleton!

"I got killed by a skeleton!" This was the last thought that ran through the assassin's mind before he died.

Zhao Hai looked at the assassin before throwing its corpse to the Space to be turned into an undead. He had already checked the assassin's identity. He wasn't valued that much by his family, so his death wouldn't be much of a threat to Zhao Hai.

Even if the assassin's family knew that the killed was Zhao Hai, they still couldn't do anything. After all, this was a brutal elimination round. Dying was normal. Moreover, the participants were Ascenders from the External Halls.

In the eyes of these families, the people from the External Halls were tools to provide them with benefits. If they died, then they died. They simply weren't worth going to war on.

After dealing with the assassin, Zhao Hai returned to lie down on his recliner. This time, nothing disturbed him as he slept until dawn.

Zhao Hai woke up and then ate breakfast Meg cooked for him. Then he continued to enjoy the sun. A day had passed, only two days remaining before this round ends.

While drinking his fruit juice, Zhao Hai admired the dancing sands around him. He couldn’t help but sigh deep inside about the beauty of the universe. The universe could actually make something like the Yellowsand Planet. Moreover, there were unique lifeforms living in it.

At this time, Zhao Hai suddenly felt a violent aura coming towards his direction. Although this person had yet to enter the range of Zhao Hai's spiritual force, this imposing aura allowed Zhao Hai to identify who it was!

Chapter 1169 – Meteor Zhu Chen

It was Violent Bear Xiong Li!

Only Violent Bear Xiong Li would have such imposing aura. Although Zhao Hai hadn't met him before, he had seen Xiong Li's battles. Zhao Hai's memory of Xiong Li's aura was still quite fresh.

Violent Bear Xiong Li, he had the same name as his title. Once a fight begins, he would turn into a violent beast, tearing and shredding the enemy in front of him.

Xiong Li's weapons were two sledgehammers. Moreover, these sledgehammers were connected by iron chains. He doesn't store these sledgehammers inside his spatial equipment and just hung them on his waist.

Zhao Hai considered this person as the most threatening participant. Xiong Li's offensive power was absolutely strong. Zhao Hai even believed that Streep might not be able to deal with him.

Most Mages have their own bodies as their most vulnerable aspect. If two experts battled with each other, then this physical deficiency might be significant for the result.

Xiong Li's aura continued to rush over and soon entered the range of Zhao Hai's spiritual force. Xiong Li was wearing armor while his sledgehammers were hung around his waist. His facial expression was unexpectedly leisurely and free.

But it was obvious that spiritual force wasn't Xiong Li's strong point. Because of this, he had yet to discover Zhao Hai. As the distance between the two decreased, Xiong Li finally stopped when he was about five li away from Zhao Hai. It was at this point that Zhao Hai knew that Xiong Li had discovered him.

Zhao Hai continued sitting there without moving. He wanted to see what Xiong Li would do. After staring for a moment, Xiong Li continued flying forward, his speed was quick this time.

Zhao Hai didn't mind it as he continued to relax. Before long, Xiong Li was less than 100 meters away from Zhao Hai. Although there was sand and wind between the two, both sides knew that the other was looking at them. After all, once one reaches their level, spiritual force was no longer different than normal vision.

Xiong Li stayed silent as he stubbornly stared at Zhao Hai. After some time, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "Xiong Li, come over. How about we share a cup?" After he said that, Zhao Hai took out another recliner from the Space.

It took Xiong Li some time to process what Zhao Hai said. Then suddenly, he laughed as he flew towards Zhao Hai's side and sat on the recliner. He looked at Zhao Hai and smiled as he said, "You're interesting. I didn't expect to see someone as interesting as you here. Why do you have these things? It looks like you're prepared to go to the beach."

Zhao Hai smiled and said, "When I heard that we'll have a survival elimination round in Yellowsand Planet, I immediately prepared them. After all, we're not required to kill other participants in this round. And defeating others also wouldn't give us any advantages. Therefore, I decided to just spend three days relaxing here."

Xiong Li stared, then he laughed and said, "Right, right, we're not required to kill other people. Spending three days relaxing isn't a bad idea. Hahahaha. But you need to be careful, I heard that brat Zhu Chen has been going around looking for trouble."

Zhao Hai gawked, "Meteor Zhu Chen? Hmm, that sounds about right. He's an earth element Mage. Although Yelowsand Planet is filled with astral winds, the sand carry an abundance of earth element. Fighting here would allow him to fight with 120% of his strength. He could use this three days to eliminate some competition. What's wrong, did he find you?"

