Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World

Chapter 2133: Mischievous Monkey

Chapter 2133: Mischievous Monkey

After letting out a sigh, Zhao Hai was preparing to give up. There’s not enough time. There were three days left before the agreed time with Shopkeeper Chen. But until now, Zhao Hai has no clues about the seal. Even if Zhao Hai didn’t want to give up, he would have to. Even if he could use the Space to return to Roaring Flame City directly, he wasn’t confident enough to find the seal within three days.

Looking at the expansive forest around the Mountain of Demon Beasts, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh. The mountain was too big. If he was given more time, he might find the seal after scouring the entire mountain. But there was no way. Zhao Hai felt that he only explored a tenth of the mountain. With this metric, nobody would be able to find the seal in the mountain.

Zhao Hai plans to continue exploring the mountain in the last three days. Even if he couldn’t find the seal, he could still find plants to enrich the collection of the Space.

Although the beasts and plants of the Mountain of Demon Beasts have genetic defects, they can still grow well. Their genetic defects were a miracle in itself. The Space has been analyzing the plants and beasts, which benefited the various species inside the Space.

As Zhao Hai stepped forward, he suddenly heard a noise. When he heard this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but frown. He heard this sound before. It came from a very special demon beast that was called the Mischievous Monkey.

The name Mischievous Monkey sounded lovable. In fact, the monkey’s appearance was indeed cute. It looked like a snub-nosed monkey that had bigger eyes which looked intelligent.

However, this demon beast was known as the most annoying demon beast in the mountain. Firstly, they were extremely numerous. They were also quite strong. They were fast and were very well suited to the forest. Most importantly, they were known to actively attack people.

Fortunately, although the monkeys loved to attack people, they seemed to be playing around. They used nuts and other things to attack, which doesn’t hurt anyone. But for a cultivator, being provoked like this was very embarrassing.

If the cultivator attacked, the monkey would pursue them endlessly. Because of this, most cultivators wouldn’t enter the domain of a Mischievous Monkey.

Zhao Hai inquired about Mischievous Monkeys in the nameless town. Mischievous Mountains were a special type of demon beast. They were more shrewd than average demon beasts. Most importantly, they weren’t so insistent on having a territory.

Zhao Hai also met a Mischievous Monkey once in the past. However, he didn’t mess with them. Regardless, Zhao Hai saw the monkey attacking other cultivators.

Because of this, upon hearing the sound of the monkey, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but frown. He wasn’t planning on annoying these monkeys. Just as Zhao Hai was about to turn around and leave, he suddenly heard the Mischievous Monkey issue a sharp cry.

This cry didn’t sound right. Even Zhao Hai could understand what this cry meant. There was a tone of panic on the monkey’s cry. It seemed as if the monkey was in trouble.

However, Zhao Hai has no plans on rescuing the monkey. The mountain was the world of demon beasts. A Mischievous Monkey being attacked was very normal.

To Zhao Hai’s surprise, the Mischievous Monkey was heading towards him. As Zhao Hai was leaving, he saw a bunch of leaves running towards him. Countless Mischievous Monkeys were jumping and screaming away from the trees.

Zhao Hai stared for a moment. He discovered two golden figures behind the monkeys. Zhao Hai looked and saw that there was two Gold Leopards. They were filled with golden spots all over their body, they looked beautiful.

The leopards were also very fast. They looked healthy and energetic. It seems that the two leopards were hunting the monkeys.

But at this time, the two leopards suddenly jumped towards Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai thought that the two leopards were hunting the monkeys. He didn’t expect the leopards to change targets in the blink of an eye.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sneer. In the past few days, he was feeling suffocated by the mountain. He hid every time there was a demon beast. This caused Zhao Hai to be unhappy. But he has no choice, he can only do this.

Now, there was a demon beast who attacked him. The anger in Zhao Hai’s heart couldn’t help but leap out. He took his blade out and sent blade qi towards the Golden Leopards.

As soon as Zhao Hai and the Golden Leopards clashed, the Mischievous Monkeys squealed and ran back. All of them had nuts and rocks in their hands. However, they didn’t attack Zhao Hai. They just watched the battle.

The two Golden Leopards weren’t weak. They were as strong as Earth Monarchs. And with their instincts, it can be said that they were stronger than cultivators at the Earth Monarch Stage. Unfortunately for the Golden Leopards, they were faced against Zhao Hai. They kicked an iron plate this time. They were quickly surrounded by Zhao Hai’s blade qi. They couldn’t run even if they wanted to. Although the leopards roared again and again, they were still trapped.

The fight lasted for about ten minutes. By the end, Zhao Hai used two flying knives and shot directly at the eyes of the leopards. The leopards roared a couple of times before they lost their lives.

Zhao Hai continued to hold his blade as he looked at the Mischievous Monkeys. Surprisingly, the monkeys didn’t attack him. Instead, they were calling at each other while on the trees.

Zhao Hai couldn’t understand the monkeys. But soon, he understood that the monkeys were communicating, which confused him even more.

At this time, a Mischievous Monkey jumped down from the tree. Then went to Zhao Hai’s side and then bent its knees as if kneeling towards Zhao Hai.

