Carefree Path of Dreams

Chapter 21: Assassination

Chapter 21: Assassination

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"The Zhou Family will obey the instructions of the young master!"

Zhou Wen Wu readily promised after hearing the Fang Yuan gave his words.

"My method of treating the illness is more peculiar. When I am treating the illness, no one is to watch it. Furthermore, it will take quite a while and cannot be interrupted. If not, Old Zhou's life would be in danger!"

Fang Yuan said in a serious tone.

"Why is that so... Can no one watch the procedure? Not even me? "

Fang Yuan furrowed his eyebrows.

"No! I have already prepared a room to treat Old Zhou. The rest of you can wait outside!"

Fang Yuan grimaced.

Zhou Wen Wu flushed as he realized that his opponent knew what he had in mind.

They were afraid of the possibility that Fang Yuan would not keep his word and would disappear without a trace.

"All of you will wait outside the room. If you dare destroy the grass and the trees in my valley..."

Fang Yuan's words were laced with menace.

"I would not let off anyone who would destroy your house and foliage!"

Zhou Wen Wu exclaimed while thumping his chest.

"That's good. Now come in!"

Fang Yuan brought everyone to a stone room within the valley.

The stone room was carved out from a large boulder, with not a single window. Even the door was made from a rock around the size of a millstone.

Fang Yuan did not understand the reason when he saw his master building the stone room. Now, he knew that Master Wen Xin made use of the room to cultivate his inner power.

The cultivation of inner power was not as simple as the cultivation of outer power. It was critical that the person was not disturbed by the outer world during the cultivation of inner power.

The room was built in accordance with Master Wen Xin's plan. Only the person inside could open the door once it was sealed. If anyone on the outside wanted to enter, they would have to expend a great amount of energy to open the door.

"Your father will recover within a maximum of 3 days!"

Before the stone door close, Fang Yuan gave his words to the Zhou siblings before looking at Lin Yuan Wai.

"Virtuous nephew, rest assured that the servants will make their way out of the valley. Only the three of us will remain here!"

Lin Yuan Wai gave his words even though he disagreed with Fang Yuan's view.

"Very well!"

With a resounding crash, the stone door sealed shut.

"I am really not sure if you are lucky or unlucky!"

Fang Yuan lit the oil lamp in the dark. He looked at the half-dead Old Zhou, who was carried into the room and grimaced.

The Drunk Lover Poison was extremely potent. Few antidotes would be able to cure it except for one.

Fang Yuan once heard Master Wen Xin lamented that he would be able to save the person affected by Drunk Lover Poison if he had possessed Yama's Order.

The Poisonous Dragon Grass was extremely rare and difficult to find. However, Fang Yuan happened to have the antidote with him. It was obvious that he possessed more luck than Master Wen Xin.

'Who was the one that administered this poison? At this point in time, I do not have the energy or time to care...'

Fang Yuan took out a pill that was as dark as ink and fed it to Old Zhou.

"Pant pant..."

After taking the pill, Old Zhou, who was previously grasping for air and appearing to be on the brink of death, started to breathe normally and entered a deep sleep.

It would take more than a day to expel the poison from his body.

'Now, all we can do is to wait... Given the power of Yama's Order, it would be sufficient to put him to sleep for 3 full days.'

Fang Yuan exclaimed before making his way to a corner within the stone room. He dug out a layer of ground before finding a rope. He gave the rope a firm tug.


A slab of stone was lifted from the ground, revealing an entrance of a tunnel.

"Ah Master, your design sure is handy!"

Fang Yuan muttered and entered the tunnel. Not long after, he exited from the back of the valley.

Master Wen Xin had created many secret tunnels with the intention of using those tunnels to escape. One of those tunnels happened to be in the stone room where he trained!

Master Wen Xin was considered lucky as he managed to live to a ripe old age before passing away. Now, Fang Yuan was able to benefit from the hard work of Master Wen Xin as he made use of the tunnel to escape.

"Phew phew!"

Fang Yuan looked into the valley and whistled.


In that instance, a white streak appeared before him. It was the Flower Fox Ferret.

"Listen up, Flower Fox Ferret, go and guard the spiritual tea. If you are discovered, kill the person regardless of who he is..."

The Vermillion Jade Rice had been properly stowed away. Fang Yuan's only concern was his Questioning Heart Tea Tree.


He gently caressed the Flower Fox Ferret's fur, his face grim: "If you are no match for the enemy, destroy the spiritual plant and save yourself!"

That was the worst case scenario.

