Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Back to Her Home

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“Jiang Yao, Mom says you rarely go back.” Lu Xingzhi was riding at a moderate speed in the windless noon, so Jiang Yao could hear him clearly.

“Uh-huh, I’ve been too occupied with schoolwork,” Jiang Yao answered softly as she was swallowing the ice cream. She knew that Lu Xingzhi was talking about her mother.

It was actually just an excuse. She didn’t want to go back as she held a grudge against her parents. She was irritated by their decision to agree to the marriage with the Lu family regardless of her objection and protest.

Hence, she rarely visited her family after the wedding. Now that she thought about it, she was a rebellious girl in her previous life. She was the youngest child in the family and the only girl. Her parents and her two brothers adored her very much. But in her previous life, she was so cold-hearted and cruel enough to abandon her own family.

1“I’m afraid I can’t come back for your university admission. Let your eldest brother keep you company for the registration,” Lu Xingzhi reminded. “I’m more at ease if he is there with you.”

“Why not my second brother?” Jiang Yao asked. “Frankly, I am closer to my second brother.”

Jiang Yao’s eldest brother, Jiang Jie, and Lu Xingzhi were one year apart, and they so happened to be classmates in high school. Her second brother, Jiang Lei, was several years their junior. Anyhow, Lu Xingzhi was familiar with the Jiang brothers.

Therefore, as soon as he knew that Jiang Yao wanted Jiang Lei to accompany her, he instantly vetoed the suggestion, “No! It must be Jiang Jie doing the job. Even if Jiang Lei wants to go, Jiang Jie must go with you.”

Lu Xingzhi was convinced that with Jiang Lei’s character of having a short fuse, he would instantly take Jiang Yao away if Jiang Yao begged him just a little. There was also another possibility of Jiang Lei ditching Jiang Yao if he were to stumble upon something that fascinated him.

Jiang Jie was more responsible and trustworthy than Jiang Lei, so Lu Xingzhi put his trust in Jiang Jie.

Jiang Yao chuckled at Lu Xingzhi’s remark, her chirping laughs echoing. “Jiang Lei will be so upset if he hears this.”

Indeed, Jiang Yao had a stronger relationship with Jiang Lei because they were only four years apart. Jiang Jie was six years her senior and he was a rather reserved person. Therefore, Jiang Yao was closer to Jiang Lei and they often played together. Whenever they stirred up trouble, Jiang Yao would shift all the blame onto Jiang Lei and asked her big brother to plead to their parents for a lighter punishment.

2She smiled as she reminisced about her childhood. She had the most wonderful and happiest time as a child. She was the center of attention in the family. She was a mischievous little girl who always caused troubles but she had always never been scolded for her mischief actions. She was spoiled and given the first pick for any choice, be it food and so on, and her brothers would have their picks after she’d done.

The scorching noon sun was baking them in extreme heat. As Jiang Yao had just recovered from her fever, she was feeling uncomfortably warm.

Jiang Yao remembered this event in her previous life clearly. When she received the letter of admission, she shielded herself with silence against the Lu family. She didn’t even return to the Jiang family straightaway. The Jiang family acknowledged the news about her acceptance to Nanjiang Medical School from the villagers who got hold of the rumors. When she and Lu Xingzhi returned to her house the next day, she was harshly reprimanded by her parents for her selfish decision.

In retrospect, she led a very ridiculous life. At an age when she should have been sensible and mature, she had a rebellious and disobedient soul.

4Because of the letter of admission, she was criticized by the Lu family and berated by her own family. She still remembered that her father had denounced her once he got to know about it. He had asked her to leave and never come back. After that, she went to Nanjiang Medical School as she wished. She felt that she was wronged, so she was determined to create her own living style and space. She never returned home, not even for Chinese New Year. She only returned to the Jiang home once after she graduated, but once again, she had a big fight with her parents because of her work arrangements.

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