Chief Kim and Assistant manager Choi

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Chapter 18.

Chapter 18.

Was this a dream?

At first, Woojin wondered if he had fallen asleep because of his severe fatigue. This situation was so surreal that it seemed like a dream was the only logical explanation. But as if to prove Woojin wrong, Shin Kim opened his mouth slowly.

“Do you often do things people tell you to do without questioning them?”

“… Pardon?”

“Why can’t you just say, ‘It’s not my job. I already have plenty to do.’ Why can’t you say that?”


“If it’s not your responsibility, you should be saying no. Why can’t you? I haven’t been working long, but I already learned that lesson. Why don’t you know that, Assistant Manager?”

Shin Kim seemed very angry. Woojin thought there was no reason for Shin to be angry, yet he couldn’t help but feel warm inside. Starting from his feet, Woojin began to feel the heat spreading throughout his body.

Shin continued, “Or could it be that you know all this, yet you just don’t do it?”


“Is it because you like Jihoon Kang? Is that why you are doing his work for him?”


Woojin looked confused as he looked up at Shin. He couldn’t understand what Shin was talking or thinking about. Woojin frowned and bit his lips. Shin was talking nonsense.

Ignoring his confused look, Shin continued, “You made me all riled up, but were you actually interested in another man?”


Shin felt impatient; he pulled Woojin towards him. Woojin stumbled onto Shin and he couldn’t breathe. Shin stared at him with such intensity; then slowly, Shin leaned towards him.

“… You like me, Assistant Manager Woojin, right?”

Shin’s arms held Woojin’s body and… and…

Their lips met.


When Woojin saw Shin’s face coming closer to him, he stopped breathing. As Shin’s lips covered his, Woojin could feel the shocking warmth from them.

It felt like he was dreaming; in fact, Woojin had a similar dream before. But unlike in his dream, Shin’s lips left his own too quickly. Shin held Woojin’s face and looked at him with a mysterious expression.

Woojin felt… ticklish and shy at the same time. Slowly, he leaned against Shin so that his forehead rested on Shin’s shoulder. Shin played with Woojin’s hair gently.

Woojin could smell something like… a musk on him. It was the same scent he smelled on Shin’s neck that night.

Shin whispered, “Are you ok?”


Woojin wanted to ask what he was asking about, but instead, he just nodded, still leaning against Shin’s shoulder. He felt tired and a little breathless.

It was just a simple kiss. Lips touching lips. But unfamiliar new sensations crawled over Woojin’s body. He thought that it would be nice to just remain like this. Just for a little while at least.

Something felt lacking. He felt thirsty too. When he looked up, Shin was looking down at him with an aggressive expression. Woojin didn’t know why, but his stomach felt a little itchy.

Shin said to him quietly, “My car is in the basement parking lot.” Woojin realized that Shin wasn’t wearing a suit. He was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt and a pair of jeans, looking very casual. Woojin had never seen him like this before, so he stared. Shin and Woojin went downstairs together and when Woojin didn’t pay attention, Shin tapped his cheek with his finger a few times.

“Turn around here.”

When Woojin obeyed, Shin laughed quietly. Woojin got into the passenger seat and it was Shin who fastened the seatbelt for him. As they drove, Woojin stared at Shin, wondering where they were going. Shin noticed this, and with his right hand, he reached towards Woojin and gently pushed his hair back.

Shin’s hand shook a little; he knew what he was doing was unusually too impulsive for him. Woojin could tell too. He could see that Shin’s gestures were spontaneous. But strangely, it felt right. Woojin didn’t want to run away or push his hand away. In fact, he wanted more.

When Woojin lowered his head as a silent gesture asking to be patted more. Shin looked at him with again a mysterious and a little awkward expression.

Woojin wondered, ‘Does he not want to?’

But Shin explained, “I won’t be able to drive if this continues.”


“I’m not saying I don’t want to, or I don’t like to.”

In fact, Shin liked it too much…

He murmured, “This is… I…”

Shin looked at Woojin and smiled clumsily. The place they arrived was a clean Japanese restaurant located near their office building. Shin asked Woojin to wait just a minute, and soon, he came out from the restaurant with a paper bag.

“It’s abalone rice porridge. You aren’t allergic to any seafood, are you?”

“… No.”

