Card Apprentice Daily Log

Chapter 1377 Cowards

Chapter 1377 Cowards

Date- 7 April 2321

Time- 15:58

Location- Southern Region, Southern Capital, Southern Card Creationist Association, Auction House

"Chris Ainsworth ran away!"

"In the surveillance footage, Chris just vanished out of thin air." 

"He must have used a high-level teleportation card."

"I can't believe he ran away after all that big words he spoke."

"What did you expect from a Westerner?"

"His forefathers ran away with their tails between their legs during the monster war and now Chris ran away knowing he was going to lose." 

"Back then those Westerners escaped the accountability of their actions and now their descendant is doing the same, escaping the accountability for his actions."

"What are you guys talking about?" 

"Kid, anybody who lived through the monster war era knows what I am talking about."

"During the monster wars, amidst the confusion, some supreme beings tried to cross the western post of the Way Beyond. The Westerner card apprentices were asked to hold the post till the reinforcement arrived but they abandoned the Western post and ran away. It took the reinforcements months before they were able to find and fend off the supreme beings back to the Way Beyond. Do you know many innocent lives were lost because of that one cowardly act?"

"Friend, you weren't there you don't know what exactly happened."

"Millions, 8.7 million innocent lives to be exact."

"Westerners are nothing but cowards and losers."

"Hey, buddy watch what you're saying."

"Why? Did I say something wrong? Did your forefathers abandon their post on the Way Beyond or not? Did Chris run away or not?"

Tensions were high among the audience in the auction hall, especially between the Westerners and the Southerners. After all, Chris was a Westerner and trying to shame the Southern region. 

With Chris gone the Southerners did not have a target to vent their shame and anger on. So they targeted the Westerners in the audience whose support for Chris was an eyesore for the Southerners from the beginning of the challenge. Considering the ratio of Southerners to Westerners in the audience. If a fight were to break out, then the Westerners would be butchered. 

Now that would be a political scandal that neither the Southern card creationist association nor Ann wants on their hands. With the auction house Director busy tracking Chris Ainsworth, Ann flew from the balcony of her family's exclusive VIP box and landed on the auction hall stage. 

Feeling Ann's presence on the stage the Southerners in the audience immediately started to behave without her having to ask them. For the Westerners, they were outnumbered in a foreign land, they had no choice but to behave if they planned to return home in one piece. 

"Thank you," Ann thanked the audience for the respect they showed her and proceed to say, "Now let us continue with Master Wyatt's card demonstration. I bet most of you like are curious about this Item card VR Cocoon." 

Ann then walked next to the representative of the southern card creationist association and said, "Master, Wyatt please." 

After handing the spotlight to the Card soldier, Ann did not leave the stage but stood next to him as if she were his assistant. This came as a shock to the Southerners however they held back their protest. Knowing that the Southern Emperor was watching them. 

I did not mind Ann standing next to me, but seeing the threatening glares the audience threw at me. I had just managed to change the impression of the audience of me, I did not want all the work to be vain. Ann had to go, so I sent her a text informing her that, Chris has already left the Southern region and that she should call off the people looking for him. Reading my text, Ann nodded and then continued to stand next. 

Seeing Ann's reaction I could only sigh exasperatedly, which only brought another wave of threatening glares. Ignoring them I continued with my card demonstration. 

While the audience was arguing about Chris's escape, the two volunteers joined my conference call, and following my instructions their consciousness entered the VR Saferoom designated to the unique key of their VR Cocoon card. Right now they were exploring the wonders of VR Cocoon by interacting with the data of the grimoire network at a very immersive level. 

So, I directly skipped the part on how to use VR Cocoon and displayed the video of what the two volunteers were doing in their respective VR Saferoom on the display formation of the auction hall. 

The audience was confused, so I went ahead and explained, "What you are seeing right now is the consciousness of these two card lords in their respective VR-Saferoom interacting with data of the Grimoire network at a 3D level. 

As you can see, Volunteer No.1 is watching the live stream of this very card demonstration in 3 dimensions inside his VR-Saferoom. Which is way more advanced and immersive compared to the rest of the viewers who are watching the live stream in 2 dimensions because of the limitations of a grimoire. 

And Volunteer No.2 is watching some adult content in 3 dimensions inside his VR-Saferoom. 

Yes, he knows we are watching him. And to quote him, 'I don't care this is freaking awesome.'

If additional data is provided, the way we can consume content will change forever. You can not only hear and see a video but feel and smell it. I am not just saying that it is possible, it is possible and the VR-City is proof of that. 

But I will get back to that later, for now, let us explore the VR-Saferoom. Volunteer no.1&2 please switch to the video call function of the grimoire." 

"Yes," Volunteer No. 1 complied without any complaint but Volunteer No.2 reluctantly paused the adult video and switched the call to video call saying, "Ah, fine." 

Soon a full-body hologram of Volunteer No.2 and a partial hologram of me appeared in Volunteer No. 1's VR-Saferom. The same thing happened in Volunteer No.2's VR-Saferoom. Seeing this both the volunteers and the audience gasped in shock. 

"It is like you are right here." 

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