Chronicles of Primordial Wars

Chapter 367 - Won’t Trade

CoPW C367 – Won’t Trade

Their team had chased the long-clawed monkey up to here, when they had been left behind by the cunning monkey earlier. After losing their target, the team separated to find it and these five people were able to catch up because they suddenly heard the movements on this side and just rushed over.

When they also heard the cry of the long-clawed monkey, they knew that someone had already intercepted the monkey. Naturally, they became anxious, but they never thought that the one who had intercepted their target was unexpectedly someone from the Flaming Horns tribe.

To clearly determined that there were no Flaming Horns following them, this time, from beginning to end, they had closely guarded their actions. In addition, their actions were only to the knowledge of a few people. Even most of the people in their own tribe did not know this, but unfortunately, they still unexpectedly met one from that tribe.

For the person to have come so far in this area, they also could not tell whether it was a coincidence or it was deliberate. Were there no other Flaming Horns members around?

If there were none, with the ability of five of them, they should be able to snatch the prey back from such a young warrior.

The five had started working together for hunting early, so it only took a few eye signals to know what the others were thinking, especially from the man who led them. After a quick exchange of stares with his companions, the leader looked at Shao Xuan.

“I didn’t think I’d run into a Flaming Horns tribesman here. Didn’t you go out to hunt?” asked the man.

Shao Xuan did not reply. The other side had a wrong speculation of him, but he did not want to correct them. If the other side misunderstood or did not understand the situation, once he said more, it would likely make them understand less. It was better to listen first to also get more information.

From the attitude of the five men, Shao Xuan speculated that the tribe in which these people were members of was an opponent of the Flaming Horns? Even if they were not in a hostile state, it was certainly a competitive relationship, therefore, he did not need to be polite. It’s just that the relationship didn’t seem to be too bad that he had to kill them, so Shao Xuan was still thinking on how to treat them.

“How can you get anywhere when you’re not with your Flaming Horns people!” One of them whispered, the mood on his face entangled with anger and helplessness. His tone was a bit rushed.

Although the other side’s voice was not big, the people present could hear it clearly.

Seeing the two opposite groups didn’t seem to have a good relationship, the long-clawed monkey restrained by Shao Xuan, turned its eyes around and made a few barking sounds in his throat. Its tied legs struggled repeatedly, and it acted like it was about to be choked to death.

Unfortunately, Shao Xuan gave no indication at all that he cared. The five people opposite also just swept it a glance, but did not care about its survival.

“I’m really sorry, but Flaming Horns brother, this long-clawed monkey is the prey we’ve been tracking.” The leader said.

The other side’s tone was still peaceful, but not as if they were friends. Even if they had a had time controlling it, Shao Xuan could still see in their expressions their tension, precaution and readiness to fight at any time.

Shao Xuan looked at the man who had just spoken, and raised his chin. “Go on.”

Go on? Go on, what?

The leader paused, thinking that Shao Xuan had not taken the long-clawed monkey seriously, and said, “We can trade with you for other prey, a beast with a lot of meat and about the same level.” His words emphasized “level” and “meat” more, so was that what he was focusing on?

Shao Xuan considered it, then replied to the five men, “I won’t trade.”

“You!” There was a man on their side who couldn’t help it, his hand pointed to Shao Xuan and he threatened him. “What would could you do if we forced you? Now, you’re alone and there’s five on our side!” Anyway, most of the people of the Flaming Horns tribe should be on a hunt in another area at this time. This person must have sneaked out to play. To have run so far, did he follow them on purpose?

No matter what the others thought, the expression on the Shao Xuan’s face changed not because of the threat from other party. “Your five people have not caught it, I see you really have the ability. Now that this long-clawed monkey has been caught by me, it’s now my prey, so what could you do?”

These five people did show a hostile attitude at first, but decided to give the choice to Shao Xuan. When they revealed some friendly relations with this Flaming Horns tribe member, they never thought that Shao Xuan would not only be so direct, but without mercy dismissed their words.

Seeing the others move their feet, Shao Xuan added, “What, you want to steal from me?”

“If you don’t change your mind, I’m going to have to steal it!” The leader did not have his earlier calm expression by then, his eyes suddenly showed a murderous glint. With his strength, a slightly lower ranked warrior facing him would certainly feel a lot of pressure.

