Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: It Is My Decision

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Mr. and Mrs. Jiang glared directly at Jiang Yao. They knew their daughter like the back of their hands. Jiang Yao hardly came home after the wedding because she resented her parents for arranging the marriage. They heard some rumors about what had happened after Jiang Yao moved into the Lu family. The distance and hostility between Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi made them realize that Jiang Yao found the marriage and her husband repulsive.

1As a result, Mr. and Mrs. Jiang were convinced that Jiang Yao had secretly applied to Nanjiang Medical School!

“Jiang Yao, it’s you, isn’t it?” Mr. Jiang jumped up from his chair and roared. “Did you lie to us about your application? Didn’t you say that you were going to Jindo? Since when did it become Nanjiang? Argh! Jiang Yao, why are you so immature and stubborn? How old do you think you are? You’re already nineteen, you are not a child anymore! You’re married! Why do you apply for Nanjiang? It’s so far away from your husband’s base. What were you thinking?”

4The scene replayed in front of her exactly as how it happened in her previous life. Her parents rebuked her in anger when they learned about her acceptance to Nanjiang Medical School.

Jiang Yao tried to remember her response at the time.

She had raised her voice at her parents, claiming that she had always wanted to go to Nanjiang Medical School. The promise of applying for Jindo Medical School was just her smokescreen.

Then, her dad, who had always been a gentle and kind father to her, slapped her in the face and kicked her out of the house.

However, now that she was born again and facing the same situation, Jiang Yao didn’t know how to react to this.

The excuses that she had used on the Lu family wouldn’t work here. She couldn’t say that she had done it on purpose because Lu Xingzhi had offended her. If she said it here in her house, it would only make her parents angrier. They would chide her for her waywardness and selfishness. Maybe it was because her parents knew her better than her in-laws that they would not buy that excuse.

Jiang Yao could only hang her head downcast without saying a word as her father scolded her. It was the truth anyway—she was really ignorant, her father hadn’t wronged her.

1“Dad, I made the decision.” Lu Xingzhi somewhat understood his father-in-law’s temperament. Jiang Yao’s decision caught him off-guard, but he couldn’t bear seeing her being scolded by her father.

“Dad, it is my decision to allow Jiang Yao to go to Nanjiang. She’s still young and I’m afraid she’ll be homesick when she’s away from home. The climate and eating habits of the north are very different from the south. I’m afraid that nobody can take care of her and she can’t take care of herself if she goes to Jindo.”

Lu Xingzhi fabricated the excuse like it was the truth. “Nanjiang Medical School is a key university and it is comparable to Jindo Medical School. Another thing is that it’s closer to home. It will be convenient for Jiang Yao to come home whenever she wants to and she wouldn’t have trouble adapting to new living habits. She called me to ask for my opinion during the application phase and I asked her to apply to Nanjiang.”

Lu Xingzhi was the only one who could make a lie sound plausible.

Surprisingly, Mr. Jiang bought it. He sighed in defeat. “You spoil her rotten. She’s already nineteen, she has no problem taking care of herself. You guys are already in a long-distance relationship, and if she really goes to Nanjiang, that will be four years! What will you do? Wait another four years? If she goes to Jindo, she can at least meet you at the base every weekend or holiday, and you guys can see each other more often.”

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