Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: His Testament

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“Ma’am, the captain liked you a lot. Whenever we didn’t have any missions, he would go to see you in the village.” The young comrade pointed to a letter in the wooden box and said, “That is the captain’s testament. He had it prepared a long time ago because of his constant dangerous missions. At that time, we had always thought that the testament would only resurface when he died of old age.”

After his remark, the young comrade cried his eyes out and wailed, “The captain is such a nice person. It’s all my fault! Ma’am, please punish me for my mistakes, it’s all my fault! I killed the captain…”

“No, it wasn’t you, it was me.” Jiang Yao bit her lips as she clenched the testament tightly in her hand. It was as if the testament had sucked all her energy and strength that she didn’t have the courage to open the letter.

It was she who chose to hide here and that’s why he pursued her here. If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t be in this base. If he wasn’t here, last night’s unfortunate events would not have happened.

Therefore, the culprit who murdered Lu Xingzhi was none other than her, the incompetent wife.

2Jiang Yao retrieved the letter carefully from the wooden box, her hands trembling vigorously. Ever so cautiously, she slowly unfolded the letter as if any sudden movement would tear the letter apart.

When the letter was opened, Lu Xingzhi’s elegant penmanship was the first thing that reached Jiang Yao’s gaze. She couldn’t comprehend why but it made her feel very sad. He had many fine qualities that she admired him for, and this was one of them.

Jiang Yao could imagine the scenario of him writing the letter. Perhaps this letter was written genuinely and sincerely after a long day of training.

My dear wife, I hope this letter finds you well.

When you receive this letter, I’ll probably… no, I’ll definitely be gone. As a support guard for so many years, we’ve always been asked to write a testament every time we go for a major mission, and so I did. I don’t know when it will come to you, but I hope it will never be delivered to you ever.

My dear wife, we’ve been married for seven years, right? I know that you were reluctant to marry me, that you don’t like me. If it wasn’t for me intervening in your life, right now, you might be like the other regular college students, having the time of your life.

However, I was over the moon to marry you. It is still vivid in my memory that on our wedding day, I was so happy I couldn’t wipe off the wide smile on my face and everyone teased me for that. They said I looked like a fool. But I wasn’t angry, I didn’t mind them at all, for you officially became my wife! A little teasing couldn’t harm me.

9Frankly, it was my fault too. I insisted on marrying you despite knowing that you didn’t like me. I always told myself that it’s okay, that I would treat you like a princess once we get married and eventually, you would realize my gentleness and would want to spent the rest of your life with me. I’ve never expected you to like me back, but as long as I am able to marry you and take care of you, I’m grateful and satisfied.

10I still remember the first time I saw you. You were only about sixteen or seventeen years old, a freshman with two cute pigtails. You were having an intense argument with your second older brother from your school all the way back to home. Your brother was so frustrated and angry at you that he ignored you. At that time, I thought, this girl is refreshingly impressive.

It was probably love at first sight. After that, I kept thinking about you.

The second time I saw you was a few months before we got married. You and your friends were walking down the street holding hands and singing the most popular song at the time. You went out of the tune and even misguided your friends, but you were so carried away that you chimed like a bell joyfully and didn’t allow anyone to make fun of you. At that time, I thought, if you could sing to me, I would be willing to listen to it until my eardrums explode.

Therefore, marrying you was my biggest wish. In order to marry you, I took a lot of effort and had a lot of thoughts. Finally, I suceeded! My dream came true!


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