The garden was very well-concealed. The Zhou Siblings were concerned with the life of their father and the possibility of a betrayal was very small.

However, it was best to be prepared in any circumstances.

After giving the instructions to the Flower Fox Ferret, Fang Yuan took a deep breath and started running.

He painstakingly arranged all these to create evidence that he was not around in order to commit a murder!

'Song Zhigao!'

Fang Yuan moved so quickly in the tall mountains and old trees that he appeared to be a shadow. He gave off a deadly aura.

Since ancient times, a dog that bites would not bark. Fang Yuan had never met Song Zhigao. However, he had already formed an impression of him. After all, having an impression was the foundation of his pursuit!

Fang Yuan's benefits were threatened and he has had enough!

However, Song Zhigao was a member of the Spirit Returning Sect. In order to kill him, Fang Yuan must not be cast as a suspect. If not, his position in Qinghe County would be threatened.

As such, while Fang Yuan knew that it was a trap, he decided to play along and use the saving of Old Zhou to create a perfect alibi to prove that he was not present at the scene. By doing so, he would be able to target Song Zhigao without a problem!


Qingye City.

Fang Yuan wore a bamboo hat pulled low which left his face in the shade. He was here to kill someone and as such, should not be out in the open and expose his face or leave behind traces of evidence.

'Old Tian is just as vile, using his power to oppress and help out the villain...'

Fang Yuan arrived in front of the medicine hall while pondering over the matter.

Indistinct wailing could be heard from the backyard of the medicine hall. The wailing sent a shiver down Fang Yuan's spine. He was certain that something was wrong.

"What happened here?"

Fang Yuan asked a random passerby which he pulled from the street.

The passerby struggled for a while before realizing that his opponent's grasp was firm like steel. His face turned pale: "The shopkeeper, Old Tian, passed away due to an illness yesterday..."

'That was fast!'

Fang Yuan was speechless after hearing the news. He let go of the passerby who hurriedly scampered away.

If Old Tian was alive, he would have to be punished regardless if he was forced or not to carry out the task.

However, it appeared that Song Zhigao was faster and more vicious.

He had murdered Old Tian after making use of him to remove an incriminating piece of clue.

After all, Old Zhou was a deacon of the Spirit Returning Sect. Old Tian harmed a member of the sect. Once discovered, not even Elder Song would be able to save him.

As such it was necessary for Old Tian to die, the faster the better.

Fang Yuan was silent. In his mind, he saw the shrewd face of Old Tian.

'Old Tian was too smart for his own good. I wonder if he had any regrets before he passed away, whether he had walked away when he was forced to do so...'

Fang Yuan let out a sigh. He turned and walked away into a street without entering the medicine hall.


Song Manor.

'By this time, the Zhou Family should have already reached the valley, am I right?'

Song Zhigao smiled. He occasionally took a sip of the clear tea while he pondered.

'Old Tian is dead, now no one would know the deal that I had with him!'

'Even if he did not die, he would be severely punished!'

Song Zhigao looked around his manor, his grin widened unconsciously.

He was extremely proud of his plan which managed to kill two birds with one stone. He was sure that the magnate would be pleased as well!

Once he gained the favour of the magnate, his success would be imminent.

"Spread the word to serve the magnate wholeheartedly. If he is neglected, all of you shall pay dearly!"

Song Zhigao ordered his servant with a strict expression.

"Don't worry, Master!"

The servant, who had been with him for many years, smiled: "We will make sure that everything is taken care of!"

"That is good! That is good!"

Just then, Song Zhigao felt a sudden and intense palpitation. He felt nervous as if a great danger was approaching.

"Strange...why would I suddenly suffer from palpitations?"

He was uneasy and paced around the garden. He thought, 'Could it be because of Old Tian? I have silenced all those involved. For the Zhou family side, given their strong headed temper, would they spare the charlatan if anything were to happen to Old Zhou?'

"Why do I still feel so uneasy?"

As Song Zhigao was muttering to himself, a shadow sprang from the garden and pounced on him like a cheetah.

"Who is that?"

Song Zhigao stumbled backwards and let out a shriek. He used the Five Elements Palm of the Spirit Returning Sect continuously to protect himself fully.

He was a martial artist who had surpassed the 3rd Gate and could be considered to be proficient in it.


Song Zhigao thought to himself, 'If I am able to survive for a short while, I would be safe!'

However, the man in the bamboo hat did not give him time to react. The man's arms reached out, instantly turning black as steel. With a great force, he struck the arms of Song Zhigao!

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