Card Apprentice Daily Log

Chapter 22: Relife

Chapter 22: Relife

Date 14 Mar 2321

Time 10:37

Location Sky Blossom City, Bright Manor, Card Lab,

Corey had never felt more repulsed than today, the thought of an old man pouring his mental strength in her grimoire made her almost vomit in disgust.

How could she let a dirty old man soil her grimoire with his filthy mental strength? Who cares if he has a golden grade grimoire? And what if he is here to help create her origin card?

Her grandpa and grandma both have golden grade grimoires! And she has a silver grade grimoire and is the most talented card apprentice in her high school she can create her card.

“Oldman don’t act high and noble in front of me as if you are doing me a favour. No matter how great the peasants out there think you are, It still doesn’t change the fact that you are doing this only to curry favours from my grandpa.

So, you better listen to me. Now tell me how and I will create my origin card myself, I don’t want your old-ass mental strength entering and dirty-ing my grimoire.”

Sitting on the couch, A sharp-eyed dourly handsome old man never felt more insulted in his 67 years of life than today, being pointed and scolded by a teenager barely reaching 18 years of age. If not for her being the princess of the Bright family he would not tolerate her.

Looking at this pampered shallow girl in front of him the old man never felt more proud to have chosen to live a single life over starting a family, it’s better to not have children and grandchildren than having this little monster in front of him. Thinking that he had dodged a bullet there the old man sighed in relief.

Who is he? Sky Blossom Cities number one and only golden grade card creator, people wait in lines just to have a chance to meet him and yet here he is being looked down on by a teenage girl.

If not for his contract with Sky Blossom City Guild association and the fated ingredient for his first origin card being in the hands of Oldman Bright, he would not be so miserable today.

Swallowing his pride he said, “Corey, even though all these ingredients are E rank at best the process of creating the origin card is more difficult than you think. If not your grandpa would not have cared to call me instead he would have helped you create the origin card.”

“Enough, how many times do I have to repeat myself? Oldman either tell me how to create the card? or get out of here! I will not sully my precious grimoire with your dirty old man mental strength!”

“!” ‘Dirty Oldman mental strength, what does it even mean? No, how dare she call me dirty old man? I am handsome and thousands of young ladies still throw themselves at me!’ The more he thought, the more exasperated and angry he felt. People wait months just to have him help them in card creation and this little shit here is treating him like roadside trash…

Finally giving into rage and forgetting common reasoning he said “Fine, listen carefully… first cautiously refine your fated ingredient … transfer the soul pathway… take the origin core… morph the core into a card. This process is very tedious and your little mental strength is not enough to complete the card creation process, don’t blame me if you fail!”

“There is no way I will fail, if I do fail then there is something wrong with your card recipe, period! And now, get out! this princess has to create her first origin card.”

As the Oldman stomped out of the card lab, making sure that the card lab was locked, Corey placed all the ingredients on the card creation page and began the card creation process following the old man’s instructions.

The process was taxing and nearly exhausted all her mental strength but she still stubbornly held on and finally was successful in creating the card.

Card Creation Complete

[ Card Name: Relife

Card Type: Origin Card

Card Rank: Unique grade

Card Rating: nil

Card Durability: nil

Card Effect: Host gains the memories of past lives if any. ]

Seeing the description of her origin card Corey vomited blood and cursed the dirty old man furiously.

The shock from her card had completely washed away the dizziness and exhaustion in her.

In a way, her card was very powerful yet useless. To be able to get memories of past life is very powerful but what’s the use of it in this life, Corey was clueless so she decided to activate the card.

Activating the card, many memories poured into Corey’s mind as she fell unconscious in the card lab.

‘Mom, you’re so unladylike and look so old and tired all the time. No wonder dad left you, I don’t blame him.’

‘Mom, why should I study hard? Studying is for ugly people! Not me.’

‘Mom don’t worry I got it all figured out, Annie has 100,000 followers in insta and is making so much money. I am beautiful than her so I should be able to make more than her.’

‘Mom this is called TikTok it is currently trending, don’t worry I will soon gain 100,000 followers in Insta soon and move out.’

‘Mom I just need one break.. one good story and my followers will reach 100,000 in no time. You will see.’

‘Mom, I am sorry. I am sorry mom, please forgive me, I didn’t mean to reveal the info please forgive me. I just wanted to get some followers.’

‘Mom! Wake up! You can’t leave me alone. I am sorry, I am sorry. Mom! Wake up, please…. Mom! *sob*..*sob*..’

‘Mom don’t worry I will accompany you soon.’

After a while Corey gained consciousness, her face was drowned in tears, tears didn’t stop flowing from her eyes they just kept coming as if a dam broke inside her. holding her knees anguished Corey curled up on the couch while weeping desperately.

Turns out past life Corey was as bitchy as she is now. Past life Corey’s father had run away from his family and her mother raised her alone.

Being shallow and vain Corey always tried to take the shortcuts, if she didn’t find any shortcuts then she would just give up and the words hard work never crossed her head.

For someone like Corey, being an influencer on Instagram seemed like a dream job and most suitable career. But she never put the effort into it except for some questionable selfies. Which did not bring her enough followers.

Lately, this serial killer’s trial was gaining huge public attention, any exclusive on this would be a game-changer for someone like Corey.

Corey’s mother worked as a clerk in the DA’s office, Misusing her mother’s Id card, Corey stole the important info relating to the case. Which unfortunately turned to help the opposition prosecutor claim mistrial and leading to a serial killer walk free.

After the incident, Corey’s mother was fired, and mother and daughter were constantly shown in all media and social media outlets as culprits for letting a serial killer walk free.

This lead to a huge backlash from the netizens, being constantly harassed on social media and media Corey’s mother couldn’t take it any more and committed suicide. Being hit hard by her mother’s suicide months later Corey also committed suicide.


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