Chronicles of Primordial Wars

Chapter 24 – What’s your name?

Chapter 24 – What’s your name?

Translated by Sunyancai

At the end of the ceremony, Shao Xuan felt that something was wrong.

Before he realized it, the totemic patterns on his body were almost complete, he had been staring at the flames inside the fire pit. Since he knew that all the changes on his body were because of the awakened totemic power, he didn’t worry about it anymore. However, ever since he stood by the fire pit, he felt an odd sense of intimacy with the flame inside. He did not know if it was a common feeling for all the kids who were awakening their totemic powers. At that moment it was impossible for him to ask someone in detail, so, he kept staring and studying the flames inside the fire pit.

By the time the Shaman announced the end of the ceremony, Shao Xuan withdrew his attention from the fire pit. He was planning to joke with his “sworn rival” Sai who was standing beside him, he looked at Sai, but to only find a skeleton standing right next to him. Shao Xuan was nearly scared to death, he almost reflexively kicked him away. Looking around, all the people who were walking and the warriors that finished the ancient dance, together with every kid standing around the fire pit turned into skeletons in his eyes. He could no longer recognize who was who.

All the ones talking, walking and swinging their arms and legs, all became skeletons.

Shao Xuan was stupefied.

He did not know if it was just him, or was it the same case with all totemic warriors. Back when he was chatting with Lang Ga and Mai, the only thing he knew about totemic power was that once the power was awakened, one’s body strength and reaction speed would greatly improve. However, he never asked about whether they could see skeletons. Who would have thought of that?

However, now, Sai and the other little warriors did not mention anything about skeletons at all. A minute earlier they were discussing about the meat jerky that was hanging outside the stone room, and never did they mention a thing about bones.

So it seemed that he was the only exception.

He was experiencing the same process of awakening, yet after his totemic power was awakened, it was not the same as everyone else. What if he could only see skeletons from now on?

will he dream only about skeletons, and will the people in his dreams become walking skeletons?

Screw this! He felt terrified even thinking about it.

Shao Xuan scratched his head, he was seeing his arm as bones without flesh at all.

What the Fu*k!

As for recognizing Sai earlier, it was because he felt familiar with him, since they had fought each other several times in the past. Also Shao Xuan recognized his voice. That little bastard was never shy when he bragged about himself, from the beginning he was in an extreme excitement since he successfully awakened his totemic power. He kept his voice high and sharp, as if fearing that others might not be able to hear him. If it weren’t for these two reasons, Shao Xuan could not have recognized him so soon.

The warriors that led them here had already left, while the Shaman and the Chief had not arrived yet. Right now, inside the stone room, there were only those seventy-five kids who just awakened their totemic powers this year. With no supervision, those kids fully liberated their nature, they began to laugh and chat in small groups.

In the eyes of Shao Xuan, they were all skeletons with their mouths opening and closing, and limbs moving around.

Shao Xuan did not join the crowd. Ever since he knew there was something wrong with him, he stepped down to a corner, thinking silently.

He had taken off the pallet, that had his name, from his neck, he remembered that none of the kids standing around the fire pit had worn it. So he tied his pallet on his wrist and stepped inside the room.

He had no feeling of discomfort from his body, and all his hair remained intact, even though there was a ball of fire on his head earlier. Not only this, Shao Xuan felt totally relaxed and comfortable. He felt very energetic, perhaps the reason being that he awakened his totemic power. If he could see something other than skeletons, he would be in a much better mood.

Since he could not figure out the reason for what was happening, Shao Xuan looked around the room. Aside from those over seventy skeletons, there was nothings inside but stones.

Stone table, stone stools, and many stones in different sizes and shapes on the stone table.

In fact, in Shao Xuan’s sight it wasn’t just only a single colour. Instead, in his sight he could see white, grey and black with different shades. For example, those lad’s skeletons were white, while the stones varied from pale grey to dark grey.

Because of fear and respect towards the Shaman and the Chief, those young warriors did not touch those stones on the table. However, they were always free to watch. Next to the long square stone table stood a few kids, they were discussing the ranking of the stones.

“This stone looks fine enough, certainly it could be made into a nice stone knife.” A kid said as he pointed at a stone on the table.

