Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World

Chapter 2043: Unorthodox Weapon

Chapter 2043: Unorthodox Weapon


Zhao Hai’s blade seems to have hit something. Despite knocking the projectile away, Zhao Hai’s face wasn’t looking good. This was because the power behind that projectile was very strong.

Zhao Hai didn’t stop as he proceeded to dodge over and over. At this moment, he was already leaning against the cave wall. This way, he wasn’t afraid of someone sneaking up behind him.

Zhao Hai also saw the projectile that attacked him, it was a throwing knife. The throwing knife was bigger than what Zhao Hai saw before, it was more like a dagger.

Looking at the direction the throwing knife came from, Zhao Hai coldly shouted, “Who’s there? Come out!”

Someone’s cold snort was heard. Then a figure walked out from a small pathway. This person had a scimitar in his hand. The scimitar had a very large curve, looking almost like a sickle. 

It was an unorthodox weapon. Such weapons weren’t easy to use. Each of these weapons had a specific method of usage and was difficult to practice. But in return, once it was mastered, unorthodox weapons could display more complex attacks than normal weapons.

Looking at the cultivator who owned the scimitar, Zhao Hai remembered that he was the person who entered the labyrinth before him. It seems like as soon as he entered the cave, he immediately found a place to hide. His plan was to ambush cultivators who followed behind him. And since Zhao Hai was the second person who won the slot, he was the first one to be attacked.

The cultivator with the scimitar sneered at Zhao Hai, “Kid, will you kill yourself or do you want me to kill you? To be honest, my favorite hobby is torturing people. If you don’t kill yourself, I’ll cut your flesh bit by bit. Then you will bleed until the last drop and then you’ll die.”

Zhao Hai raised his brow and replied, “I won’t lie to you, but I like to turn my enemies into Undead. They will become my slaves and make them work for me every day.”

The cultivator looked at Zhao Hai and said, “You really know how to talk. I didn’t think you would fight back. Alright then, suffer to death!” After saying that, the cultivator used his scimitar to attack Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai waved his blade and used the Eight Gate Goldenlock Blade. The Eight Gate Goldenlock Blade was originally a technique focused on defense. Therefore, there weren’t a lot of offensive moves in the technique. Zhao Hai was quite defensive and hardly attacked. The battle evolved into an offensive and defensive battle with Zhao Hai on the defense and the enemy at the offense.

The cultivator looked at Zhao Hai, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but show disdain. It must be known that scimitars were very hard to defend against. Plenty of people already fell under the blade of his scimitar. In the cultivator’s mind, even if Zhao Hai went full defense, he wouldn’t be able to last long. Zhao Hai would be killed sooner or later.

However, the cultivator didn’t know that Zhao Hai’s actions weren’t because he couldn’t attack. Instead, he was using this opportunity to observe the actions of a scimitar user.

The scimitar has blades on both sides. And with its curved form, its attack paths were very weird. Even if Zhao Hai practiced the Eight Gate Goldenlock Blade to the highest level, he was still doing all he could to defend.

The scimitar-wielding cultivator was startled deep inside. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai’s defensive capabilities to be so strong. Despite attacking for a long time, he still wasn’t able to break through Zhao Hai’s defense.

At this time, a transmission formation suddenly lit up. Another cultivator appeared in the cave. Seeing the battle between Zhao Hai and the scimitar-wielding cultivator, the person’s eyes flashed with surprise. But he didn’t bother with their battle and immediately exited through a side path.

Zhao Hai and his opponent were stunned when they saw this. But they quickly returned their focus on their battle. But they also understood that they needed to end this battle as soon as possible. More cultivators would arrive soon. And if the two were exhausted with their battle, then the others would be able to get a huge bargain.

Thinking of this, the scimitar-wielding cultivator couldn’t help but strengthen his attacks. At the same time, Zhao Hai no longer blindly defended and began to counter attack.

Once Zhao Hai began to attack, his opponent immediately understood that Zhao Hai had been saving his strength. He coldly snorted, then a person looking exactly like him appeared. This new person was naturally a clone. Then the clone began to attack Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, his clone also appeared beside him. The two clones began to fight each other. This development caused the scimitar-wielding cultivator’s expression to change.

Zhao Hai’s attacks became fiercer and fiercer. The scimitar-wielding cultivator also began to defend. This caused the battle to enter a stalemate. Suddenly, Zhao Hai’s eyes flashed. The scimitar-wielding cultivator had the feeling of extreme danger coming from behind him. He stared, then he immediately moved his body to evade. However, the attack came too quickly. He wouldn’t be able to avoid it.

