CEO Above, Me Below

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Imprisonment

Feng De sighed, “Miss Shi. Young master has invited you to be a guest here until the time you hand over the baby.”

A guest?

More like a prisoner.

She had been assaulted again and then deprived of her freedom. How did her life change so fast and so completely?

Even now, she couldn’t figure out how she could have angered such a scary and disgusting man so much that he wouldn’t believe the results of a polygraph test and kept insisting that she was lying.

She sat in silence. Her eyes wandered to the blankets covering her body. She felt the sudden urge to throw off the blankets and leave but she discovered that she had no strength left in her arms…

The suffering she had endured over the last two days drained her completely. Right now, she was powerless. Even breathing tired her out.

Being so utterly weak made her feel helpless and pushed her depression to its peak.

After a long period of silence, tears started to trickle down her pallid cheeks. With much difficulty, she managed to squeeze out, “Aren’t you guys taking this too far? You use your power and influence to do whatever you want… On what grounds are you imprisoning me?”

She was a person, not a thing.

“Miss Shi, if you’d only hand over……”

“I’ve really never given birth before.” Shi Xiaonian said in a low voice as her tears kept falling like pearls from a broken necklace. “I don’t even understand why would you all suddenly try to find me.”

Was this a trial from the heavens?

“Last month, the British royal family was preparing to select a marriage partner for young master so we performed a meticulous investigation into his past relationships. We checked the current status of every woman from his past, only you, Shi Xiaonian… All the pieces of evidence we collected, and there was many of them, show that you’ve given birth to a baby. Yet, we couldn’t find the current location of that child.”

“What evidence?”

She asked.

“Miss Shi should know that better than anyone.” Fend De didn’t have a script to follow when giving explanations this time so he prevaricated, “Miss Shi, this is young master’s child. There’s no way he’d let it live in poverty away from him.”

“Then how about this? I’ll go get an examination at the hospital. That should be enough proof I’ve never given birth before?” Shi Xiaonian brought up this proposal even though it was disadvantageous for her and would shame her thoroughly.

While she was speaking those words, she clenched her fists, fingers digging deep into her palms, and her eyes showed hints of agony.

She had clearly done nothing wrong, yet she had to keep compromising herself like this.

Feng De replied, “Young master already said that he examined you personally, there’s no need for a doctor.”

Examined her personally.

When she thought of what had happened during his “examination,” shame flooded through her.

Shi Xiaonian bit her lip until it lost all color, “I’ve already told you that you are mistaken.”

There simply wasn’t any child.

“Miss Shi, this may be presumptuous but just based on the two words, Gong Ou, the odds of a mistake are one in a million.”

(T/N: In Chinese, this is written as one in ten thousand, but the meaning is figuratively one in a million as Chinese has a word for 10,000 that we don’t have a common equivalent of in English.

E/N: We technically do. Kind of, – )

With those words, Feng De walked out, leaving Shi Xiaonian alone in the room.

One in a million.

She was that one in a million.

She reached up with her hand to wipe her tears away. At that moment, in front of her, she saw that there was a laptop on the desk by the purple curtain. Her heart started to beat faster as she hastily threw off the covers and got out of bed.

She almost fell from lack of strength and the pain that flared up all through her body but she bit her lips and carried on forward.

Every step she took deepened her hatred for that inhuman monster, Gong Ou.

Eventually, she reached the entrance to the room and locked the door. Once that was done she made her way to the desk struggling heavily, flipped open the laptop, and turned it on.

While she waited for the device to boot up, her heart rate increased once more, this time from fear. The intensity of aches and pains in her body also grew. All she could do to stop herself from crying out from agony was to clench her fists tightly.

Gong Ou.

Sooner or later, she would repay in kind all the suffering he had caused her.

And then the laptop finished starting up and Shi Xiaonian was beyond ecstatic to find out that it was connected to the internet.

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