“That is okay, I suppose it is close to the mid-level.” Another kid took a closer look at it then said. One could tell from his tone that he did not care much about that stone, a mid-level stone did not seem to be special to him. However, when he saw some stones in an irregular shape, he sounded pretty surprised, “This one is good! Perhaps an upper mid-level, unfortunately the shape is irregular, and it can’t be made into a knife. It could barely be made into a middle-sized spearhead.”

Shao Xuan looked their way and realized that the mid-level stone in their discussion appeared in his sight to be grey, while the upper mid-level one was close to dark grey.

In order to prove whether the theory in his heart was correct, Shao Xuan stood there as he listened to those kids evaluating the ranking of the stones on the table. Those unappreciated stones, the so-called inferior stones appeared to be pale grey in Shao Xuan’s sight. While the mid-level stones were grey, and the ones with better quality had darker colour.

In other words, the better the quality of the stone, the darker it would appear to be in this special vision? Shao Xuan thought in his heart.

As the discussion in the stone room went on, the curtain was lifted, and the Shaman walked in with a cane in his hand. Together with Shaman, Chief Ao and two other warriors also came inside, one of the warriors was a woman.

When the curtain was lifted, it immediately became quiet in the room. The ones who were showing off their knowledge a minute ago, immediately became obedient, and they prostrated themselves before the Shaman respectfully.

While he lived near the mountain foot district, Shao Xuan had rarely seen someone give a salute. Normally people in the tribe would only give a salute when seeing someone with a high reputation. However, people living down the mountain were basically nobodies, so normally Shao Xuan did not see anyone giving a salute to other.

However, Shao Xuan knew how to give a proper salute anyway. Aside from showing kids how to count and write, the man in charge of teaching in the orphan cave would also show them how to give a salute. In fact, if you live in the cave, you may not know how to count or write, but you must learn how to give a salute. When meeting the Shaman, those who did not salute were considered disrespectful, and would be despised and rejected by the people in the tribe.

The Shaman guarded the fire pit until the flame shrank to its original size, and then he came to the stone room slightly tired.

Probably, hosting tonight’s ritual ceremony, cost him a lot of strength and energy, as the Shaman was being assisted as he came inside. After the end of the ceremony by the fire pit, the Shaman came over and only drunk some water. He had no further knowledge about the little warriors that awakened tonight, and neither had he the chance to take a look at the animal skin roll that had all their information on it. He came to the stone room directly after he caught his breath.

Chief Ao came in together with the Shaman, after glancing around the room, he fixed his eyes on Shao Xuan. The red burning mark had not faded away from his hand, and he did not find the proper time to discuss it with the Shaman.

A warrior moved a stone stool and placed it in the centre of the room, while the female warrior helped the Shaman over to the centre where he sat down.

The Shaman was panting for breath, as he looked at tonight’s newly-awakened little warriors dotingly, feeling especially gratified. Every year when he saw the newly-awakened warriors, he would feel irresistible pride.

“Good, very good! You are all going to be the real fierce warriors of our Scorching Horn tribe.” the Shaman said slowly.

Being praised and acknowledged by Shaman, all the kids blushed, they could not wait to shout in order to express and vent their excitement.

Looking around, the Shaman asked, “Who is the kid that joined the crew last? Come here and let me have a look at you.”

Those who stood in front of Shao Xuan, immediately stepped aside. Other than Shao Xuan, all the kids had spent some time at the Shaman’s place. Therefore, they had impressions about each other, Shao Xuan was the only exception that they did not know.

“Ah, it’s you. Come closer and let me have a look at you.” the Shaman looked at Shao Xuan and said.

Shao Xuan stepped forward and stood in front of the Shaman. He was curious about what this old shaman might say, would he mention Caesar? Did he feel guilty about ignoring him for nearly a year? Didn’t he know how difficult it was to keep a wolf?

Shao Xuan gazed at the old skeleton sitting on that stone stool, and the Shaman stared at Shao Xuan attentively as well. He asked in the same benevolent and gratified way, “You. What’s your name?”

Shao Xuan was speechless for a moment. Apparently, this old shaman did not recognize him.

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