Pu! The sound of a blade entering a body was heard. The scimitar-wielding cultivator looked down on his left arm and saw a throwing knife going through it. The cultivator’s complexion changed. This was because the throwing knife belonged to him.

Knowing that he stunned his enemy, Zhao Hai immediately used his blade to slash their throat. The scimitar-wielding cultivator’s blood showered out. A gurgling sound was heard from his throat. The cultivator let go of his scimitar to stop the bleeding. However, his efforts failed.

At this time, the cultivator’s clone disappeared. This marked the death of the scimitar-wielding cultivator. Zhao Hai looked at the corpse in front of him with a serious expression. He received the corpse and turned it into an Undead.

Just now, when Zhao Hai dealt with the cultivator, he didn’t use his dao avatar. This was because he knew that there was another person in the next cave watching the battle. He couldn’t expose his cards. Therefore, he only used his metal divergent ability to control the throwing knife that the scimitar-wielding cultivator used in the start. The scimitar-wielding cultivator’s reaction wasn’t quick enough, which allowed Zhao Hai to injure him using the throwing knife. And when he saw that his own throwing knife was used against him, the cultivator was stunned. This allowed Zhao Hai to deal the killing blow.

After receiving the scimitar-wielding cultivator’s body, Zhao Hai turned his head towards the cultivator that was hiding. Then he coldly snorted and disappeared into a nearby passage, vanishing from sight.

In the cave that Zhao Hai looked over, a person’s figure slowly appeared. He glanced at the bloodstains on the ground and then to the direction Zhao Hai disappeared in. He couldn’t help but let out a long sigh. Then he retreated back into the cave and disappeared.

The cultivator left because he could see how terrifying Zhao Hai was. He knew that if he faced Zhao Hai, then it would be difficult to see who would win or lose. There was also Zhao Hai’s metal element ability. This fact scared the cultivator.

In the past, Zhao Hai developed a fighting technique that utilizes his different divergent abilities. However, he rarely used it. He wanted to focus on the blade techniques of the Tyrant Blade Sect and then slowly integrate them to his fighting technique. This would greatly improve his combat strength.

Since Zhao Hai has yet to be a master of the blade, it was still impossible for him to integrate his fighting technique with his blade techniques.

It was also because of this that Zhao Hai barely used his abilities against his enemies in the True Spirit Realm. He only used his blade in battle.

Zhao Hai didn’t care what the cultivator thought. He only knew that the cultivator wasn’t strong. At most, he was at the peak of the Clone Stage. If he was strong, he wouldn’t have needed to hide. Instead, he would have directly dealt with him and the scimitar-wielding cultivator. Therefore, Zhao Hai didn’t decide to chase.

And just like Zhao Hai thought, the cultivator immediately left when the battle ended. Zhao Hai doesn’t plan on camping the transmission formations to hunt the others. That was boring. With how large the labyrinth was, Zhao Hai wouldn’t worry about not finding any opponents to fight. There was no need to stay and wait.

Also, Zhao Hai wanted to take a look at the underground labyrinth. After traversing through multiple caves and passages, Zhao Hai could finally determine that the labyrinth looked very much like the hives that the bug race dug out. It was a series of holes connected with thin passageways. The passageways went in all kinds of directions. It was worthy of being called an underground labyrinth.

What confused Zhao Hai was that the labyrinth wasn’t dark. The cave walls glistened with blue light. This made the caves look more mysterious.

Zhao Hai also had the Space examine the cavern. He wanted to see if there were any radioactive materials in the cave. It must be known that radiation wasn’t good for human bodies.

To Zhao Hai’s relief, the Space wasn’t able to detect any radiation from the cave. The source of the blue light was an unknown element. Zhao Hai wasn’t polite and immediately dug some of the wall to be sent to the Space.

Besides the special earth on the cave walls, Zhao Hai didn’t discover anything special. He wasn’t worried. He continued to explore the caves. As he moved forward, he suddenly stopped. This was because he noticed a stinky smell. It was a smell that was produced from a decaying corpse.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but knit his brows. He walked toward the source of the smell. After approximately five minutes, Zhao Hai arrived at the source. In a small passage was a corpse. Beside the corpse was a longsword. The body of the sword had a special sheen. In one glance, one could see that it wasn’t an ordinary product.

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