Carefree Path of Dreams

Chapter 1101 - Attack and Defense

Chapter 1101: Attack and Defense

“The previous demon disasters mostly lasted a hundred years?” Fang Yuan’s Torch Dragon clone mumbled to himself in the Thirty-Three-Level Outer Heaven Tower.

This was one of the advantages of being a clone. As long as he was still within the bounds of this world, the main body and the clone were like the same being. There was almost no delay in relaying information, and if one of them had a breakthrough in nomological laws, both parties would break through.

The clone naturally knew the contents of the discussion between Tie Xinku, Huang Yue, and his main body.

“Unfortunately… even if I’ve reached the realm, I still require resources to break through!”

The Torch Dragon clone held a whole Golden Flame Flowing Wind Flower in his hand and swallowed it in one mouthful. He then started circulating the Nine Transference Undying Method.

A series of crackling sounds came from his body, and he broke through to the third transference in the blink of an eye. His body was now comparable to a low-grade immortal artifact.

“Previously, even I would have exploded and died if I did things forcibly like this… But since my main body has broken through already, this isn’t a big deal.”

The Torch Dragon clone sighed with emotion. “With the toughness of my body, I’ll last longer than one move against a Grand Unity Immortal. It’s slightly safer now!”

Even a full-force attack by a Grand Unity Immortal might not destroy an immortal artifact. Furthermore, except for Immortal Tai Xuan, no one would bother to deal with a trivial Nascent Soul cultivator so seriously.

Therefore, as long as he had the slightest opening, the Torch Dragon clone would be able to execute teleportation or his escape technique, dramatically increasing his ability to preserve his life.

With this assurance, he finally left the Outer Heaven Tower and went to the outside world.

The reeds swayed, and the waters were rippling softly, just as they had done so before. However, the nearby fishing village was already in ruins.

“Otherworldly demons disdain these kinds of poor places. But their slaughters in large cities give rise to soldiers and bandits, so the average citizen would have to suffer twice. Or perhaps they’ve evacuated somewhere?”

Fang Yuan contemplated for a while before spreading his spiritual will and continuously teleporting.

The Sixteen Countries were in a miserable state. The three big cities that he had passed by were utterly devoid of life, and entire cities were in ruins. This was absolutely the work of otherworldly demons.

“Although things are this bad, this should have been caused by ordinary otherworldly demons, which is somewhat beyond my expectations! What about the two Primordial Godfiends? Did they ignore this place and go to the Great Sage Immortal World? Or perhaps… the Hundred Thousand Mountains?”

Fang Yuan was feeling slightly puzzled as he started moving forward again.

This barren scenery finally took a turn for the better when he arrived at Qingfeng City.

From afar, he could see a huge mist array rising to the sky. It was a few times bigger than Qingfeng City, and a large refugee camp had formed outside the tall city walls. Everyone in the camp was mortal.

Obviously, they knew that only Immortals would be able to protect them.

“Demon disasters last a hundred years. It’s an absolute catastrophe for mortals. A few generations of people will have to live under hardship and suffering, and even cultivators are unable to escape…” Fang Yuan sighed upon seeing this scene. “The strength of Qingfeng City has increased dramatically. There are actually three Immortals guarding here!”

With Immortals standing guard and the array, single otherworldly demons would naturally not pose a threat.

In addition, after a sweep with his spiritual will, Fang Yuan found a few familiar faces, and his lips curled up slightly.

Although this array could block otherworldly demons, it naturally could do nothing to stop him. With a thought, he teleported to the center of Qingfeng City and laughed out loud. “It is a joyous occasion to meet familiar faces and yet another to have you two advance to Immortal. It is a double joyous occasion!”

The two Immortals drinking tea both jumped.

One of them was Venerable Lie Huo, and the other was Saber King Mo He. They both looked like they had just experienced a huge fright.

“Situ Zhaixing!”

Venerable Lie Huo, or rather, Immortal Lie Huo groaned bitterly in his mind, wondering why this source of calamity had come.

On the other hand, Mo He was shocked and then relieved. “So it’s really you after all!”

Fang Yuan explained the reason why he had changed his name with a voice transmission and then asked calmly, “Have the barbarians begun communicating with the outside world?”

“Don’t forget. We signed a contract and made life oaths!” Mo He smiled wryly. “The main body of the contract was with the Immortals of Sixteen Countries. Even if the Combat Heavenly Palace no longer exists and the majority of the Immortals are either dead or injured, as long as the cultivation world of the Sixteen Countries still exists, we must fulfill our promise!”

The barbarians had a natural inclination toward taking oaths seriously. It was not purely because of the restrictions that would cause the punishment of the Heavenly Dao for breaking the oath.

“I have the least experience, and Immortal Lie Huo happened to be calling for help, so I went out on a journey…” Mo He seemed like he was talking about something trivial.

In fact, even Immortals were not completely safe in this demon disaster.

“I see. That’s good luck!” Fang Yuan smiled but did not comment. He was disinclined to care about the power struggles among the higher echelons of the barbarians. However, he did know one thing: although the Hundred Thousand Mountain would not be disturbed by ordinary otherworldly demons, the demon head would not be able to stop Primordial Godfiends!

