Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 2034 - I'm So Angry

Chapter 2034: I’m So Angry

“Is that so? You can do whatever you want, Colonel Ye. I won’t forget your threat today. Don’t forget; you still have two sons.” Lu Xingzhi had never been afraid of anyone, not even Colonel Ye. He thought nothing of the man.

Colonel Ye did not even have the right to work with him, so how could he threaten him?

He had been there for almost half a year. Did he really think that Lu Xingzhi was the kind of person who would bury his head if he had a problem?

Colonel Ye had stayed in the army base and the city longer than he did. However, time was of the essence in terms of power and wealth.Support our

“One has to know what they can and cannot do,” Jiang Yao said softly. “Ye Xueli used words as a weapon. She is more brutal and vicious than anyone else. She shall reap what she sows. When she does something wrong, there is no reason the victim can’t retaliate.”

After Jiang Yao finished speaking, she gestured to Colonel Ye to leave. “Even though our fivo families are neighbors, I don’t think we can become good neighbors. In the future, we shouldn’t visit each other when we have nothing better to do so we won’t hate each other.’

Colonel Ye thought Lu Xingzhi was arrogant for someone so young. He did not expect Lu Xingzhi’s wife, Jiang Yao, to be even more arrogant. She told him to leave after saying such shameless words.

Those two were both young and fearless. They were also arrogant.

However, Lu Xingzhi could not fight something like that. It was like what happened with Ye Xueli. If it were not for Ye Xueli’s bad luck that she was seen by others and was later frightened into admitting it, no one could do anything about that.

No military leader could do anything for Lu Xingzhi. Who could say anything else if Ye Xueli did not admit to anything?

Colonel Ye was also furious when he thought of Lu Xingzhi’s threat.

Even though he was furious and wanted to do something to Lu Xingzhi, he backed off due to the other man’s threat.

He was not a child. He had two sons.

He did not have the right to fight with Lu Xingzhi.

There was a huge gap in their statuses anyway. They were both colonels, but so what?

One was young and promising, with power and influence.


The other was an old man who would retire soon.

What could he use to fight with Lu Xingzhi?

Was he throwing his future away?

Lu Xingzhi did not mind losing, but could Colonel Ye afford to lose?

He still had to support his family, and Lu Xingzhi did not have any worries at all.

Lu Xingzhi did not wait for Colonel Ye to walk out of the courtyard before he went and hugged Jiang Yao. “Are you angry?

“I’m so angry.”

Jiang Yao nodded and snorted, “If I were Ye Xueli’s father, under such circumstances, I would choose to drag that evil daughter to the victim to apologize and beg for forgiveness. He’s a good person. If Ye Xueli doesn’t apologize, he will take the blame.”

There was no reason for the person who had done something wrong to be so proud.

Amazing. If she was so powerful, why did she not go to heaven?

If she were just as vicious as Ye Xueli, she would have driven Ye Xueli crazy and crippled her. Jiang Yao would be fine as long as she did not kill her. No one would suspect her if she drove Ye Xueli crazy or crippled her..

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