Carefree Path of Dreams

Chapter 1096 - Start

Chapter 1096: Start

“We’re already enemies, so why wouldn’t I dare to steal your treasure? What you said is a joke, Tai Xuan!” Fang Yuan’s spiritual will transmitted. The entire Thirty-Three-Level Outer Heaven Tower rumbled.

He was determined to obtain this Nine Void Banner.

Otherwise, if a few Grand Unity Immortals were to barge in under its protection next time, he might really have problem resisting.

Moreover, this immortal artifact contained the complete Illusion Realm’s nomological laws and was just as precious as a primordial treasure. This was likely the only one in the entire Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect.

“The passage appeared!”


The two Primordial Godfiends saw the passage, and their eyes flashed red for a split second.

The pain of being imprisoned for millions of years, the suppression of their desire to destroy, and the extraction of their natural source was the cruelest torture to them.

They gazed at the passage opened by Immortal Tai Xuan and immediately used up everything they had. Their scarred hands pulled at the edges of the space, expanding the passage.

The formation of the space passage was entirely due to the Nine Void Banner.

Them doing this naturally put considerable pressure on this top-grade immortal artifact.

I better release these two Godfiends. I have no means to continue suppressing them, but they can cause immense destruction inside this tower! Fang Yuan decided in a split second.

An enormous passage formed in space with the channeling of power from both the Grand Unity Immortal and Fang Yuan.

Immortal Tai Xuan’s roar came from within it. “No!”

It was a huge burden on the Nine Void Banner for the two giant Godfiends to enter it.

Adding on to Fang Yuan’s continuous pull on it, finally…


The very moment the passage contracted, the battered Nine Void Banner broke at its waist!


Fang Yuan shut the passage entirely, leaving half of the Nine Void Banner within the Outer Heaven Tower.


A mere Nascent Soul cultivator could suppress any immortal artifact once it lost its master’s control, even if it was top grade and contained the Illusion Realm’s nomological laws. Fang Yuan simply used a tiny bit of power from the Outer Heaven Tower to completely suppress it.

“However, there were heavy losses this time. I might even get hurt if everything were to happen again…” Fang Yuan’s Torch Dragon clone rubbed his lower chin. “After all, those from cultivation Holy Lands aren’t idiots and will gain experience from this wave. Their loss this time was a result of them not knowing the strength of the Outer Heaven Tower, but the next time will be extremely difficult…”

He decided that he would have to abandon the tower if another siege were to happen.

Putting his clone in danger for the sake of a primordial treasure was not worth the risk.

“If my hunch serves me right, those two Primordial Godfiends will cause a stir in the world… If this doesn’t occur, I’ll retreat immediately! My main body might seem stable in the Great Sage Immortal World, but it’s in a Holy Land after all. I would immediately become passive if something were to happen. With another life safe outside, I’ll have more freedom to act!”

He sat cross-legged and opened a light screen to the outside world.

Above the reeds.

The void broke open, and Tai Xuan’s sorry figure appeared.

“Nine Void Banner?” He was expressionless as he gazed at the empty pole in his hand, obviously having calmed down entirely. “Situ Zhaixing, good! Very good! You have become an eternal enemy of my Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect! We’ll hunt you down to the ends of the world!”

“Elder Tai Xuan?” Seeing this scene, the other Immortals had a bad premonition. “Where are the other Immortals?”

“Start the Twelve Heavenly Scorching Array! You six, follow me quickly!”

Elder Tai Xuan put away the banner and left with the six Immortals of Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect, without looking back. “Spread the word. The demon disaster this time has erupted early because of Situ Zhaixing!”

“How is it possible for a Demonic Tribulation to happen ahead of time?”

The remaining Immortals stared with incredulous looks.

But the next moment, two terrifying Godfiends appeared in the sky.

“Finally… out!”

“I’m… back!”

The power of ice and fire spread, and the Immortals who could not escape fast enough turned into statues of the elements.

These two Primordial Godfiends roared toward the sky. The fury in their spiritual will traveled far and wide.

“Primordial Godfiends!” The Immortals of the Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect quivered. “They appeared before the Demonic Tribulation arrived. It’s very likely for them to resonate with the otherworldly demons, bringing the disaster ahead of time!”

“The loss of Hui Ye and the others was my fault. After returning, I will apologize to the elders!” Immortal Tai Xuan said lightly. “It’s imperative to notify the sect master immediately!”

“Understood!” The rest of the Immortals bowed while thinking to themselves secretly.

Seems like Situ Zhaixing caused the patriarch to suffer quite a big loss!

In fact, the Twelve Heavenly Scorching Array also has the ability to restrict space. If we had cooperated fully with Martial Uncle resisting in the middle, it might not have been impossible for us to defeat those two Primordial Godfiends. At the very least, we would have formed a stalemate! But there are too many variables, especially in front of the Outer Heaven Tower. If we were to expose any weaknesses and that Situ Zhaixing came to find trouble with us, we would have been in danger of being completely annihilated!

