Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 1879 - A Good Thing

Chapter 1879 A Good Thing

“Go back and accompany her.” Mrs. Lu pulled Lu Xingzhi and said, “I’ll go cook.”

“Mom, it’s late. Go rest. My wife likes my cooking, so I’ll cook.” Lu Xingzhi pushed Mrs. Lu back to her room, then went downstairs to the kitchen.

The Lu family’s refrigerator had no shortage of ingredients. Lu Xingzhi rummaged around and found beef that had been cut and marinated. It was probably leftovers from dinner. That meat made it convenient for Lu Xingzhi to display his culinary skills. A bowl of beef noodles with scrambled eggs would take only five minutes.

After Lu Xingzhi pushed Lu Xingzhi back to her room, Lu Xingzhi’s mother was still in a daze. She kept having the illusion that she had misheard him just now.

When she lay on the bed and saw that Mr. Lu was still sleeping soundly, she immediately shook him awake.

“Old Lu! Old Lu! Wake up!” Lu Xingzhi’s mother tried to wake her husband, who was sleeping soundly. Fortunately, Mr. Lu had a good nature. After he woke up, he did not lose his temper. Instead, he asked her if there was anything wrong.

Mrs. Lu turned on the bedside lamp. “Your son just told me that his wife is pregnant.”

Mr. Lu only reacted a few seconds later. “Yaoyao is pregnant?”

Mr. Lu was shocked. He immediately got up. When Mrs. Lu saw that she was not the only one surprised, she felt relieved. “Xingzhi looked like he was going crazy from joy. He was flushed when he went downstairs to cook Yaoyao a midnight snack.”

“No wonder Yaoyao gained so much weight in such a short period and had a great appetite.” Mr. Lu was the father of two children, so he had more experience than Lu Xingzhi. Since he heard that Jiang Yao was pregnant, he immediately had an explanation for the changes in Jiang Yao’s figure and appetite. After digesting the news, Mr. Lu also smiled. “This is great news! We’re going to be grandparents!”

When Mrs. Lu heard that, she had the same reaction as Mr. Lu. She was happy that she would have a grandchild soon.

Many of Lu Xingzhi’s peers already had children. She had been looking forward to that day for a long time.

However, Lu Xingzhi had married Jiang Yao, who was many years younger than him, so Mrs. Lu did not think she would get a grandchild so soon.

“But Yaoyao is still studying. She is only twenty years old. I thought we would talk about it after she graduated from university. I did not expect that they would be more anxious than us.”

Mrs. Lu did not know whether to laugh or cry about that. Even if they got married early, many couples were not very willing to have children too soon. Many felt children were a burden.

Many of Mrs. Lu’s colleagues’ children did indeed get married earlier than Lu Xingzhi. Of course, some already had children, while some were reluctant to have children. Some had great careers, so they were unwilling to have children yet.

Mrs. Lu thought she had to urge them to have children. She did not expect Jiang Yao to get pregnant so soon. She was not worried about that, but she did feel nervous about it.

“Have you forgotten that Yaoyao graduated early? It’s not a big deal. Maybe she can delay it for one year. She can go back to school after the child is born. We have money; we can hire help to take care of the baby. If one is not enough, we’ll get two people. One can take care of the baby, and the other can do housework.”

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