Card Apprentice Daily Log

Chapter 1708 Devious

Chapter 1708 Devious

Date- 15 April 2321

Time- 16:59

Location- Southern Region, Blossom District, Sky Blossom City, Dungeon Highway, Barren Lands, Central Tower, Blood Rock Cave Gate Dungeon, Seed World

'Unfair, sure let us call it unfair. What do you want?' Wyatt rolled his eyes listening to Zaltan use the word unfair. 

By their conversation so far, Wyatt had figured out that Zaltan had no plans about keeping him alive after his experimentation had concluded. Not just Wyatt but the entire Card World was at threat of being destroyed at the hands of the Infinity Library just to erase any clue about the secrets of the pixie's powers. 

It did not come as a surprise to Wyatt that Zaltan or the Infinity Library would want to destroy an entire realm just to keep the secret of the pixies hidden. This would not be the first time in the millenniums since they enslaved the pixies and while they enslaved the pixies. The Infinity Library must have erased many realms to make sure that their secret was a secret. So it was not worth mentioning that they would repeat the same in the card world to secure the secret to their gold mine. 

At first, Wyatt thought Zaltan was rebelling against Librarian but now he knew regardless of his intention he and the card world did not have a place in his plans. This might be the reason why Zaltan had chosen a demon merchant who was not native to the dark realms for his experimentation. From the start, he planned to erase any trace of his experimentation after it was concluded. So seeing him say the words unfair, Wyatt could not help but roll his eyes. 

Knowing this, the free VVIP membership subscription given to Wyatt by Zaltan in exchange for undisclosed help was no longer pleasing to Wyatt's eyes. However, unveiling the secrets of the Pixie's capabilities helped him unveil Zaltan's devious plan and also gave him time to prepare for what was about to come. If not he would still be thinking that this was just a normal experimentation. 

Wyatt had no idea an exclusive pixie would come at such a high cost. But now what was done was done he could only consider a way for his and card world's survival. Fortunately, Zaltan's experiment would not conclude anytime soon. So the situation was not hopeless yet. 

If not for this conversation, Wyatt would still in some part of his heart think that Zaltan was doing this for the sake of the pixies but now Wyatt no longer believed that Zaltan's experiment had noble reasons like helping the pixies. Zaltan's experimentation might be about trying to find his own way of exploiting the pixies like his father the librarian was. 

Come to think of it, Zaltan did not bother to warn Wyatt about Dredre's mindset, powers, diets, etc, he just handed Dredre to him as his exclusive book guide pixie. Did Zaltan not care that the sudden change in the surroundings of the pixie would cause them to lose their powers and lead to their unstable mental state? 

It appeared as if Zaltan was prepared to lose pixies in the course of his experimentation. Wyatt had no idea what Zaltan's real experimentation was about but with the passing of time, one thing became clear this experimentation was never about helping the pixies but Zaltan helping himself to exploit the pixies in a new way. 

None of this had anything to do with Wyatt, but now because of Zaltan, it had everything to do with Wyatt. When Zaltan proposed to give him an exclusive Pixie and free VVIP membership subscription, he should have known better than to accept. Maybe then he still had the opportunity to avoid the end. But now he had no choice but to follow Zaltan's arrangements to the disastrous end he had planned for him. 

The worst thing was Wyatt could not show any sign to Zaltan that he knew what was going on because just like how the humans would destroy any artificial intelligence showing signs of sentience Zaltan would not hesitate to destroy him. In the end, protecting the secret of the pixies took priority over the experimentation even for the Zaltan. Since he would never be able to exploit the pixies if the monopoly that the Librarian had over the pixies was lost. 

'What can you offer? I don't mean to belittle you but even if you were to wager your life, it would still not be enough to even the odds,' Zaltan spoke honestly, deciding to put Wyatt in his place now that he, himself, had given him the opportunity to do so. 

'Well you are correct, my life is all I have that I can consider valuable to wager. But you are wrong about it not being enough as the fair stakes. Considering that you will not be losing anything if you lose the wager but I will be losing my life to you I think it's fair,' Wyatt said passive-aggressively. 

'Wyatt, aren't overestimating your own value? How is your life worth the same as a condition to unlock the executive function of the VVIP membership? Do you know what other demon/devil merchant will be willing to pay for this opportunity?' Zaltan did not agree with Wyatt. This was his way of telling that Wyatt was a pawn and he should learn to be a pawn and nothing more.

'I don't know because the value of what you are wagering will vary from person to person. If it was the Librarian, himself, then your wager would be worthless to him. So yes, from my perspective this wager is fair. If you consider it unfair you cannot go through it. I am not forcing you,' Wyatt reasoned causally. Knowing that Zaltan was playing with him and using his words to show him his place. He remained level-headed, though his words were provocative they were true. The valve of something did change from person to person based on how much they needed it.

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