Chief Kim and Assistant manager Choi

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Chapter 24.

Chapter 24.

Shin Kim sighed as he leaned against his car in the office basement parking lot. He loosened his tie and breathed deeply. He was finally back in Seoul.

When he checked his watch, it was already past 10 PM. Shin Kim continued to breathe roughly while getting into his car. He sat down and leaned his chair back a little. His ribs felt stiff. Fatigue and sleep overwhelmed him, so he massaged his temples, trying to relax.

Did it take 6 hours to get here? It was a bad idea to drive from Seoul to Busan, but he had so many offices he had to visit during his 5 days stay in Busan, so it was the most practical choice at the time.

Shin opened his eyes and reached for the back seat which was littered with clothes and documents.

“I’m so tired.”

He wondered if he should’ve taken a rest, but this was an unexpected and sudden business trip. He wasn’t prepared at all for it. In addition, Shin wanted to get back to Seoul as quickly as possible.

His department team leader felt sorry that Shin was sent alone to a business trip without an assistant from the marketing team, but it couldn’t be helped. Shin Kim was also ordered to submit his reports on a rather strict deadline.

Shin met various new clients during the last five days. He also delivered the promotional packages to different offices as well as completing the relevant press release paperwork. Thankfully, Shin did manage to get an assistant from a different department to follow him and help.

It was a long and busy 5 days. At night, he also had to attend office dinners for his clients’ companies. When he left his hotel just now, he realized his room was a huge mess. Shin couldn’t help but wonder if he left something behind.

‘I miss him.’

Shin suddenly pictured Woojin. Even during the busiest time, he thought of Woojin often. It was the first time in his life where Shin felt this deeply about a person. The emotions he felt now… They were so new to him.

He considered sending texts to Woojin, but whenever he was done for the day, it was past 2 AM in the morning. In the mornings, he was too busy reporting back to headquarters and at lunch time, he had to eat with his clients and customers. He had no time to do anything else other than work during the last few days.

The last time he saw Woojin… Woojin looked so cold. Shin felt an ache in his chest; it felt like his heart was weeping.

“I think it was this long…”

Shin looked at this second finger. Woojin’s scar was very long and red. It was a shock to hear Woojin telling him to go, but it was even more shocking and upsetting to see Woojin’s scar.

It looked painful; it must’ve taken Woojin a very long, agonizing time to recover from such a huge cut. Shin knew Woojin was the type who didn’t complain about pain, and this made him feel even worse.

And… there was more than one scar on Woojin.


Below the collarbones, there were several scratch-like scars that reached down to his chest. The truth was… Shin did have time to text Woojin, but whenever he thought of doing it, he remembered the scars.

To Shin, Woojin seemed too calm and too indifferent. He appeared to be someone who never got, and would never will get hurt.

Shin rubbed his face and grabbed his briefcase. He needed to drop some documents back at the office. Then, he could finally go home and rest. Shin had a healthy stamina, but this was too much.

Shin took off his jacket and got out of his car. As he did, he heard footsteps nearby.

“… Shin Kim?”

It was Jihoon Kang who was holding his briefcase in one hand, and his car key in the other. He must’ve worked late today because he looked tired and disheveled.

Shin frowned but still greeted him, “Hello. I’m surprised to see you here at this hour since you probably don’t have that much work to do.”

“Hmm… It sounds like you are upset that I don’t work much. Am I right?”


“Wow, I guess you don’t want to lie, eh?”

Jihoon smiled broadly, but Shin remained blank. Jihoon continued, “By the way, Mr. Kim, I haven’t seen you in a while.”

“I was on a business trip since Monday.”

“Oh, that makes sense. I was wondering why I didn’t see you at lunch time all week.”

Jihoon seemed very nosy; he was curious about everyone. Shin wanted to get home as soon as possible, so he bowed lightly and was about to leave when Jihoon coughed.

When Shin looked back, Jihoon had an even wider smile now.

Shin asked, “Did you need something?”

“You are much more sensitive than you look, eh?”

“Assistant Manager, I am really tired right now.”

Shin tried to leave again, but this time, Jihoon Kang grabbed his shoulder. Jihoon was shorter than Shin, but he was well-built. Shin could feel his strength where Jihoon grabbed him.

Jihoon asked, “Woojin Choi doesn’t know you went on a business trip, does he?”

Shin’s heart fell. So many thoughts crossed his mind. Shin never expected his body to flinch and tremble this badly just at the mention of Woojin’s name.

“He seemed to be waiting for you at lunch every day.”


“You do know that Assistant Manager Choi isn’t the type that eats lunch with others, right?”


“But strangely, Woojin seems to show a lot of interest towards you.”

Jihoon finally let Shin’s shoulder go. Shin stared at Jihoon with a dumb look on his face. Jihoon laughed and added, “I don’t think I have seen that expression on you before.”

“… You talk like you know me very well.”

“But I do know your type very well.”


“You look like you are angry at me.”

“YOU seem to be very interested in Assistant Manager Woojin.”

“Of course, I am.”

Jihoon replied and pressed his key. A loud beep rang as his car unlocked. Jihoon added, “I have more interest in him than you can imagine.”


“And I have watched him much longer than what you are guessing.”


“And you know what? I have been watching him longer than what Woojin probably thinks? If he knows, I think he might get creeped out by me.”

Jihoon walked past Shin who stared at hin in confusion. The Jihoon he knew was not a sharp or calculating man. Shin had never seen Jihoon show any kind of anger or intensity. Shin thought he knew what type of man Jihoon was. A nice but lazy guy.

But now, Shin saw a very different side of him.

Jihoon looked back and added, “Oh and Woojin Choi is still working in the office. I doubt he ate anything today.”

Jihoon smiled kindly and walked away.

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