Xiong Li snorted and said, "Hmph, if he dared to fight me, then I'll just drive him away. I heard level 3's suffering under his hands. He's quite ruthless, almost everyone he met has died."

Zhao Hai raised his brows and said, "He's a bit peculiar. He should hope that we don't meet. Otherwise, he would have to withdraw from the competition."

Xiong Li looked at Zhao Hai. His understanding of Zhu Chen was much deeper than his understanding of Zhao Hai. Although Zhu Chen's rank was on the bottom end of the top ten experts, this didn't mean that he was weak. In fact, the ten experts were picked based on their performance during fights. For Zhu Chen, this was because he was very hard to deal with, his defence was just too abnormal.

Zhu Chen seemed to have preference for defense. He has a lot of defensive equipment on his body. And along with his own cultivation, Zhu Chen was the most defensively strong among the top ten.

Naturally, this didn't mean that since Zhu Chen focused on defense, his offense had suffered. Zhu Chen's offensive ability was also quite astonishing. However, compared to his defense, his offense fell short. Therefore, people only took note of his defensive abilities.

People who were good at defending generally had a tenacious temperament. Such a person was like a tortoise inside their shell, very difficult to deal with. Because of this, most people would steer clear of these kinds of experts.

Although Xiong Li had a strong temper, he was still aware that if it was any other environment, then he would be able to deal with Zhu Chen. However, they were currently in Yellowsand Planet. Even Xiong Li needed to be careful.

Yellowsand Planet's environment was special. It had violent astral winds as well as thick earth element energy. In this place, Xiong Li could fight with 80% of his strength. Although Zhu Chen would also be subjected to the same surroundings, his strength would be preserved due to his earth element specialty. So even if Zhu Chen's increased fighting strength was suppressed, he would still be able to fight with 100% power.

Even if Xiong Li was confident in his ability, a fight between 80% and 100% was something that he wouldn't go in.

But now there was Zhao Hai who said that he would have Zhu Chen be eliminated in the competition if Zhu Chen decides to attack him. Moreover, Zhao Hai was very confident when he said it. This made Xiong Li look curiously at Zhao Hai.

Although Xiong Li's character was wild, he actually wasn't bloodthirsty. This was the reason why he didn't immediately attack when he saw Zhao Hai.

But at the same time, Xiong Li had some problems regarding Zhao Hai's strength. Although Zhao Hai had the least information among all participants, his strength could be seen by how he acted.

Xiong Li wasn't an idiot, he didn't think that Zhao Hai did something behind the scenes. Xiong Li was well aware that no family would treat the Six Realm Beginner Competition as a joke. This was because the competition was closely tied to their interests. The more achievements the participants get, the more benefits the families would gain. Even the three great powers were tempted by these benefits, much less the Ashley Family.

The Ashley Family attaching great importance to Zhao Hai only meant that Zhao Hai had real skill. Because of this, Xiong Li didn't underestimate Zhao Hai just because it hasn't been long since he ascended. So instead of fighting Zhao Hai, Xiong Li decided to join him and drink some refreshing juice.

Now that he knew that Zhao Hai wasn't weak, Xiong Li was at an impasse. After all, Zhao Hai was still his competitor, so he would like to see Zhao Hai's strength.

However, Xiong Li didn't try to spar with Zhao Hai. This was because he might make Zhao Hai misunderstand. They were currently in Yellowsand Planet for the competition. Moreover, he just met Zhao Hai. If he suddenly proposed a fight, then Zhao Hai might see it as aggression. It wouldn't be good if the two of them were to fight now.

Zhao Hai was strong, while Xiong Li wasn't weak either. If the two were to fight now, then it was possible for the two of them to heavily wound each other. This wasn't something that Xiong Li wants to see. If he was injured, then he would find it hard to drive away the other participants. Therefore, he decided to stay on good terms with Zhao Hai and safely survive for three days. Then they would see each other at the arena. Xiong Li was confident that he could reap good achievements the competition.

Xiong Li's temperament was rough and wild, but he was still clear about his situation. Besides, he was declared as one of the top ten experts of this generation.

At the same time, Xiong Li knew that if he wanted to become a core member of the Wu Family, then he would need to obtain good achievements. So after weighing in on the advantages and disadvantages, Xiong Li didn't make a move against Zhao Hai.

Xiong Li didn't react to Zhao Hai's words as he smiled and said, "How's your time in Yellowsand Planet so far? Did you meet someone? Did any beast attack you?"

