Card Apprentice Daily Log

Chapter 7: Card Recipe

Chapter 7: Card Recipe

Date 18 Mar 2321

Time 16:52

Location Sky Blossom City, Adventure Guild Association, Adventure Guild Mall

Card creation, theoretical young Wyatt could be considered a pro in this but practically he had zero experience as one had to be a Card apprentice to practically create a card.

Thanks to Papa and Mama Wyatt, Young Wyatt was familiar with the card creation process, he had seen them create hundreds of cards.

But still watching someone else eat will not solve your hunger, similarly watching card creation hundreds of times did not mean that Young Wyatt was good at card creation.

It meant that Young Wyatt had enough theoretical knowledge to start a card creation process on his own.

There were many beginner card recipes in young Wyatt’s memories, these were all basic card recipes meant for beginner card apprentice’s to practice card creation, so I did not have to worry about copyright issues over these card recipes.

One card recipe [superhuman] in particular caught my attention,

[Card Recipe Name: superhuman

Card Type: Skill Card (passive)

Card Rank: F rank, common grade

Card Ratings : [1-40]stars

Card Durability : [60-100]

Card effect: enhances users bodily functions to a superhuman level passively. Additional effect – superhuman stamina.

Card Ingredients :

Titan Vine fluids – F rank, Common grade

Titan vine essence – F rank, Common grade

Titan vine core – F rank, Common grade

Common Core – F rank, Common grade]

With this card, my body would work more efficiently and I would not have to worry about

Me getting tired. Deciding on this card recipe I said, “how much for a set of superhuman card recipe ingredients?”

“One set of Superhuman card recipe has 4 F rank ingredients,

Titan Vine fluids – 800$

Titan vine essence – 1200$

Titan vine core – 2,099$

Common Core – 100$

Total – 4,199$

How many sets do you require sir?”

My left eyelid twitches hearing the cost for one set of superhuman card recipe ingredients. For some reason all of a sudden my throat went dry and I started to feel thirsty. ‘Is this how being poor felt?’ I thought.

As if the saleslady could hear my inner thoughts she said, “sir if you are going to practice card creation then I would recommend you to our beginner’s card recipe catalog. It’s cheaper and more affordable.”

Hearing her last sentence my left eyelid twitches again, “that would be helpful”

Looking at the beginner’s card recipe catalogue shared by the saleslady I felt more thirsty, with money that I have on me I could barely buy one set of card recipes.

After browsing the beginner’s card recipe catalogue for while I finally found one card recipe within my budget,

[Card Recipe Name: Gale Rabbit leather boots

Card Type: Item Card

Card Rank: F rank, common grade

Card Ratings : [1-40]stars

Card Durability : [75-100]

Card effect : Sprint (active), Double jump(active)

Card Ingredients :

Gale Rabbit leather – F rank, Common grade

Gale Rabbit core – F rank, Common grade

Common Core – F rank, Common grade]

Sprint – increase agility for a minute. Cooldown time – 240 seconds

Double Jump – ability to jump a second time in the air. Cooldown time – 35 seconds

Gale Rabbit leather – 100$

Gale Rabbit core – 999$

Common Core – 100$

Total – 1,199$

Sprint and jump were reasonable ability, the card effect didn’t matter cause I was planning to sell whatever card I made back here in the mall.

And make profits with the difference in selling price and ingredients price. After all, a good quality Gale Rabbit Leather Boots could sell from anywhere around 4,100$ to 6,099$.

With the money on me, I can buy 3 sets of Gale Rabbit Leather Boots recipes. If I can successfully make one item card I would still manage to reap a minimum profit of 500$.with this in my mind,

“I would like 3 sets of Gale Rabbit Leather Boots card ingredients.”

“Sure sir, that would be 3,597$. Sir, I would like you to consider joining Adventure guild association membership with it, you will be entitled to a 5 % discount for your purchase at the guild association mall.”

“Okay, where do I sign?” Adventure guild association membership has no strings attached, it is a stunt to make sure that customers would do their next shopping at guild association mall for a 5 % discount.

After becoming a proud member of Adventure guild association mall, collecting 3 sets of ingredients and paying 3,417.15$, I prepared to leave but the saleslady stopped me,

“Sorry sir, I forgot to mention that every silver grimoire holding member can use guild association mall card lab 10hrs per month for free. Would you like to avail them now sir?”

I do need a quiet place to create cards and it would be hectic to come back again to sell the Item card, so why not try this fancy guild association mall card lab.

“Yes please, I would love to. Lead the way.”


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