Coming of the Villain Boss!

Chapter 1091 - The Forbidden Rose Song (1)

Chapter 1091: The Forbidden Rose Song (1)

#Vampire Headline: Fu Yu Takes Up the Cudgels For a Just Cause Whenever She is Unhappy#

“Let’s take off her clothes and take pictures.”

“Is that okay…”

“What are you afraid? When we get pictures of her, do you think she’ll dare to tell others?”

The girls’ wicked voices drifted into Ming Shu’s ears. She tilted, feeling weightless, and fell straight into a cluster of colorful flowers.

The thorns stuck her and it hurt a lot.

What’s wrong with this body’s owner? Why did she stay on a tree.

“What’s that sound?”

“Something seems to have fallen…”

“Let’s go and see.”

Ming Shu heard the voices coming this way, so she quickly changed her tone and began to meow like a cat.

Are you kidding me? I don’t know anything right now and I don’t even know what I can eat. It must be dangerous and tiresome to handle them face-to-face.

It’s got nothing to do with me, anyway, so I should save my energy if I can.

Saving is a virtue.

“It was a cat, phew, it scared me. No one else will come here. Okay, let’s just not waste time and take a picture then leave. It’s so gloomy here and very scary…”

The girls over there breathed a sigh of relief and turned back.

Through the cracks in the branches and bushes, Ming Shu saw a girl pinned on the ground over there, her mouth covered so as to stop her from crying. Some of the surrounding girls held their phones up and seemed to be recording or taking pictures.

The girl on the ground looked desperate. Her clothes were stripped off to reveal her white body.

In the end, the girl was left with nothing on her body, then the group of girls laughed and put away the phones.

They looked down at the girl who was trying to cover her body and threatened, “If you dare talk nonsense to others, we can’t be sure how many people will see these pictures.”

“If you learn this lesson today, you’ll get out of Sheng Ning immediately. I feel sick having a classmate like you.”

“Yeah, she makes me sick every day.”

“Let’s go.”


One of the girls picked up the clothes and threw them hard.

Ming Shu looked along the girl’s aim and was startled all of a sudden. Behind them was actually a graveyard.

But the weird thing was that the graveyard was full of flowers. Flowering branches wrapped around the tombstones, and the green shades overlapped with each other, which made the whole thing a little gruesome.

The flowers…

They should be roses.

The girls’ unbridled laughter faded away, and meanwhile the girl who was bullied began to cry in a low voice, as weak as a kitten.

Ming Shu didn’t come out. She took out Little Beastie and began to receive the storyline.

The fake female protagonist was called Raisa, a descendant of a prince of the vampires, who had been pursuing the male protagonist all this time and used all means to drive away females from around the male protagonist.

Although the male protagonist didn’t like her, he also didn’t like anyone else.

Raisa believed the male protagonist wouldn’t like anyone in her heart, so she had been dutiful to do such things for him.

Even if she couldn’t have him, neither could anyone else.

But soon the male protagonist met his Cinderella and they started a love story exactly like the sweet, cliched romances out there.

So Raisa found that the male protagonist was just using excuses when he behaved inhuman and showed no intention of falling in love with anyone.

He just didn’t like her.

Out of jealousy, Raisa tried all means to frame the female protagonist and destroy their relationship. However, all of what she did would just strengthen their relationship in the end, and in the very end, the fake female protagonist was driven crazy enough to want to kill the female protagonist, but thankfully was stopped by the male protagonist showing up in time.

The fake female protagonist sought chances to attack again, but the result was both the male and female protagonist ended up okay, yet she died.

Then the fake female protagonist was reborn.

She was reborn to a time when the female protagonist was still very young.

The fake female protagonist knew why the male protagonist would like the female protagonist. It was like this: when the female protagonist was little, she saved the male protagonist and the latter only remembered her name. When afterwards he went to look for her, the female protagonist had already moved out of the original place.

The fake female protagonist came up with an idea which was to tamper with the memory of the female protagonist’s parents. She switched her own identity with the female protagonist’s.

Originally she intended to kill the female protagonist. Who knew that there was something strange about her and she wasn’t able to do it.

So the fake female protagonist made the female protagonist lose her memories and threw her in a shanty area.

Then the fake female protagonist took the female protagonist’s name. She followed the historical track strictly and met the male protagonist, and finally was accepted by the male protagonist.

The Host was called Fu Yu.

Her reputation was not very good, but she held a relatively high position among the vampires, and this was because she was a crazy bastard and did things freely. She would offer a hand if she was happy, would not if she was unhappy.

When she was crazy enough to do anything she wanted, she wouldn’t care about anyone. So if it was not necessary, no one would want to bother her.

The Host met the fake female protagonist when the latter just began to date the male protagonist.

The Host recognized the fake female protagonist as one of her kind so she called her. But the fake female protagonist just began to date the male protagonist, and everything would be in vain if the male protagonist knew that she was actually a vampire.

The Host saw through what the fake female protagonist tried to cover up, so she called her again deliberately several times.

The male protagonist was a little confused then and it took the fake female protagonist a long time to cover it up.

Later, the Host found that the fake female protagonist instigated some people to bully the female protagonist and tried to make her drop out of school, fearing that the male protagonist would meet her since they were all in the same school.

The Host helped the female protagonist once.

After that, there were several other conflicts, neither severe nor minor, and the Host didn’t care much about them. She was actually too lazy to care about these unimportant things and just thought it was fun to tease the fake female protagonist and watch her panic.

The fake female protagonist had something to hide, though. She thought that the Host was targeting her on purpose so she intended to remove her.

But she also knew clearly that Fu Yu was not easy to handle.

Unless the prince of the vampires came out personally…

So the fake female protagonist turned to her own father and made up the story that she had been bullied by the Host.

Then the Host was hunted down for no reason. Coincidentally, one of the princes got killed at this time and the crime was also blamed on the Host inexplicably.

The Host was hunted down by several parties and then she learned the fake female protagonist was behind all of what happened to her. So the Host blackened and began to embark on the road of becoming a villain boss.

In the end, the Host died in the siege of several princes.

[The Host’s wish is to figure out the reason why she was hunted down.]


Wasn’t it planned by the fake female protagonist?

Didn’t the Host know why she was chased by the fake female protagonist?

The Harmony System didn’t answer Ming Shu.

Ming Shu rolled her eyes in her heart.

The timeline at present was when the fake female protagonist discovered that the female protagonist was in the same school, and she asked some people to bully her so as to drive her out of the school.

As for the Host…

She had met the fake female protagonist and the play was on.

Yet it hadn’t reached a severe level…

Looks like I have to work harder.

Ming Shu looked outside. The girl had stopped crying and was looking around at this moment. It was so quiet in the surroundings; there didn’t even seem to be any insects singing.

The girl bit her pale lip and stood up while covering her body, walking toward the graveyard.

Her clothes were thrown in. She couldn’t get out of here until she got them back.

It was getting dark, and she had to go in even if she was scared.

She heard that it was one of the top ten scariest places in the school…

Those girls that bullied her were also very frightened, but they still chose this place in order to frighten her.

The roses had thorns. As soon as the girl went in, some tiny blood stains appeared on her because of rubbing or cutting.

The vampire was born to be sensitive to blood.

Ming Shu swallowed her drool.

What the hell!

She wanted to go push her down.

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