Perhaps the Ice and Fire Godfiends had disappeared to infiltrate the barbarian wastelands and wait for an opportunity to destroy the Holy Mountain!

The fact that Saber King Mo He could escape from there meant that his destined fate was not yet over, and he still had a chance of surviving.

“Good luck… You mean…” Mo He was not stupid. His expression immediately changed after hearing Fang Yuan’s comment.

“Haha… Since Brother Situ is here, I will do my best as host!” Immortal Lie Huo knew his place and made space for the two as he left to prepare a feast.

However, his eyes were gleaming. Looks like there’s no doubt that Situ Zhaixing came from the barbarian’s Hundred Thousand Mountains…

“Don’t leave so fast, Immortal Lie Huo. Did you guys arrange this array in Qingfeng City?” Fang Yuan looked at Immortal Lie Huo with a faint smile.

“It’s just a small trick. It can only detect otherworldly demons and slightly hinder their advance… But with the help of this array and the other Immortals, we’ve repelled the otherworldly demons twice,” Immortal Lie Huo said modestly.

“It would have been enough for those small-scale demon disasters in the past, but the one this time is a large-scale demon disaster. Its destructive power is a serious matter… Most important is the density of the otherworldly demons…” Fang Yuan shook his head.

“You mean…” Immortal Lie Huo shivered.

“If my senses are right, there’s already a group of seven otherworldly demons headed this way. Prepare for battle!” Fang Yuan said directly without leaving them hanging.

“Seven otherworldly demons that rival Immortals? How is this possible?” As expected, Immortal Lie Huo’s eyes bulged upon hearing this. “In the past, usually only during the late stages of demon disasters would there be a Demonic Tribulation of this degree!”

“Why else would they be called large-scale demon disasters?” Fang Yuan shook his head, not optimistic about whether Qingfeng City could survive this demon disaster.

“I will immediately make preparations!” Venerable Lie Huo walked away hurriedly, his expression sinking.

Fang Yuan certainly would not lie to him about such matters. Moments later, seven immense dark clouds floated above Qingfeng City. Demonic shadows were everywhere.

“Big Brother!” Qian Xingzi, the Miscellaneous House Master, and others at Nascent Soul arrived atop the city wall and stood side by side with Immortal Lie Huo, all very worried. “We only have three Immortals. With the help of the array, we can block five otherworldly demons at best… Why is this happening?”

“Situ Zhaixing just came earlier and informed me that this is a large-scale demon disaster that hasn’t occurred in a hundred thousand years!” Immortal Lie Huo’s tone was full of fear. “I originally thought that with the help of Immortal Qing Shan and a barbarian Immortal, we could make it well into the late stages of the demon disaster. Now, it seems that that was just wishful thinking. If this disaster passes, we should split up, and perhaps we might be able to preserve some vitality!”

In situations where the number of otherworldly demons was overwhelming, a big city like Qingfeng City was undoubtedly a large target. Immortal Lie Huo’s decision was a wise one.

“Hang on, that’s…”

As the otherworldly demons were closing in, a large number of light streams appeared on the horizon. It was a group of disheveled Immortals running for their lives.

“Fellow Daoists of Qingfeng City, the Kun Yun Sect and the nearby immortal sects have been annihilated. Please save us!” The Nascent Soul cultivation leading the group called out for help through his spiritual will.

“Damn it!” Madam Hua Rui’s face turned red. “They were the ones who led the otherworldly demons here. What a clever tactic of luring trouble to another’s place. Aren’t they scared of losing their lives?”

“They must first survive before considering the issue of Qingfeng City’s revenge!” Immortal Lie Huo shook his head. “The otherworldly demons were quite intelligent this time. They were actually able to suppress their desires to destroy and had these people lead the way for them.”

Everyone trembled after hearing this.

Otherworldly demons that could suppress their desires to destroy had extraordinary potential, and they might even advance to become Primordial Godfiends in the future!

All of this combined to form a heavy pressure.

Fortunately, Situ Zhaixing is here. Otherwise, I would have really had to abandon the city… Immortal Lie Huo glanced at Fang Yuan surreptitiously and felt slightly calmer. “Second Brother, Third brother, you two preside over the array. Immortal Qing Shan, please join me in fighting the enemy!”

“I will only hold back one otherworldly demon. If things take a turn for the worse, I will make retreat my priority, as agreed upon earlier,” the female cultivator, Immortal Qing Shan, said coldly.

“Of course!” Immortal Lie Huo was not offended at all, but instead actually grateful. If it had been someone more unfeeling, they would have run away already.


The moment that group entered the array, the otherworldly demons started their attack.

Pillars of black light that carried the nomological power of destruction fell upon the mist array.

Buzz buzz!

The array rumbled and churned. There seemed to be seven vortexes that appeared and devoured the white mist.

Roar Roar!

Suddenly, three otherworldly demons could no longer hold themselves back and jumped into the array.

“It’s our turn now!”

Immortal Lie Huo took a deep breath and looked at Immortal Qing Shan by his side.

“You two, would you mind letting me handle these seven otherworldly demons?!”

At this moment, a light flashed on the city walls, and the figures of Fang Yuan and Mo He appeared.

“Situ Zhaixing!!!”

Immortal Qing Shan, Qian Xingzi, and the others all looked at Fang Yuan horrified, as though they had seen a ghost.

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