Chief Kim and Assistant manager Choi

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Chapter 11.

Chapter 11.

Last night.

Shin Kim watched in fascination as Woojin gulped down his drink. When asked what his alcohol limit was, Woojin said he didn’t know.

As Shin watched Woojin grab his glass with two of his fingers, he felt his body feeling itchy. Whenever Woojin drank from the cup, his head leaned back, exposing his white neck. His pink lips puckered in a perfect round shape and his light brown eyes blinked three times. He had long eyelashes, creating a shadow on his eyes.

Shin thought suddenly, ‘He looks too sexy.’

This was becoming too dangerous.

Shin said to Woojin, “It looks like you drink well.”

“Is that so?”

The way he answered probably would’ve sounded curt, but it suited Woojin. Whenever he swallowed his drink, Woojin looked at Shin’s eyes. Woojin didn’t have an expressive face yet Shin still could see different emotions.

Woojin added, “I haven’t really gone out that many times to drink in the past.”

“Oh, I see.”

Woojin was on his fifth cup. After the third one, he began to lisp a little. He looked so adorable that Shin had to hide his smile. He didn’t want to offend Woojin.

Woojin was wearing a light grey suit and it was a well-fitted outfit, showing off his slim body. After his first drink, Woojin undid his jacket buttons with one hand.

It wasn’t a calculated move, but Shin couldn’t help but notice. Woojin had such long fingers. His entire body was made of long slim lines.

Woojin rubbed his eyes with his finger, making them turn red.

White and red… Shin couldn’t take his eyes off from him. To distract himself, Shin asked, “Do you want some almonds?”


Woojin reached out and grabbed the bowl of almond closer to him. The way he moved reminded Shin of a cat again. That time at the cafeteria, Woojin acted cat-like when he just stared down at the tray of food in front of him. He was doing the same thing again now; Woojin just stared at the bowl of almonds.

Shin reached out and grabbed a few almonds himself, thinking he was going to hand them to Woojin. But instead of taking them with his hand, Woojin lowered his face and took them with his mouth directly from Shin’s fingers.


Shin could hear Woojin chewing the almonds.


Woojin’s teeth lightly scraped Shin’s nails as he took the almonds. Woojin’s lips touched his finger as well. Shin couldn’t believe what just happened.

While Shin contemplated, Woojin was busy pouring another glass for himself. Just how much was he going to drink? Shin took away the bottle, but Woojin didn’t do anything but remain still.

After a while, Woojin looked at Shin with sleepy eyes and asked, “Can I get another drink?”

Shin felt his body burn. It seemed that Woojin’s voice became a little husky when he became drunk.

Shin became confused. Was he trying to seduce Woojin, or was Woojin Choi trying to seduce him? Frustrated, Shin emptied his cup when suddenly, Woojin reached out and touched Shin’s eyebrows.

Shin flinched, “What are you trying to do now?!”

When Shin leaned away from him, Woojin tilted his head, again a very cat-like gesture. Shin now felt certain that Woojin was trying to seduce him. It made sense. Why else would Woojin act this way?

Ironically, Woojin’s face looked utterly innocent and naïve.

Woojin answered, “There wasn’t a scar here before…”

What was he saying?

“And the scar on your cheek too… it wasn’t there before.”

What was wrong with Woojin Choi?

“What are you talking about?”

The scar on his eyebrow was from an injury during his military service, and the one on his cheek happened during college. Shin felt strange. Did Woojin really know him from somewhere?

Shin asked, “Didn’t we first meet at the company?”

“No. That’s not it.”

Woojin answered firmly for the first time. He continued, “I dream.”

“… Pardon?”

“You. You appear in my dreams.”

What? Dreams?

Woojin explained, “You were curious about it. You asked me if we met each other before.”


“We saw each other in the dream.”

Sleep face. Light brown eyes.

Shin had never seen Woojin make such a relaxed expression. Shin felt tense just looking at him. Woojin pointed at Shin and added, “You. You appeared in my dreams, right?”

Woojin was not making any sense at all. Clearly, he was drunk.

Just then, Woojin complained of being too hot and started to loosen his tie. Shin could see his neck better and noticed that Woojin’s neck and chest were very pink.

‘He is completely drunk.’

Shin laughed quietly. It seemed that Woojin was very intoxicated, which meant he was just talking nonsense. It made perfect sense now.

This guy… was very dangerous. Without even trying, Woojin apparently could become very seductive.

Shin sighed in relief and looked at him. He felt more relaxed now that he could understand what was happening. Shin asked, “Assistant manager, should we go home now?”

“… yeah.”

A dream… How ridiculous. Shin smiled, again noticing how adorable Woojin was acting as he sat obediently and waited for Shin.

Shin offered, “I’ll call the cab and take you home, ok?”


Woojin Choi nodded and stood up slowly. He seemed to feel dizzy because he was about to fall. Shin quickly went to him and Woojin grabbed Shin’s wrist familiarly.

Shin thought to himself, ‘I guess Woojin becomes a completely different person when he drinks. He is normally so sharp and distant, but here he is now…’

Woojin looked up at Shin while holding on to him. When Shin placed his arm around Woojin’s waist, Woojin leaned against him.

When their bodies touched, Shin became certain of what he was feeling. When he caressed Woojin’s pink neck, Woojin giggled lightly and whispered, “That tickles.”

Shin was very sure now. What he was feeling was lust.

And when he realized this fact, his entire body began to throb.

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