But Shao Xuan only smiled. “Just you?”

Enraged by Shao Xuan’s attitude, these people who knew that using threats against the Flaming Horns were mostly ineffective, had long been ready to act.

The bodies of the five suddenly released power, tattoo-like totem lines appeared on them like waves. They have two senior totem warriors and three intermediate totem warriors. If they don’t have the strength, they won’t be able to follow out for this covert operation.

It was clear to these five that the biggest characteristic of the Flaming Horns people was their strong strength. Therefore, it would be a stupid choice to fight a member of that tribe by strength, hence they decided to use something else, like speed, flexibility and their number advantage. Although, compared to most people, hunters were not much in terms of speed and flexibility, it didn’t mean that they were more concerned about their power advantages.

As soon as the five people moved, Shao Xuan had guessed their strategy.

The two senior totem warriors from the five rushed out, one to the left and one to the right of Shao Xuan, trying to close in on him in a flash.

Even facing five totem warriors from unknown tribes alone, Shao Xuan felt no psychological pressure. In order to fight better, he directly threw the long-clawed monkey he had captive towards a stout tree not far from him.

At the same time Shao Xuan threw the long-clawed monkey, the five others became joyful, especially three at the back. Their footsteps changed direction, bypassing the place where Shao Xuan was located and going directly towards the position the long-clawed monkey was thrown out.

Even if its hands and feet were tied by vines, the flexibility of the monkey was still good. Earlier, because Shao Xuan had tightly fastened its hands, even with a little bit of movement, its neck could be directly cut off, so it only dared to show weakness, but dared not exhibit any crooked thoughts. However now, seeing both sides fighting, its brain began to move.

Its body that was thrown in the air turned, as its tied legs adjusted around. When it hit the trunk, its legs played a good cushion, so it did not get injured. Instead, it used this force to bounce off in the open to run away from this mess. It was not that it despised these people. With its ability, it could free itself from the ropes and could certainly get rid of the trouble. It was able to leave these people behind when they tried to hunt it once, so it could dump them again a second time.

But it’s a pity……

After struggling, it could not break free.

Even after trying again, it could not break free.

Although the flexibility of this kind of vine was very strong, it could not be easily ripped off. The long-clawed monkey never thought much about it. Once it was also tied by some tribes with this vine, but it managed to break free easily so he had experience dealing with such vines. Several times it had deliberately showed weakness, then escape to hide in the dark and smile as it watched those people move around, looking for it.

However, it had made a mistake. It thought it would be able to easily break free from the vines after getting away from Shao Xuan’s control, but that was not the case.

No matter how it times it tried, its long claws were unable to untangle the vines, let alone cut it. Naturally, it could not get out of these ropes.

Still tied up, the long-clawed monkey’s ability to move was greatly reduced. It did not know how far it could run for the three people behind it to catch up. Resisting would also be ineffective, or it wouldn’t have run away from these three. These people would get it regardless of whether it was dead or alive.

Therefore, before it was caught again, the long-clawed monkey slowed down to figure out how to escape.

On the other hand, Shao Xuan who was flanked from left and right quickly moved back a few steps to avoid the siege from both sides. As his space tightened with their knife attacks, Shao Xuan’s feet did not stop moving. His body was still backing off, twisting as a knife flashed by, then tilting to the side to avoid the other knife coming by, while nudging his shoulder, to directly hit the first one.

In the face of the collision against Shao Xuan, the other man clenched his teeth hard to meet this blow. How could he say that he himself was a senior totem warrior, if he was afraid? It was only a hit from someone younger than them, and not even one who looked stronger than him. This person was not one of the few of the most outstanding in the Flaming Horns tribe!

Two moving bodies slamming against each other issued a muffled banging sound. If the other side was like a torrent of surging waves, then Shao Xuan was a towering mountain firmly stuck on the ground.

After the collision, the person swung out, his surprise made his eyes twitch rapidly. He had to do a succession of steps to turn the power of this collision off, then he looked at the half-step made by the one who bumped him. Such a result showed that with this hit, he did not occupy the upper hand at all!

Although he knew he could not win, he did not expect that there would be such a big gap!

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