Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Back to Nineteen Years Old

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Opening her eyes again, Jiang Yao wasn’t sure how long she had passed out. If it had not been for the testament and his sacrifice, perhaps she would spend the rest of her life taking him for granted. She would not believe that one day, she would be filled with remorse and regret of losing him to the point of losing consciousness…

1She intended to pack up, quit her job, and leave this mountainous village to return to her hometown, Yutian Town, but when she lifted the big red blanket off her body, she discovered that she was at a very peculiar place at that moment. It wasn’t her small dilapidated dorm in the mountain!

She was in a bright white room with sparkly white tiles on the floor and long silver-gray curtains hanging from the high wall to the solid-colored carpet in front of the window. She could see rows of trees cut down to waist height as she looked out the window through the slightly opened curtains. It was a peculiar but very familiar place.

She was in the Lu family house and this was her and Lu Xingzhi’s wedding room. All the furnishings, interior design, and decorations here were based on her preferences. Even the trees outside her room were chopped off because of her. When she was in the senior year, Mr. Lu, her father-in-law had inadvertently found out that the noisy cicadas on the trees were interrupting her sleep, so he personally cut down the trees he had planted.

1The calendar on the table indicated the hard fact.

Today was a day during her summer holidays after the college entrance examination.

The facts showed her that she was born again at the age of nineteen and returned to the starting point when her marriage with Lu Xingzhi had just begun.

4Suddenly, there was a click at the door of the room and upon hearing that, Jiang Yao looked towards the door. When the door was opened, a brown figure came into her sight. The man who entered the room was donning a dark brown training uniform and carrying a small bag in his hand. He exchanged direct glances with Jiang Yao, who stood by the window.

“You’ve awoken.” Lu Xingzhi placed the small bag on the chair in the corner and strode towards Jiang Yao. He frowned and said in a deep voice, “Mom told me that you’ve had a cold for several days now. I called her right after I got off the train. She said that you had a fever before going to bed last night. How are you feeling? Is it getting better or worse? Have you eaten? Did you take the medication?”

His voice echoed into her ears, sounding ever so tender and loving. Why didn’t she know that there would come a time when a person as dull as he was would be quite chatty?

The reason was simple—he cared deeply about her.

It had been such a long time. Jiang Yao couldn’t recall the last time she had seen Lu Xingzhi or hear his voice at such a close range.

In order to escape his relentless pursuit, she had voluntarily applied to be a volunteer doctor and had gone to a poverty-stricken area where there was no doctor in the whole township. Finally, she settled in a primary school, assigned as both the school doctor and a medical doctor in the village clinic along with her partner, Wen Xuehui.

She went to a village so remote that even letters couldn’t be delivered. For many years, both of them had not met again, and did not even communicate via a phone call until that stormy night.

Right now, she stared at the young Lu Xingzhi, standing in front of her as lively and energetic as he had always been. She thought of his testament, his love for her between the lines, and she felt an indescribable bitterness and sorrow in her heart.

“What’s wrong? Is there something on my face?” Lu Xingzhi wasn’t surprised at Jiang Yao’s lack of response. They hardly talked anyway.

Lu Xingzhi was simply anxious when he found out about her fever. He wanted to reach out and feel her forehead. However, when he raised his hand, he realized that Jiang Yao had been staring at him. Knowing that she might not like him touching her, he was a little worried that his reaction might upset her.

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