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "The moment I came down, a yellowsand worm attacked me. That thing is really difficult to deal with. I sent a spell over and it just ate it. But fortunately, the worm retreated after eating my attack. I also met a few spiders last night, but they've already been dealt with. There are also two other people, they're gone now."

Although Zhao Hai's words sounded light, Xiong Li thought about how hard it was to deal with yellowsand worms as well as astral wind spiders. Hearing Zhao Hai say that the yellowsand worm was difficult to deal with, Xiong Li couldn't help but agree. Those worms were truly difficult to kill. He just didn't expect Zhao Hai to be this strong. Yellowsand worms and astral wind spiders weren't easy to deal with. For Zhao Hai to be this relaxed after dealing with them meant that Zhao Hai was quite strong.

As for what Zhao Hai said about the two people, one wouldn't be able to see whether they were defeated or killed. But by looking at Zhao Hai's appearance, it seems like the two were more likely to have been killed. Most importantly, Zhao Hai was able to kill two people with ease. Xiong Li could see that Zhao Hai wasn't a naive kindhearted individual. He surely had killed some amount of people before. Such a person was most dangerous.

Fighting strength doesn't only mean one's strength level, it also included one's battle experience. From what it looks like, Zhao Hai had rich experience in battles. He wasn't someone that should be provoked.

Chapter 1170 – Sun Fei

Xiong Li processed his thoughts and decided to not provoke Zhao Hai. But Zhao Hai didn't know about this. He just sat there and took sips from his fruit drink. He also talked to Xiong Li from time to time.

When Xiong Li discovered that Zhao Hai didn't have any evil intentions, he also began to relax. The two continued to lie down on their recliners and chatted.

The two got more comfortable with each other as they talked. Although Xiong Li was wild and was sometimes scheming, he wasn't that bad. He also didn't have a tendency to look for fights, which goes very well with Zhao Hai's character. The two unexpectedly connected.

During the time the two chatted, spiritual force kept sweeping their bodies. However, it didn't take long before they shifted their attention elsewhere. They actually discovered Xiong Li and Zhao Hai. Nobody dared to make any noise and just immediately went another direction. These two weren't known for being merciful. And seeing them being merry, nobody dared to disturb them.

Time passed quickly and evening came. Zhao Hai took out some food from the Space and shared it with Xiong Li alongside a cup of wine.

The two drank until midnight and then they fell asleep on their chairs. Spiritual forces kept sweeping them even while they were drinking. Naturally, these people decided to avoid provoking the two.

But not long after the two had fallen asleep, a roar was heard. It didn't take long before Zhao Hai could see something coming from the direction of the roar.

It was a group of apes, but their heads were actually from a wolf. They looked tall and majestic.

When he saw these beasts, Zhao Hai immediately identified them. These were among the famous beasts in Yellowsand Planet, known as coyote apes.

Coyote Apes were beasts that belong to the earth element. They were super strong and their defense wasn't something to scoff at. Although they couldn't fly, the sand carried by the astral winds could actually become their weapon. They were quite formidable beasts in Yellowsand Planet.

After seeing these coyote apes, Zhao Hai turned to Xiong Li and said, "It looks like a pack of coyote apes. Hmm, they seem to be chasing someone." Zhao Hai could now see a man running for his life. He didn't fly and just ran. However, his speed seems to slow down, it was clear that he was running out of energy.

Looking at the person's face, Zhao Hai discovered that he actually knew him. This person was none other than one of the Ashley Family's participants.

Zhao Hai knit his brows gently, he was thinking that he needs to offer his help. After all, this person was from the Ashley Family. He couldn't just look at him die without helping.

With this thought in mind, Zhao Hai turned to Xiong Li and said, "Brother Xiong Li, the man being chased by the coyote apes is from my Ashley Family. I couldn’t just sit here and not help. Wait for me here, I'll return soon." Then Zhao Hai moved as his figure disappeared.

When Xiong Li heard Zhao Hai, he couldn't help but stare. His spiritual force could only cover the distance of about 3li(1.5km). Naturally, Zhao Hai would have stronger spiritual force, he was a Mage after all.

However, Xiong Li was aware that his spiritual force wasn't that inferior compared to Mages with the same level as him. In other words, the most a level 4 Mage could see was about 5li(2.5km) away. But it seems like Zhao Hai had much stronger spiritual force than this.

It was through this small matter that Xiong Li was once again reminded that Zhao Hai was worthy to be called the most talented beginner. Most Mages simply couldn't compare to him.

