Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Her Second Oldest Brother Jiang Lei

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Jiang Lei literally explained the reason he was home at this moment. Then, Jiang Lei motioned to Jiang Yao with his eyes, gesturing at her to follow him out.

Jiang Yao abruptly let go of Lu Xingzhi the moment Jiang Lei appeared and shrieked. Although the man was her own brother, she felt her face flush with embarrassment. After seeing the hint from Jiang Lei’s eyes, Jiang Yao couldn’t ignore him.

“Make yourself at home, rest in my room if you like. Excuse me,” Jiang Yao said to Lu Xingzhi while pointing at her bed before exiting her room.

Once she stepped out of the door, Jiang Lei tugged at her and ran to the yard.

“Jiang Yao, I see that you and your hubby are really intimate now. Do you not have enough time hugging at the Lu family home? You still want to hug each other here! Aren’t you tired?” Jiang Lei curled his arm around Jiang Yao’s shoulder, grinning like a loafer. “I didn’t know that you guys got so passionate. Now that I think about it, it’s fortunate that our parents had found out when I was about to take you away. Otherwise, I’d be a sinner who has broken up a happy couple!”

“Lu Xingzhi and I are officially married with a marriage certificate and whatnot, what’s wrong with us hugging for a bit?” Jiang Yao kicked Jiang Lei in the calf and threw his arm off her shoulder.

Jiang Lei was not bluffing though. Before the wedding, Jiang Yao was in a mess, resisting her family. When Jiang Lei learned about this, he came back and stayed at home for two days. Witnessing his sister unhappy and dispirited by the whole event, he decided to take Jiang Yao away and send her back right before the new semester began. It was also intended to let her avoid the wedding—a literal runaway bride.

However, before he could initiate his plan, their parents discovered the shenanigans and kept a close watch on him. He lost his chance to rescue his sister, but that didn’t stop his determination. He gave Jiang Yao some money and his friend’s contact details. He asked her to take the money, go to the city, call his friend, and stay there for two days.

Later, Mr. Lu confiscated the money.

1“Okay, alright, nothing’s wrong, my concern is thrown out the window.” Jiang Lei shook his arm and glared at Jiang Yao sadly. “You forget about your brother as soon as you have a husband. Tell me, how many times have you come home ever since you got married? If I hadn’t visited you at the school from time to time, I think you would’ve forgotten that your name is Jiang Yao, not Lu Yao.”

After teasing and mocking Jiang Yao, Jiang Lei regained his seriousness and caught up with her. “How is Lu Xingzhi treating you after getting married? Is he good? Does the Lu family bully you? Mom and Dad told me that you’ve been accepted by Nanjiang Medical School. That’s great news! They also said that it was Lu Xingzhi’s decision to allow you to apply for Nanjiang instead of Jindo. Is it true?”

Jiang Lei was positively skeptical of the answer. He and Jiang Yao had been a pair of troublemakers since young—how could he not tell her scheming mind behind her cute and lovely look?

“He’s very nice to me and the Lu family members treat me well too,” Jiang Yao said with a comforting smile. “Don’t you worry, we’ve decided on the college admission. I’m going to Nanjiang Medical School.”

“It’s better that you stay closer to us. If I happen to go to Nanjiang, I can make a detour to visit you. I didn’t even manage to care for you and you’re married into another family. When I think about you going to another province to study, I’m worried sick about you,” Jiang Lei said solemnly and heaved a sigh of dismay.

“Brother, I’m not used to you being all sentimental.” Jiang Yao squinted at Jiang Lei, she was a little startled. “It is more likely for our eldest brother to say such a sentimental statement.”

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