Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 1874 - Drink Some Water To Satisfy Your Hunger

Chapter 1874 Drink Some Water To Satisfy Your Hunger

Jiang Yao casually lay on the bed to rest after taking a shower, while Lu Xingzhi went in to take his shower. Jiang Yao, who had nothing to do, sighed and caressed her worried face.

Being fat was something that made her helpless.

It was also something that made her a little worried.

She had only been with Lu Xingzhi for a short time, but she had gained a lot of weight. She would spend at least two days a week with him in the future. She would be as big as a ball by summer break if she kept gaining weight.


With that kind of stress, Jiang Yao fell asleep unconsciously. When Lu Xingzhi emerged from the bathroom, he saw Jiang Yao sound asleep on the bed.

He walked over and dipped his head to kiss her lips, but she was already asleep and did not respond.

Lu Xingzhi’s heart overflowed with emotion as he watched her sleep.

He liked Jiang Yao like that. She was fair with a tinge of red, and she had a tender face, like lychee.

Jiang Yao seemed to hate the heat recently. Even in that weather, she would kick the cover while she slumbered. Lu Xingzhi lovingly clasped Jiang Yao in his arms and closed his eyes after tucking her in.

That journey was something he would remember for the rest of his life. During those several days, he could sense her happiness.

That journey also unexpectedly healed his insomnia. He was less frightened and less tormented by dreams because he was safe in her embrace.

Jiang Yao went to bed early and woke up early.

She woke up hungry in the middle of the night.

She sat up, wanting to nudge Lu Xingzhi into taking her out for supper. However, as she held out her hand, she quickly retracted it. She promptly lay back down because the word weight loss sprang to her mind.

Jiang Yao never imagined that she would be affected by hunger. She twisted and turned in bed, but she could not sleep. Her action quickly awakened Lu Xingzhi.


Lu Xingzhi was used to it, so when Jiang Yao woke him awake, the first thing he said was that. He sat up and lifted the covers. “I will go downstairs and make you some noodles.” Jiang Yao struggled for a while and shook her head. “I’m on a diet. It’s better to pour me a cup of water to fill my stomach.”

Lu Xingzhi did not want to do that, but he nodded and agreed when he saw Jiang Yao’s thoughtful expression. Then, he went downstairs to get her some water. He thought he could add some honey to the water so that it might cure her hunger.

“You’re so nice!” Jiang Yao hugged Lu Xingzhi and acted coquettishly before asking him to go downstairs and pour her some water. After Lu Xingzhi left the room, she laid back down on the soft bed and rolled around twice. That feeling of being adored was euphoric.

Then, Jiang Yao decided to go into the medical system. After she went in, she called the System Admin and asked, “Is there any medicine that can lose weight without harming the body? Or is there any medicine that can control one’s appetite without harming the body?”

“Do you want to lose weight?” The System Admin looked at Jiang Yao in horror. “Do you really want to lose weight at this time?”

“Don’t you feel that I’ve gained a lot of weight recently? I eat a lot during the day, but I still wake up hungry at midnight every day.” If it were not because there were no other symptoms, Jiang Yao would have thought that something was wrong with her body.

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