Can Someone Please Explain This Situation

Chapter 66

Chapter 66

Upon receiving the cheering of all the servants, I and my husband left the Duke’s gate and walked down the road to the city center.

Today I feel like a young lady who is escorted by a lovely nobleman. Thanks to the efforts of the esthetic team below Mimosa, I’ve been transformed in someone that can stand next to him.

Although my husband walks slowly according to my pace without hurrying, doubts come to my mind.

Is it possible for a Duke with such a high rank to wander the road by himself?

My husband, who is a super-prestigious aristocrat and has an important position in the military, is a dignitary, so to speak. Usually, they move in horse-drawn carriages or by horse, and with security guards.

Is it okay for such a person to walk around during daytime?

Even though my husband himself is a knight, shouldn’t he still be careful? If many enemies attack together… or if a trap of many nobles happen…

Well, I don’t like horse-drawn carriages and noisy movements in the first place, and I’m sure my husband is following my desires today, but I’m not allowed to risk my husband for that. right?

When I became aware of it, it became awesome.

One person next to me changed his complexion and I noticed that it was suspicious,

“What happened? Did you get tired?”

My husband stops walking and looks into my face.

It’s nothing!!! It’s not been a long time since we left the house, right? We’re still in front of the Duke’s property, right?

…Let’s calm down, me.

My husband is a natural airhead… it’s not because he cares for me.

“No, I’m not tired. But I was wondering if an important person like you, husband, could walk leisurely like this without attending to security…”

When I told my husband what I thought about it,

“Oh, do you care about that? You don’t have to worry. You must protect me well and problem solved!”

He said that ridiculous sentence with a very nice smile. Me?!! Defend him?!! I’m neither a dignitary nor anything!

“Um, not me? Husband!”

“Why not? I’m okay with you defending me, as I said, don’t worry and just enjoy going out.”

He smiled with confidence and urged me to start walking again.

The downtown area of the royal capital is mainly composed of shops, and is crowded every day. Knights often watch over security so it’s relatively is safe.

It’s a place with a lot of traffic regardless of the day.

When I was at my parents’ house, I used to come here often for shopping, but it’s no exaggeration to say that this is the first time since I came to the Dukedom. The last time I went out was a carriage ride.

“Well, I don’t have any particular plans for today, so let’s take a look around.”


So, I decided to walk while looking at the shops appropriately.

I stopped in front of a small flower shop.

It was a florist with lots of small, pretty flowers that seemed unnamed. Half a year ago there was no such shop. Is it a new store?

While there are many shops with gorgeous flowers, this store felt special, it is simple and very nice. The person who is the storekeeper is a girl about the same age as me.

Perhaps because all it has are nameless flowers, the price is very reasonable.

I’m terrified of displaying it in the mansion, but it’s pretty for my room and I like it, so I thought I’d buy it as a souvenir.

… I don’t have a wallet, let alone pocket money! !!

I was beaten up with common sense in such a rudimentary place.

Looking at the flowers I sighed,

“Do you like this flower? Which one do you want to take?”

My husband asked me immediately.

Then I returned to myself. Is it okay to let my husband do such a trivial waste? It’s not good!

“Oh no, it’s okay. I just thought it was cute.”

I was shy to say that, but

“Then you should buy it as a souvenir.”

Husband is fully prepared to buy.

“But I don’t have any pocket money.”

“You don’t need pocket money because I’ll buy it, right?”

“Well, well … No, not, but it’s good.”

So far, it was the usual question and answer, but today my husband was a little different.

“Then, how about buying this flower seedling and growing it in the garden? It’s gorgeous and if it’s in the garden you’ll be able to see it many times, so it’s not a waste of money.”

He proposed so.

I was so surprised that I looked at my husband’s beautiful face twice.

Yeah, what happened today to you, husband? I think it’s a thought that my husband didn’t have before.

I was so surprised that I repeatedly blinked, but maybe he was silently affirming that, as he smiled at the owner’s daughter, and asked

“Is there seedlings for this flower?”

“Yes, I have.”

“Will you send them five to the Duke of Physalis?”


He just finished a business negotiation.

The payment was completed in no time. A big man!

“Hey, husband!”


“…Thank you”

“You are welcome”

I was in a hurry to thank my husband.

“There’s a store that opened a while ago, and all the breads there are delicious, the sandwiches too. They have a great lunch there too, so let’s go early!”

