Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 1606 - Zhang Tie's Arrangement

Chapter 1606: Zhang Tie’s Arrangement

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Zhang Tie returned home at night and had supper with his wives.

Although Zhang Tie looked as normal as before and even told a joke at the table, causing his kids to chuckle around him constantly, his wives didn’t look happy at all; instead, they all looked a bit worried about him.

Apparently, his wives had already known that the top three sects sent black invitation cards to Zhang Tie. Additionally, they knew what did black invitation card mean.

Now that Feng Yexiao and the other two shadow knights did it in front of over 10,000 disciples of Iron-Dragon Sect, this event couldn’t be confidential anymore. In fact, when Zhang Tie left Xuantian Peak, a piece called Black Invitation Cards from Top Three Sects in Taixia Country Appeared in Iron-Dragon Sect at the same time had been popular in the forum Mountain of Brightness. Tens of thousands of people had already viewed it. After that, Zhang Tie’s remote-sensing devices started to rock, which he used to contact Guang Clan, Jiang Clan, royal prince, military commander Cheng, military god, Yun Zhongzi, Heavens Fortune Sect, Demons-kill Valley and his elder brother, and so on…

In the case of Zhang Taixuan, most of Zhang Tie’s remote-sensing finger rings had got lost. As Zhang Taixuan didn’t know the codes and jargons of those finger rings, Zhang Tie thought those remote-sensing finger rings might have long been destroyed by Zhang Taixuan. Therefore, after Zhang Tie recovered freedom, Zhang Tie ordered another batch of remote-sensing finger rings and had people sent them to his friends and relatives so that he could contact them in Taixia Country. As for some friends on the Western Continent, Zhang Tie couldn’t contact them for the time being.

It took Zhang Tie a few hours to patiently reply to those concerns and inquiries, stop Yun Zhongzi from coming back to the surface of the ground, deal with some affairs and make some arrangements.

Although having promoted to a sage-level knight, Yun Zhongzi didn’t master the aiding strength of a sage-level knight. Therefore, even though he came back, it couldn’t change anything. No matter what, he was facing three sage-level knights, who were the most powerful ones of top three sects; instead of only one sage-level knight. Besides, Yun Zhongzi’s return might make it trickier. Therefore, Zhang Tie didn’t have him come back.

Additionally, he verified the complete difference in aiding strength between a sage-level knight and those below sage-level knight through Yun Zhongzi——the aiding strength of sage-level knight combines four elements, namely earth, water, wind and fire, which could resonate with the universe like an immortal strength. Nobody below sage-level knight could resist it. Only sage-level knights who had mastered absolute strength in his own realm could isolate himself from other sage-level knight’s aiding strength.

Therefore, only sage-level knights could fight sage-level knights as top powers in this age.

When the sun set, Iron-Dragon Sect looked tranquil as before. However, the entire country had been shocked by the black invitation cards from top three sects. As a result, the news that Iron-Dragon Sect was going to collapse had become popular across the country only in half a day.

At that time, Zhang Tie left Iron-Dragon Sect and reunited with his wives and kids at the table after months’ departure. They started to enjoy a bumper supper. No matter how billows surged outside, the moment the gate of Zhang Tie’s home was closed from inside, they had been blocked outside.

“Alexander, it’s too late. You should go to finish your evening classes with your brothers and sisters and go to bed…” Olina who didn’t eat too much put down her tablewares as she told Alexander who was listing to Zhang Tie’s story with a strong interest when the supper was almost coming to an end.

Although those little guys were still interested in Zhang Tie’s story, they still constrained their curiosity as they left the table and returned to their own rooms under the guidance of their maids.

“Dad, what about later? What happened to the two boas later…” Alexander couldn’t stand turning around and asking Zhang Tie when he was going to leave the dining room.

“They become the bracelet of that warrior and the powerful battle partners who could be summoned at any time by that warrior for the coming challenge and exploration…” Zhang Tie said with a smile.

“Aah, that’s great…”

After cheering up, Alexander and the other little guys felt satisfied as they returned to their own rooms pleasantly.

However, those little guys didn’t notice that double-snake bracelet on the left wrist of their father. Zhang Tie’s experience was dangerous, undulating, shocking and legendary. Only after brief handling, Zhang Tie could make them vivid knight’s stories which these kids were fascinated by. Alexander and the other kids might not know that all the stories that Zhang Tie told them were Zhang Tie’s real experiences; instead, they all took them as fabricated stories. Perhaps, they would understand when they grew up.

Zhang Tie watched them disappearing at the stairs at the end of the corridor gently and fatherly. Not until they completely left there and the door of the canteen was closed did Zhang Tie turn around when he saw the concerned and worried eyes of his wives.

Compared to this crisis facing Zhang Tie, the crisis facing Ice and Snow Wilderness from Sacred Light Empire on the Western Continent was just a piece of cake.

O’Laura became slightly hesitant under the gaze of the other wives before she broke the silence, “This time…”

“This time, it is just a challenge. I’ve experienced so many similar challenges and dangers!” Zhang Tie interrupted her arbitrarily and calmly as he picked the glass and bottomed up it. After putting down the glass, he watched O’Laura seriously, saying, “I’ve already considered what you’ve told me last time. I feel you’re right. Over these years, I have indeed ignored your feelings. In fact, you didn’t feel happy at all, even in Taixia Country. Therefore, I agree to coordinate with you so that you could leave Taixia Country safely. Additionally, I would arrange everything well for you. Don’t worry. I’ve already found proper teachers for our kids. As long as they’re old enough to receive an education, someone would take them away. From now on, you will be fully committed to the business of fiery oil on the Western Continent. Alexander and the other hybrids would inherit it in the future. Jinwu Palace would not interfere with it. In addition, I’ve contacted Golden Roc Bank and customized a top personal wealth and comprehensive safety plan for each other you; more than that, I’ve bought insurance worth 2 billion gold coins for each of you; it has already taken effect. Linda, Fiona and Beverly, you should leave together with them too…”

“You bastard; liar…” Watching Zhang Tie who looked pretty calm, O’Laura suddenly became irritated as she tossed her glass towards Zhang Tie, a table in between; at the same time, she burst into tears.

When the glass arrived in front of Zhang Tie, it was caught by an invisible hand and suspended in the air. Closely after that, it slowly descended onto the table.

All the women in the room had been in tears.

“No, I will not go anywhere…” Linda cried as she shook her head, saying, “I will always be with you. I’m not afraid of anything as long as you’re on my side!”

“I will not go anywhere, either…” Fiona cried as she begged Zhang Tie.

Beverly was gazing at Zhang Tie while biting her lips.

Facing those plaintive eye lights, Zhang Tie suddenly felt like giving a compromise; however, closely after that, Zhang Tie gritted his teeth as he sprung up and watched them calmly, saying, “You have to go. I’m a bit tired; I have to take a rest…”

After leaving these words, Zhang Tie left the canteen, leaving those women behind…

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