Carefree Path of Dreams

Chapter 1166 - Explore

Chapter 1166: Explore

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“Unexpectedly, after a single session of meditation, the entire world has changed!”

After Fang Yuan expelled the research fleet, his spiritual will spread far and wide, instantly covering the entire planet.

At the same time, he contacted the Creator and caught up with the events in his absence.

Planet Stael had already undergone the energy revolution. The Dream World technology developed from the Uyguklais’ had replaced the original computers and became the main force of the third industrial revolution.

On the Yellow Continent and Black Continent, due to the improvement in living conditions, many major cities had risen, and they had already entered the stage of population explosion. Recently, they were re-migrating back to the White Continent.

Due to the existence of the Creator Space, experts on Planet Stael emerged one after another. The number of Demon Gods had reached into the hundreds, and there were thirty-three Netherheavens, enough to rule several galaxies.

“Of course, this is the limit of progress! If this continues, I’ll have trouble controlling them with the reputation that I forged five centuries ago…”

After all, this was a universe full of Outer Gods. For instance, Fang Yuan was uncertain that he would succeed if he were to face the true body of the Obscure Gate.

Fortunately, although the Outer Gods were largely chaotic, they knew how to avoid trouble. Even the Lord of Black Mist seldom caused trouble for Fang Yuan.

In contrast, there was a constant flow of conflicts between the followers. However, even if there were not any, the Creator would create conflicts. Otherwise, he would not have any missions for the chosen ones, and they might have internal discord.

“A few hundred Demon Gods is probably enough!”

Fang Yuan stood up. The Creator appeared and flung his arms out.

A large amount of precious materials appeared, and some were even processed, as evidenced by their mysterious luster.

“The Dao of the Great Cosmological Abyss…”

Fang Yuan’s fingers danced, as though he were performing a beautiful musical piece.

In front of him, tons of Black Hole Stone melted and formed a basic cube shape.

Immediately afterward, intricate runes were carved onto its surface before they vanished in an instant.

“Using Dao Ancestor power to inscribe a talisman!”

Finally, a simple ark appeared before Fang Yuan. “It’s done! The first ark! It can only carry passengers above Demon God, but it will be able to traverse the Great Cosmological Abyss and break into universes.”

This was one of his main tasks during the past five hundred years.

Regretfully, the other main task, the deduction of the realm beyond Dao Ancestor, had almost no leads at all.

The Great Cosmological Abyss was nothingness, without even the concept of time and space, nor even any energy fluctuations.

Under such circumstances, how could it be easy to come in contact with the power of the Great Cosmological Abyss?

In fact, the so-called ‘power of the Great Cosmological Abyss’ was merely a type of energy defined by Fang Yuan, and its intrinsic quality might actually be ‘nothing’!

“The nothingness of the Great Cosmological Abyss will transform into something! Creating something out of nothing! Perhaps this is the key to the realm beyond Dao Ancestor! It is my only bit of insight from the past five hundred years.”

Fang Yuan pondered while his hands kept busy, creating one black ark spaceship after another.

This kind of ark was completely incomparable to the one that he saw before. After all, the other carried the hope of an entire race, while his were more like solo exploration ships.

At the same time, within the Creator Space.

A Netherheaven Demon God was scrutinizing the mission window in front of him:

“Main Mission: Exploration!

Mission Explanation: There are all kinds of universes in the unknown Great Cosmological Abyss. Leave this universe, head for the Huaxia Universe, and explore it. Mission rewards based on the degree of exploration!

Penalty for failure: Death!”

“Interesting… It only says that rewards are based on the degree of exploration, but no mention at all of how much is required to pass the mission. Is it an exploration degree of fifty percent? Or maybe five percent?” A chosen one with a scar between his eyebrows grinned.

If his subordinates outside were to see this expression from him, they would definitely be terrified.

Beast King Bachev!

Within the Creator Space, he was synonymous with gore and slaughter, and he was also among the first batch to ascend to Netherheaven.

“With my current strength, I would even dare to fight against the progeny of the Outer Gods… However, I still can’t escape the Creator’s control. And what is the true purpose of this strange exploration mission?”

Beast King Bachev stroked his chin.

The chosen ones were not fools. They had long communicated with each other and speculated on the purpose of the Creator Space.

At this time, they at least knew that it was an existence at the Outer God level, and it was not joking when it said that the penalty for failure was death.

Before becoming Outer Gods themselves, they had no chance of escaping from the Creator’s control.

“Unfortunately… there are so many Outer God progeny, yet how many have become Outer Gods?”

Bachev knew that despite there being merely one step between Netherheaven Demon God and Dao Ancestor, the difference between them was astronomical.

The elite chosen ones seemed to be worshiped by countless people and enjoyed many privileges, but in truth, they were nothing more than dogs raised by the Creator!

For example, he was now ordered to carry out the exploration mission, and he would die if he refused. How outrageous was this? But there was nothing he could do.