My husband brought me to a nice bakery with an open terrace. As my husband said, it’s a new shop. It was a little early, but we decided to have lunch here.

Perhaps it’s too early for lunch time, but we were taken to the seats without having to wait.

“I will order appropriately, so you can eat as much as you want, and you can eat what you like.”

My husband ordered while looking at the menu.

The sandwiches that came in after a while seemed to be delicious!

There are croissant sandwiches, pandomi sandwiches, and baguette sandwiches. But what impressed me the most? Of course, it was the “common food”!

What’s in front of me now isn’t gastronomy, it’s an ordinary sandwich! I don’t have to be frightened now!!!

I was so happy and smiled, and my husband smiled when he saw it.

“Everything looks delicious!”

“Yeah. Would you like it?”

“Yes, I want it!”

I am happy with the simple taste of sandwiches. But since it’s so simple, I don’t know if my husband’s celebrity tongue will be okay, but when I glance at him, our eyes fit perfectly.

“It’s very delicious! It can be different from what the chef makes, but nonetheless it’s delicious.”

He was smiling softly, so I think it fits his taste.

I did not have any intestinal terrorism either, and they were all delicious. I am very satisfied!

We left the bakery and went sightseeing various shops for a while again,

“Oh, here it is! The candy store I said”

When he said that, I looked in the direction my husband was pointing, and I saw a store with apple green walls. When my husband pulled me out and we headed for it, a sweet scent gradually began to spill around, and I was inevitably excited!

The candy store, whose name was written in gold on a white background, was a very stylish space.

You can see from the outside the colorful sweets lined up in a glass case.

“Wow! It’s wonderful! The sweets look delicious!”

Sweets that look good for girls. There’s no reason why not enter!

At first glance, the shop seems to be full, but there is no queue outside. I was always told that it had a big procession everyday, so maybe I’m lucky today!

“Can you wait here a while? Let’s ask first.”

After saying that, my husband went inside the store to call out to the clerk.

“A seat for two people?”

“For you two? It’s okay. I’ll show you around.”

The clerk smiled and guided us inside.

“That was nice! I put it in right away!”

“Yes, it was good.”

Then, I was guided to a window seat where I could see the flower beds of the adjacent park. It’s a pretty nice seat. How lucky you are!

I ordered a chocolate tart the one my husband was saying before, and a tea that goes well with it.

What a happy time to have your favorite sweets and delicious tea! As I was relaxing and looking at the flowers in the park, I met a couple of women sitting at the table opposite of us.

When I looked at them, our eyes met and one of them immediately smiled. It is a beautiful lady with beautiful crimson eyes.

Loosely knit rich gold hair pour on her back. What wonderful color.

“… Oh, what a beautiful lady … big sister?”

I mumbled quietly, but my husband listened to it.

“What? But, that’s my subordinate?! …… “

When he followed my line of sight while muttering suspiciously, he saw the blonde lady and was perplexed. Judging from his appearance, it seems that he was not a mistaken.

It was his subordinates again.

“Oh, hello leader, how is the day? What a coincidence to meet you here”

While laughing a lot, she answered. Obviously suspicious.

“It’s a strange thing … after all.”

“After all?”

After looking at her again, my husband gazes around as if looking for someting. I didn’t understand my husband’s words very well, and for a moment I wondered what it meant, but when I looked around like my husband …

… All my husband’s subordinates are here.

“I have a date with my husband ~”

“Me too ~”

“Oh, I also …”


” … “

The beautiful people of the special division were all gathered here. It must be a lie…

“Everyone wanted to eat limited sweets at the cafe here, but it was a hassle to line up, so we came under our general reservation of the store ? We can also serve as guards for our leader and his wife! “

“I don’t need escorts.”

“Don’t say that husband.”

“Why must you come here today. I can rent this place for you another day.”

“No. It was the consensus of everyone that we would only be here today.”

“Because… Who is here?”

“The leader!”

They all looked like they are having fun, and my husband face looks like he has bit over mud.

Well, we ended up feeling like a party after all.

I also found myself surrounded by the beautiful big sisters of the division.

All kinds of sweets in the shop are lined up in front of me, and surrounded by beautiful knights… I’m gonna scream! I’m sorry I always monopolize all the most beautiful things.

For the time being, my husband is next to me, but I can’t go over to them.

Well, I’m having fun, so I’m happy.

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