Looking at the situation, Zhao Hai quickly understood. The two Golden Leopards were slaughtering Mischievous Monkeys. Therefore, they were clearly hated by the monkeys. Now, after seeing the two leopards getting killed, the Mischievous Monkey was giving respects to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai walked towards the Mischievous Monkey who was kneeling on the ground. The monkey seemed to be old. Although its body trembled, it didn’t get up.

Zhao Hai arrived by the old monkey’s side and gently held the monkey up. The old Mischievous Monkey looked at Zhao Hai. While smiling, Zhao Hai gestured towards the corpses of the Golden Leopards, then he pointed towards the old monkey.

The old monkey looked at Zhao Hai’s movements but couldn’t understand what he meant. Zhao Hai took the two golden leopards and handed it over to the old monkey. This time, the old monkey understood Zhao Hai. It excitedly called out several times. The monkeys on the trees were also calling out with excitement. Some of the stronger monkeys rushed to the leopard corpses and lifted them up before taking them towards the mountain.

The old monkey walked towards Zhao Hai’s side. Looking at the old monkey, Zhao Hai was somewhat confused. Then the old monkey held Zhao Hai’s hand and pulled him forward. Although he didn’t understand what was going on, Zhao Hai still followed the old monkey.

After walking for half an hour, they arrived at a specific part of the forest. The trees here were especially big. While Zhao Hai was looking at the tree, the old monkey cried out. Before long, large numbers of Mischievous Monkeys appeared from the surrounding trees. Seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. He didn’t detect these monkeys, which was abnormal.

He passed through this region before. But because it was the domain of the Mischievous Monkeys, he didn’t penetrate deep into it. However, it was mapped by the liquid silver dust.

But during that time, he didn’t see so many Mischievous Monkeys. This confused Zhao Hai. He looked at the huge trees and discovered something special. The trees seem to shield against spiritual force. One’s spiritual force could only detect the trees and not anything beyond its branches.

Zhao Hai’s complexion couldn’t help but change. Up until now, the liquid silver dust has been focused below the tree’s canopy. As for anything above, he didn’t pay attention to them.

The Mischievous Monkeys carried the gold leopard corpses and called out. The surrounding Mischievous Monkeys excitedly jumped down from the trees.

The old monkey didn’t mind the actions of the other monkeys. It led Zhao Hai to the largest tree and then jumped up. Zhao Hai saw this and followed behind.

When he caught up with the old monkey, Zhao Hai smelled a very rich wine fragrance. The fragrance was mellow, but its mere smell caused Zhao Hai to feel a bit drunk.

At this time, the old monkey arrived by the tree trunk and scratched out a bark on the tree. Before long, an even rich wine fragrance came out. Zhao Hai investigated the hole and saw that it was filled with a golden liquid. The rich wine smell was coming from the hole.

The old monkey took out a nutshell from the side and filled it with the golden liquid before handing it over to Zhao Hai and screeching twice. Zhao Hai smiled faintly and accepted the nutshell before drinking the wine in one gulp.

Zhao Hai was stunned as soon as the wine entered his mouth. The wine was surprisingly good. This must be the legendary monkey wine. Whether it was on Earth or the True Spirit Realm, there would be legends about monkeys making wine. Zhao Hai never thought that he would be drinking monkey wine right now.

The wine wasn’t easy to make. It needs good water, enough fermentation time, and the correct ratio of fruits. 

The flavor of the monkey wine caused Zhao Hai to be in a daze. He didn’t expect monkey wine to be so tasty. It wouldn’t lose against the fruit wine produced by the Space. Its flavor might even be better.

Zhao Hai’s face couldn’t help but show an intoxicated expression. Looking at Zhao Hai’s face, the old monkey let out a happy screech. It was obviously satisfied with Zhao Hai’s reaction. Zhao Hai recalled his senses when he heard the old monkey. He smiled towards the old monkey and returned the nutshell.

The old monkey waved its paw and pointed towards the tree hole. Zhao Hai knew that the old monkey was allowing him to drink more. He couldn’t help but smile faintly. He wasn’t polite and filled the nutshell. But this time, he wasn’t planning to drink it, he was going to send the wine to the Space to be analyzed.

Zhao Hai returned the nutshell to the old monkey. He just pretended to drink the wine and instead sent it to the Space. The old monkey didn’t suspect anything. 

Seeing that Zhao Hai no longer wanted to drink, the old monkey blocked the tree hole and then led Zhao Hai to another big tree. However, the hole in this tree had a fishy smell. This caused Zhao Hai to be surprised. This was the smell of rot. Was this the tomb of Mischievous Monkeys?

However, Zhao Hai soon denied these thoughts because he heard the sound of breathing from the hole. The old monkey seemed to notice Zhao Hai’s confusion. It screeched twice towards the hole which elicited a weak reply. Then a Mischievous Monkey crawled out of the cave.

Seeing this monkey, Zhao Hai stared. This monkey had a large hole in its belly. The belly muscle had clearly rotted. This was the source of the fishy smell.

This Mischievous Monkey didn’t look too old, but its appearance was very miserable. Looking at the monkey’s appearance, it didn’t seem to be sick for a day or two. It didn’t look like it had long to live.

The old monkey immediately ran towards the wounded monkey and made it sit. Then it called towards Zhao Hai and screeched a few times. It was clearly apologetic about this scene.

Zhao Hai didn’t mind it. He looked at the wounded monkey and then referred to its wound. Then he waved his hand and a white light appeared. The white light gave out a warm and relieving feeling.

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