After all, from the moment that they chose to walk the path of an Extraordinary, the chosen ones were under the control of the Creator, and controlling them was far easier than controlling other Netherheaven Demon Gods.

Now, the Creator had finally revealed his hidden hand!

“The Great Cosmological Abyss outside the universe?” Bachev looked at the explanation, and his eyes flashed with flames of madness. “Good! Very good! Perhaps my hopes of breaking through to Outer God and freeing myself from Creator’s control rests with this! Let’s go!”

After stepping inside the mission light beam, the surroundings changed immediately!

He found that he seemed to be inside a spaceship. Pitch-black stone walls surrounded him on all sides, and only a window made of a crystalline-like glass allowed him to see outside.

As a Netherheaven Demon God, a slight thought was all he needed to refine this ship and gain control of most of the ship.

“The destination has been locked, and it’s headed for the Huaxia Universe. However, there are dangers in the Great Cosmological Abyss? What kind…”

Bachev’s spiritual will reached out into the Great Cosmological Abyss.

Immediately, he groaned, his face turned pale, and his pupils were full of terror. “What happened? My spiritual will was extinguished once it left the ship. And that last sensation… There’s no concept of time and space. If I were in such an environment, I don’t think I could last very long. So is this the biggest protection that this ship gives me?”

Admittedly, the operation and efficiency of these primitive model arks were rather poor.

The only benefit was protecting the passengers in the Great Cosmological Abyss.

Naturally, this protection had a prerequisite. The protected must have strength above Demon God. Otherwise, they would still be affected and die.

After all, the Great Cosmological Abyss was not a place that could sustain life and was a forbidden zone for life.

Bachev tried a few times and finally understood his predicament. “Why do I look like a prisoner exiled to sea on a boat by myself?”

In fact, his predicament was more or less exactly this.

“Nevermind… Who knows how long this will take. I’ll cultivate first…”

He entered a state of cultivation, and the surroundings immediately fell silent.


After some time, a loud noise came.

Bachev was startled and opened his eyes. “Have I reached the Huaxia Universe?”

The next moment, he saw through the crystal glass a torrent of red, black, and green.

This was the last sight he saw.


The image ended here and sank into darkness.

“Bachev is dead? He’s a Netherheaven Demon God and had the protection of the ark, but he didn’t even last three seconds!” Watching the live stream, Fang Yuan pursed his lips in dissatisfaction. “The Great Cosmological Abyss isn’t devoid of danger… Did he come across a lone Dao Ancestor just now? Seems like I’ll have to give them a chance to struggle a bit…”

Afterward, he started a great deal of experimentation and improvements.

This time, he was slightly more frugal. Rather than using Netherheaven Demon Gods, he used ordinary Demon Gods. He put them into the arks and sent them to explore the Great Cosmological Abyss.

In the end, all of them died. The luckiest one had managed to survive for a few centuries before being caught by a vortex and subsequently dying.

“Hmm… looks like I should give the Demon Gods agency and allow them to control the arks. Of course, the destination will still be the Huaxia Universe, but they’ll have the power to control the spaceships agilely to obtain the greatest chance of survival…”

Fang Yuan made another ark. “This is the improved type 2 model. Let’s grab another Demon God to test it…”

Time passed in the blink of an eye, and an atmosphere of panic was spreading among the chosen ones of Planet Stael.

Due to the number of truly powerful elites dwindling continuously, the legend of the ‘Death Mission’ caused a loud commotion, making all the chosen ones apprehensive.

In fact, their guesses were not far from the truth.

“Experiment number 256. I’m quite confident this time. I’ll send twenty test subjects, including two Netherheaven Demon Gods!”

Fang Yuan was expressionless as he started throwing the ships into the Great Cosmological Abyss via the Creator.

“Here it comes… the legendary Death Mission!”

Clement’s lips tightened as he looked at the many control panels in front of him and the Great Cosmological Abyss outside.

Fang Yuan had overhauled the interior of the ship, and some functions to control the ship had appeared. These had come at the cost of the lives of the pathfinders before…

“The exploration mission… is actually so far away from our original universe…”

Clement looked at the scenery outside the window and felt overwhelmed with emotions. “This is… grand! Now I’ll learn how to control this ship. It’s the only thing I can rely on to survive in the Great Cosmological Abyss.”

Fang Yuan stared expressionlessly at the feedback from the Creator.

A century later, all twenty small arks were safe.

Two centuries… three… a millennium…

Finally, three arks went silent in an incident.

After that, seven arks were lost in the twenty-seven-hundredth year.

By the fourth millennium, only three arks had survived.

And the Huaxia Universe was finally within sight!

“Almost there!”

Clement tensed up as he gazed at the edge of the universe that suddenly appeared in the Great Cosmological Abyss, and he almost shed tears.

Although he was one of the elites of Planet Stael, being in the Great Cosmological Abyss was like being imprisoned for a few millennia, and he found it hard to control his excitement.

“I can surely make it. I will survive!”

He prayed silently as he controlled the ark to smash into the universe membrane.

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