I’d rather betray the world than to have the world betray me! Even if the demon disaster is ahead of time, it doesn’t mean that our Holy Land can’t cope with it!

The Holy Lands had seen countless demon disasters throughout history.

To them, an ordinary demon disaster was not scary in the least. Even if Primordial Godfiends besieged them, they could defend themselves within their sect.

As long as Chaos Godfiends were not born, they could enjoy eternal peace!

“They really left!” Half a day later, Fang Yuan appeared.

The two Primordial Godfiends had left quickly after having their fill of all the Immortals. He did not know where they went, but the Sixteen Countries were going to suffer from bad luck.

What astonished him the most was Immortal Tai Xuan’s decision.

He had left decisively without even trying.

“If you had really wanted to eliminate those two evil creatures, why would I deliberately obstruct you …” Fang Yuan hovered in the void and sighed. “You are half responsible for the early demon disaster.”

He gazed at the sky.

A strange layer of dark red rose like flames, slowly covering the entire sky like a heavenly canopy.

“Resistance from the world?”

The next moment, the world dimmed, and numerous stars appeared!

The numerous stars rained down like meteors, smashing onto the dark red heavenly canopy.

A large number of otherworldly demons were burnt into ashes by the flames before they could enter this world.

But a few lucky ones escaped that fate. They turned into meteors and landed all over the world.

Some otherworldly demons started killing indiscriminately, while the others hid.

Those that could restrain their desires to destroy were among the best of the otherworldly demons and had the potential to become Primordial Godfiends in the future.

“Resonance of Demonic Qi? So the escape of those two Primordial Godfiends was equivalent to sending a signal to the otherworldly demons in the chaos?” Fang Yuan rubbed his chin. “Did the demon disaster start early because of this? This isn’t good news for the Sixteen Countries or even the Hundred Thousand Mountains!”

The Immortals of the Sixteen Countries had experienced several calamities and were nearly completely annihilated.

He had no doubt that if the barbarians of the Hundred Thousand Mountains wanted to occupy most of the Sixteen Countries now, they could do so without much effort.

Of course, any expansion at this time meant spreading their forces, which was not much different from courting death.

Hundred Thousand Mountains, Barbarians.

“Blood staining the sky; stars visible in the day. The sign of a Demonic Tribulation?” At the peak of the Holy Mountain, Immortal Brutal Child looked up at the sky. “Shouldn’t it be in another ten years?”

Five figures walked out from behind him. They were Brutal Emperor, Brutal Extinction, Rising Sun, Dark Essence, and Mo He!

During this time, Mo He had successfully transcended the lightning tribulation and joined the ranks of the barbarian Immortals!

Roar Roar!

A fierce roar came from beneath the Holy Mountain. Black Qi was trying to burst out, responding to the situation of the outside world.

“This demon always tries to escape during the Demonic Tribulations. Suppress it together!” Immortal Brutal Child had a cold expression.

The six Immortals working together with Pantheon’s restriction easily suppressed the demon.

“The subtle release of this demon’s might is also beneficial. At the very least, few otherworldly demons dare to come close to our Hundred Thousand Mountains!”

Mo He had just joined their ranks and received advice from his predecessors. “This is also the foundation of our Hundred Thousand Mountains…. Of course, this can only deter some Immortal-level otherworldly demons. It’ll have no effect against Primordial Godfiends. Nonetheless, the Hundred Thousand Mountains is remote, and there have never been any Primordial Godfiends during the past Demonic Tribulations…”

“However, we’ve already sworn to join the Combat Heavenly Palace and stand together with the Sixteen Countries for this demon disaster!” Immortal Brutal Emperor had a difficult look on his face. “Many preparations have yet to be completed since it happened so early!”

“Never mind!” Immortal Brutal Child took out a jade talisman, which was an immortal token from the Combat Heavenly Palace for facilitating communications. “Are the Fellow Daoists of the Combat Heavenly there? We have to discuss our plans since the demon disaster has arrived!”

This message seemed to sink into the depths of the ocean. After quite some time, a hoarse voice replied, “Is this Immortal Brutal Child of the Hundred Thousand Mountains?”

“Whom might you be?” The barbarian Immortals were surprised.

“I’m Lie Huo, an itinerant Immortal of Qingfeng City… The Combat Heavenly Palace no longer exists!” Venerable Lie Huo’s helpless voice came from the jade talisman. “After experiencing many calamities, the Immortals of the Sixteen Countries suffered heavy casualties and are in complete disorder… At this time, I want to form an alliance with the Hundred Thousand Mountains to protect ourselves!”

“Wait!” Immortal Brutal Child and the other Immortals exchanged baffled looks. Only a few sects had easily overpowered and suppressed the Hundred Thousand Mountains, but that extremely powerful Sixteen Countries had fallen to this point?

“What happened?” Immortal Brutal Child asked immediately.

“It’s because of a crazy cultivator named Situ Zhaixing. He seems to have barbarian origins…” Venerable Lie Huo replied weakly.

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