But Xiong Li didn't dwell too much on this thought. He let out a long breath and then muttered, "It looks like the realm qualifiers has become even more complicated."

Actually, before Xiong Li met Zhao Hai, he was very confident about his own strength. But after meeting Zhao Hai, Xiong Li's confidence began to waver. This was because Zhao Hai's strength seem to be on a different level. Xiong Li wasn't able to see how deep Zhao Hai's skill really was.

Zhao Hai didn't care much about these things. After seeing that Xiong Li didn't follow, he felt relaxed. Then he reappeared right beside the man and identified him to be one from the Upright Symbol Camp.

When the man saw Zhao Hai, his expression couldn't help but light up as he said, "Zhao Hai, help me!"

Zhao Hai nodded, "You go first. I'll deal with these coyote apes." The man nodded before he quickly ran.

Zhao Hai stood in place and then immediately released five spells. Upon seeing Zhao Hai's attack, the coyote apes roared.

Unfortunately for the coyote apes, even if they were defensively strong, they couldn't be regarded as advanced level beasts in Yellowsand Planet. They simply don't have the body to contend against Zhao Hai. It only took a few rounds before all of them were sent to the Space by Zhao Hai.

Once these coyote apes were sent to the Space, Zhao Hai relaxed. He already knew that the casualties of this elimination round wouldn't be small. There were no weak beasts in Yellowsand Planet. And there was the astral winds as well.

However, Zhao Hai could also see that the committee had already thought through this point. This place was the domain of the sandworms, so there were no very powerful beasts here. So even if some participants were be killed or would withdraw in three days, the participants still wouldn't be wiped out.

Although Zhao Hai didn't like this procedure, he didn't say anything. After all, he didn't have the qualifications to express his thoughts. And this was in addition to the fact that Zhao Hai just ascended months ago. He didn't even have the rights to speak in the Ashley Family. Therefore, he could only endure for now.

Zhao Hai sighed then he headed back. Halfway back to his spot, Zhao Hai saw the man from the Upright Symbol Camp. It was clear that the man was tired seeing how slow he was progressing. After he saw Zhao Hai, the man hastily said, "Upright Symbol Camp's Tao Li has met Mister Zhao Hai. Thank you for saving my life."

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "Alright, we're both from the Ashley Family. There's no need to be polite. Let's go." Then he took the man and flew forward. Before long, the two arrived at Zhao Hai's spot. Xiong Li was still there, pouring some liquor on his cup and continued drinking.

When Tao Li noticed Xiong Li, he couldn't help but get startled. Cadjo's introduction for Xiong Li was quite detailed, so he clearly knew about this person. It wasn't difficult to think that people would be surprised after seeing Xiong Li.

Seeing Tao Li's expression, Zhao Hai immediately knew what he was thinking. But he didn't care as he just smiled and said, "Brother Xiong Li, this is our Ashley Family's Tao Li. Brother Tao Li, this is Brother Xiong Li. Come take a seat and eat something."

Although Tao Li doesn't understand what was going on, he still gave Xiong Li a salute before sitting on the chair that Zhao Hai took out for him. Actually, he was awfully hungry. He had been pursued by the coyote apes the entire evening. If his meeting with Zhao Hai happened much later, then he might have already turned into ape excrement.

Zhao Hai sat dawn as he looked at Xiong Li and said, "Two days have passed and we'll leave this place tomorrow. Hai, to be honest, I really didn't want to participate in this round. It just seems unfair. Unfortunately, I need to participate for the family. Once we leave tomorrow, Brother Xiong Li and I would be enemies once more. Hehe, it should be interesting."

When Xiong Li heard Zhao Hai, he also smiled and said, "We really can't do much. As an Ascender, if we want to live a good life in the Machine Field, then we could only rely on ourselves. Right, and if we meet at the arena, let's make sure to have a good fight."

Zhao Hai laughed and said, "Right, a good fight. Let's drink!" Then he took his glass and downed the liquor. Although it was still wine, it felt like it tasted a bit bitter.

Of course, there was no reason for Tao Li to leave. The three drank liquor before going back to rest. This time, nobody disturbed them. The three slept until noon before they got up.

After the three ate, they continued to chat. Tao Li began to admire Zhao Hai. Everyone who came to Yellowsand Planet were all wary and cautious. On the other hand, Zhao Hai had a recliner out and drank fruit juice.

As the three chatted, Zhao Hai suddenly discovered two people entering his ten li(5km) range. After sweeping them with his spiritual force, he couldn't help but wrinkle his brows. He knew these two, one was a person from the Ghost Symbol Camp while the other was Fire Saint Sun Fei.

