Coiling Dragon

Book 21 – The Peak - Afterword – By Author, ‘I Eat Tomatoes’

Afterword – By Author, ‘I Eat Tomatoes’

It’s over. Coiling Dragon is over. Don’t know what’s going on, but after writing this chapter, Tomatoes has a certain feeling, as though the story isn’t finished. As though there is much, much more left. Only, there isn’t much point to it…in the future, Linley and his family will go on various journeys. Linley will accept his disciple, ‘Clayweg’, then go visit and journey through the other, secondary cosmos. The machine intelligence cosmos, the bioform cosmos, the Immortal/Devil cosmos, and even the principal cosmos and the other cosmos.

Many of the eight great clans that later appeared within the ‘Linmeng’ cosmos were actually the original inhabitants of that cosmos.

Everyone should be able to tell by now, right?

Linley is the ‘Linmeng’ of Stellar Transformations, the second controller of the Hongmeng Grandmist. With a Grandmist body, he broke through the barriers of his cosmos and entered the Grandmist Space. Actually, the carvings of the Mountain of Exalted Celestials and some other things in Stellar Transformations were pointing to this long ago, haha.

Right. It’s all over.

Coiling Dragon is over.

Tomatoes currently feels quite torn, haha. This book has brought Tomatoes much joy, but also quite a few frustrations. But, in the end, it has made Tomatoes’ life more interesting. Most important of all has been everyone’s support, reading, bookmarking, etc. And of course, all of the monthly tickets you have been sending. Tomatoes feels very grateful to everyone.


It’s over. Coiling Dragon, more than three million characters long, is over. In the end, Grandpa Doehring didn’t come back to life.


Stellar Transformations and Coiling Dragon, to be more precise, make up the ‘Grandmist Duology’ which Tomatoes originally envisioned. And now, it’s all over…after having finished Coiling Dragon, Tomatoes really needs to take a good rest. Afterwards, Tomatoes will prepare to work on a new story. This new book is something which Tomatoes had already begun to formulate, even before writing the story ‘Inch of Radiance’, but never dared to actually start moving my pen.

That’s because the material for it is excellent. In the past, however, I felt my mastery over plot wasn’t good enough, but now, I feel…like it is about time.

This new book will be a more Eastern-type fantasy. It involves the most thought and plotting that Tomatoes has ever used.

But of course…for now, Tomatoes needs a good rest. To recover his energy! The plan is to have the first chapter of the new book be uploaded on July 28!

Whew, whew…it’s finished!

Tomatoes, here and now, would once more like to thank everyone for their year of support. Tomatoes bows in thanks…now, let us meet here on July 28, and once more embark, together, on a new, fantastical journey.


The night of June 11th.

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