“It would be nice to eat in the restaurant, but you look really tired.”


“But next time, we should come here for sushi. They have a great sushi combo special.”

Shin stared at Woojin for a long time. When Woojin finally nodded, Shin groaned, rubbed his face, then started his car again. Shin typed in Woojin’s address in a familiar manner; when Woojin stared, Shin shyly explained that he remembered it from the other night.

“Remember? We got into the cab and you told the driver your address?”


It was a little after 11 PM when they arrived at Woojin’s apartment. He should thank Shin and leave the car, but Woojin hesitated. It seemed Shin felt the same way. He remained quiet for a while before finally, Shin grabbed the paper bag. He was about to hand it to Woojin when suddenly, Woojin lowered his head.

Shin could smell the fresh green scent from him.

Shin said to him, “Eat it while it’s still warm.”


“Umm, so…”

Shin placed the paper bag on Woojin’s lap and hesitated, as if he wanted to say something more. Woojin looked at him quietly as he opened the bag slightly. A warm delicious scent wafted from inside. Woojin felt a sudden hunger.

But what he wanted the most right now was…

“Mr. Shin Kim.”

“Oh, yes…?”

Woojin reached out and touched Shin’s cheek.

Shin’s face was right in front of him. Woojin could feel the warmth of Shin’s skin again and this heat made Woojin’s heart pound harder than when Shin kissed him earlier.

Woojin could now understand why he felt thirsty. Why he felt like something was lacking.

It meant that he… Shin…

Woojin whispered, “… Please close your eyes.”

He then covered Shin’s eyes with his hand and brought his lips to Shin’s. When Woojin pressed, Shin seemed to flinch in shock. He backed away slightly but Woojin continued to kiss him.

And within seconds, Shin hungrily kissed Woojin back. When Woojin leaned against him, Shin grabbed his waist and pulled him close. Woojin kept biting Shin’s lower lip, so when Shin opened his lips, Woojin’s hot tongue invaded his mouth.


It was such a scorching kiss that Shin couldn’t breathe. Soon, Shin pushed Woojin toward the passenger side door. When the very large Shin leaned against him, Woojin’s body bumped into the door hard. Shin seemed surprised and he quickly placed his large hand on the back of Woojin’s head to protect him. This gesture felt so caring and warm and Woojin’s eyes closed in pleasure.

Shin was now almost on top of Woojin. He felt heavy, but Woojin liked his weight on him so he put his arms around Shin’s neck and pulled him closer. Shin kept biting Woojin’s lips as he kissed, making him moan. Woojin felt like his body was being twisted into a knot.

Just then, Shin backed away from Woojin.

“Haaa…. Ha…”

Shin shook his head as if he felt dizzy, then quickly leaned towards Woojin’s face again. He caressed Woojin’s hair and licked his ear. Woojin buried his face into Shin’s neck and breathed in deeply, this time making Shin tremble.

Shin murmured with a smile, “I… I can’t think… at all…” His face was red with excitement. Woojin realized how big, intense, and gentle Shin was. Even now, Shin was nuzzling Woojin’s neck and kissing Woojin’s cheeks and nose.

Their breaths synced perfectly.

Shin asked as he kissed Woojin’s cheek, “S-should we meet this weekend?” When Woojin nodded and closed his eyes, Shin kissed his closed eyes and asked again, “Should we go for a meal?”

“… Yeah.”

Their bodies refused to cool down. Woojin wanted to stay like this forever, so he placed his face on Shin’s large hand. Shin groaned and kissed Woojin again on the lips and whispered, “… You need to go home now and rest, ok?”

When Woojin nodded obediently, Shin seemed disappointed. Woojin kissed Shin’s hand, making him groan even louder with an intense expression. After a long pause in the car, Shin finally helped Woojin out of the car.

They reached Woojin’s apartment. Woojin entered the password and opened the door, but Shin refused to let his hand go. Shin made him promise to eat the rice porridge, and text him afterward. Woojin nodded to both requests.

Shin finally sighed and turned around to leave. Woojin stared at his broad back, thinking how it was possible for someone to look that beautiful.

Woojin called out to him, “Shin Kim.”


“Thank you.”

Shin smiled widely, and his smile reminded Woojin of the warmth they shared just now in the car. Woojin trembled again in happiness.

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