Zhao Hai was already prepared to deal with Sun Fei. However, he didn't expect to see him chasing someone from the Ashley Family. It seems like Sun Fei had been incited by the Zhang family to assault the Ashley Family.

Zhao Hai turned his head to Xiong Li and Tao Li and said, "I just discovered two people, one of them is from the Ghost Symbol Camp. However, he's been chased down by Fire Saint Sun Fei. I'll head over to save him. You two wait here." Then his body moved as he flew east.

When Tao Li heard Zhao Hai, his expression changed, but he just sighed and didn't say anything. Xiong Li looked at Tao Li and said, "You won't help?"

Tao Li forced a smile and said, "Help? I'll just be a deadweight if i go. I would just divert Zhao Hai's attention if I went with him." Xiong Li smiled faintly and said, "So the Ashley Family and Zhang Family is actually at war? Otherwise Sun Fei wouldn't just chase your people."

Tao Li coldly snorted and said, "Let's see how long the Zhang Family can get arrogant. Sun Fei is really unlucky to meet Zhao Hai today. He'd be lucky if Zhao Hai didn't peel off his skin."

When Xiong Li saw how confident Tao Li was in Zhao Hai, he couldn't help but curiously ask, "You're very confident in Zhao Hai, is he that strong?"

Tao Li smiled faintly and said, "Of course I'm confident. His reputation has already spread throughout the Ashley Family's external hall. He's stronger compared to most established level 4 experts. The family is very confident in him."

Xiong Li nodded. He also knew that Tao Li wouldn't say anything else, so he didn't ask for more information. But at the same time, his mood got heavier. He thought that he would really win in the competition. But now, his confidence wasn't as big.

While the two were talking, Zhao Hai appeared in front of Sun Fei and the person from the Ghost Symbol Camp and then shouted, "Stop!" Then he sent a spell to block Sun Fei's magic.

When the person from the Ghost Symbol Camp saw Zhao Hai, his expression lit up, then he said, "Zhao Hai, you're here, great. This guy has already killed three people from the Ashley Family. He's chasing me now. He also said that he will kill everyone from the Ashley Family."

Zhao Hai turned to Sun Fei and then smiled faintly, "Does Mister Sun Fei really want to kill us all?"

When Sun Fei saw Zhao Hai, his expression tightened up. As someone from the Zhang Family, it was impossible for Sun Fei to not know about Zhao Hai. The Zhang Family had already listed Zhao Hai as the most dangerous person from the Ashley Family. He didn't expect to meet Zhao Hai here. After he heard Zhao Hai, Sun Fei quickly answered, "That's right, as long as I see anyone from the Ashley Family, I'll immediately kill them."

Instead of being angry at Sun Fei's response, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "When did the Ashley Family have enmity with the Zhang Family? Why does Mister Sun Fei need to be this violent?"

Sun Fei coldly snorted and said, "Offending the Zhang Family will incur generations of enmity. Zhao Hai, there's no need to waste your breath. It's your fault for running into me today. Go die!" Then he began to make a move.

However, Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, "Mister Sun, please wait. Even if this is the elimination round, it wouldn't be good for the two of us to fight. I'm not afraid of fighting you, but Xiong Li is close by. If we injure each other, then we'll just be giving ourselves to him. How about we resume our fight in the arena."

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Sun Fei couldn’t help but stare. Then he used his spiritual force to find Xiong Li who wasn't far away. His expression changed, then he looked at Zhao Hai and said, "You're quite lucky. I'll see you at the arena." Then he turned around and left.

Sun Fei wasn't a fool. Upon seeing Xiong Li drinking juice with someone from the Ashley Family, he knew that he couldn't fight Zhao Hai. If he did, and was grabbed by Xiong Li, then the Zhang Family wouldn't let him off.

On the other hand, the reason why Zhao Hai didn't fight against Sun Fei was precisely Xiong Li. Although he was happily spending his time with Xiong Li, Zhao Hai was still aware that Xiong Li was someone from another family who was also fighting to change his position. Sun Fei wasn't someone who could be easily dealt with. With Xiong Li nearby, Zhao Hai couldn't easily deal with Sun Fei with all of his strength. Because of this, Zhao Hai decided to endure, surprising both Xiong Li and Sun Fei.

Before joining the Six Realm Beginner Competition, Zhao Hai wouldn't show his full strength. He needs to keep his cards hidden for as long as possible.

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