Card Apprentice Daily Log

Chapter 2: Day Two

Chapter 2: Day Two

Date 18 Mar 2321

Time 10:51

Location Sky Blossom City, Wyatt Residence

‘rat-a-tat-tat’ ‘rat-a-tat-tat’

“Open up twat! We know you’re in there! Open up!”

‘Augh! WTF! what does a man have to do to get a proper sleep around here?’

Frustrated I got up from the bed, stomping my foot hard on the floor I walked to the front door in a sleep-ish manner and opening the door I snapped at them

“Wtf do you want, don’t you know it’s rude to hinder people’s sleep?”

My eyes were barely open, I did not bother to see who was at the door and was ready to shut the door on their face but a large hand grabbed on to the edge of the door while pushing half of his body into the door.

Unable to close the door I was caught by surprise then it dawned upon me that I had transmigrated and people at the door were no pushovers but hooligans blackmailing young Wyatt.

“Looks like someone needs to be reminded of their place and debts again?”


Shoving the door wide open, 2 people walked into the hallway without my invitation. The tall one looked at me with a sneer and said

“Looks like someone is enjoying their sleep, but do you know who isn’t! my cousin whom you hospitalized!”

While the shorter one shoved two documents on my face and said “Look at them these are the medical bill and court notice, when are you going to settle the bills or would like to settle it in the Court.”

Before I could get a proper glance at the two documents the shorter hooligan hid them back into his coat pocket. He did not want me to read the documents.

Both the hooligans gave me an intimidating glare, if it was young Wyatt he would have caved but it was not him it’s me, the more they glared at me the more guilty they looked in my eyes.

Calming myself and thinking of all possible scenarios and the worst that could happen, I said “fellows we have been through all this already, I said I will pay you within a week why are you here now? Right now I don’t have money to buy myself breakfast let alone to pay you. Come back on the 20th I will have your money ready by then.”

“You think we have no other work than to come to beg you for the money that you owe us! We only came to inform you that my cousin went through another surgery yesterday and the bills that you have to settle have risen, now that you know that we will be on our way. See you in two days.”

Without waiting for me to go into details they walked out leaving me speechless.

‘Fuck!’ I cursed inwardly. I could have just called the cops on them but I would be letting them off easy.

At most they would be sentenced to 2-3 years of jail for fraud, if I could prove them guilty that is.

No! That isn’t enough they had to pay not just them but also the hands behind them.

These guys know Young Wyatt’s net worth and bottom line, so they don’t mind hooking Young Wyatt for a few more weeks and demand more money before getting serious.

These twerps don’t know how lucky they are that I transmigrated otherwise what greeted them would be the cold corpse of Young Wyatt.

Since they love money so much let me use it to teach these fellows a lesson.

Tring-a-ring! Tring-a-ring!

Uh! What’s that sound? where is it coming from?

I walked to the source of the sound, It’s an old-style book with Iron bookbinding with a Qr code for a cover.

It was young Wyatt’s Iron Grimoire. picking it up I opened it to see who was calling,

[Class teacher Wang calling]

‘Ah! I forgot now I am a student and I had a school to attend.’

Going through Young Wyatt’s memories, I came to know this Robert Wang was a piece of work.

Back when Young Wyatt’s parents were alive this class teacher did not hesitate to lick his students behind shamelessly but now he acts as if Young Wyatt has robbed his ancestors grave.

This Classteacher Wang was one of the main reasons why Young Wyatt’s classmates looked down on him, his friends stayed far from him and bullies got bolder with him.

Classteacher Wang may have not directly bullied Young Wyatt but his biased opinion and attitude toward Wyatt caused many students to alienate Young Wyatt. Leading to depression and negative thoughts in Young Wyatt’s mind.

‘Forget it let’s answer the call!’


“You dumbass what took you so long to answer my call and why aren’t you in my class? 15 mins! You have to be in my class otherwise don’t blame me for being cruel.”

Being barged by his arrogant words a vein popped on my neck and I cursed,

“Fu**, beep you beep your mama! Beep beep you and your mama! Sorry! wrong number.”



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