Coming of the Villain Boss!

Chapter 732 - Master Of Photography (9)

Chapter 732: Master Of Photography (9)

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“Have a seat.”

Su Nanfeng pulled a chair and sat down. Wei Xu wanted to go over but she didn’t want to go alone and listened to Ming Shu say things that would embarrass her. Hence, she didn’t go over.

She turned around and greeted the other people. Very soon, she exchanged names with the group of girls and they talked really happily.

Wei Xu pretended to let it slip that her father was a director and he had filmed Ji Jin’s movie before. The wifefan of Ji Jin immediately looked at her warmly and called her Little Xu.

They quickly got familiar with one another. Although they were different ages, there was no generational gap at all.

After talking for a while, someone asked Wei Xu:

“Is Su Nanfeng very close to Jiang Qiao?”

Wei Xu glanced at the two people who were talking on the other side. “I’m not sure, either. I only know that they had a meal once.”

“They even had a meal?” The girls exclaimed, “Their relationship must not be that simple.”

Wei Xu felt a little unhappy. “Senior Sister Jiang Qiao is a famous person in our school. Maybe Su Nanfeng just wanted to ask her some things.”

“I feel that Junior Brother Su Nanfeng is quite a cold person. If he can talk so much to Jiang Qiao, it probably means that he likes her.”

Wei Xu: “…” What are these people talking about? How can Su Nanfeng like her?

1One of the girls signaled for them to lean closer and lowered her voice. “I heard that when Jiang Qiao was still studying, Mister Zhao chased her. However, Jiang Qiao didn’t take a fancy on Mister Zhao. Look at He Ru, look at how good her life is now. Comparison really makes people angry.”


“You don’t know about this, right? I heard this from other people too. During that time, all the girls wanted to be Mister Zhao’s girlfriend, but Jiang Qiao rejected him. He might have felt that it was embarrassing so he didn’t tell anyone.”

“Does He Ru know?”

“If she doesn’t know, would she be so strange to Jiang Qiao?”

“Speaking of which, Jiang Qiao is really pretty…”

Everyone looked behind them. The girl was resting her chin on her hand and listening to Su Nanfeng talk. She was smiling and, under the dim lighting of the restaurant, she looked really dreamy and pretty like the mist in Jiangnan.

This was how she looked like in the past. After graduating so long ago, she still looked the same. Time seemed to have stopped for her.

The girls got really jealous.

“What is she doing now? It is not easy to be a photographer. I don’t know how many people are still in the industry from our class. Even if they are still doing it, they must not be doing very well.”

“I don’t know, I have not been following this circle for a long time.”

“Me too…”

These girls came late so they didn’t know about the conversation between Ming Shu and He Ru just now.

“Little Xu, do you know?”

Wei Xu had not graduated yet and was studying photography. Hence, she must be really familiar with the happenings in this circle.

“She is a freelance photographer, I think,” Wei Xu said. “Senior Sister is so amazing, she should not have a problem doing what she wants.”

“The good way of putting it is that it is a freelance job. The bad way of saying it is that she has no job at all.” The guy sitting at their neighboring table twisted his body and entered the conversation. “You girls are still okay. For people like us, our families want us to have a stable job. No matter how big our dreams were in the past, they were ground away by life.”

Everyone felt the same way and started complaining about their lives.

Wei Xu didn’t notice when Ming Shu left. When everyone dispersed, Wei Xu walked up with Su Nanfeng.

Su Nanfeng stayed on the second floor. She stayed on the third floor.

“Su Nanfeng, what did you talk to Senior Sister about?” Wei Xu asked carefully.

“Nothing,” Su Nanfeng replied.

Although she knew that Su Nanfeng’s personality was like this, Wei Xu still felt depressed. She had been with him for such a long time and she tried her best recently. Why couldn’t he just look at her?

Was she still not good enough?

They reached the second floor and Wei Xu couldn’t find any other topics to talk about. She bit her lip. “… See you tomorrow.”

“See you.”

Wei Xu watched as Su Nanfeng disappeared at the end of the corridor. She turned and went up to the stairs.

“Why are you looking for me?”

Wei Xu stopped in her tracks. The next moment, she trod softly and walked up to the stairs. She looked over at the side cautiously.

“Nothing. I just thought that we had not seen each other in so long so I wanted to catch up with you. Why? Don’t you welcome me?”

Wei Xu was puzzled. What those people said was true… Jiang Qiao and this Mister Zhao…

Wei Xu was planning to continue listening to them, but someone was coming up. She hurried down and pretended to come up. She made her footsteps really audible.

When she finished walking up, she saw Ming Shu leaning against the frame of the door with her arms crossed in front of her. Mister Zhao had disappeared.

The next day…

Everyone was going to the peach blossom valley. Since they learned photography before, everyone brought their own cameras. As they walked in, the guys helped the girls to take photos of themselves.

Xue Hang remembered what the teacher said and took care of Su Nanfeng and the rest of the juniors. He answered a few of their questions.

“Jiang Qiao, your still life photography is better than mine. Can you take a photo for them?” Xue Hang suddenly called Ming Shu.

Ming Shu was looking at a peach blossom and pondering if it could be eaten. When she heard Xue Hang calling her, she retracted her hand that was on the peach blossom and placed it into her pocket. “Why must I do the things that the teacher asked you to do?”

Waste of energy, I am not doing it.

Xue Hang also realized that this person was harder to interact with than before. However, Xue Hang still felt embarrassed when she rejected him in front of all the juniors. “You just need to take one photo. It will not take much of your time.”

“I don’t want to.” Ming Shu smiled brightly.


“Play around yourselves. I will not play with you all.” I still need to gain Hatred Points from Wei Xu.

Just now, Su Nanfeng and Wei Xu disappeared…

Ming Shu went into the peach blossom garden. The pink peach blossoms covered her figure.

[Additional Task: Gain Hatred Points from Ji Jin.]

1Ming Shu: ???

What the hell?

She was a few thousand miles away from Ji Jin. Why are you giving me the mission now? Did you crash after watching too many little demons fighting?

[Hidden task: Do you think I’m afraid? Hint: Reject more than ten famous people when they want to hire you to take photos. The system will decide the range for famous people.]

Ming Shu: “…”

What kind of mission is this?

“Do you think I’m afraid?” And you are the one deciding if he or she is a famous person? Are you trying to fool me?

The Harmony System went offline after it finished giving her the task. Ming Shu didn’t even have the chance to argue with it.

“Little Xu, your photos are really nice.”

Ming Shu suddenly heard a voice. She looked over to one side of the peach blossom garden. A few people were standing on a small path that was covered with peach blossom trees. Wei Xu was standing in the middle.

“Little Qiao, your still life photography as good as Jiang Qiao’s.”

“No, no, Senior Sister Jiang Qiao is my motivation for working hard.” Wei Xu was very humble.

Ming Shu: “…” Don’t make me your motivation. I am so scared I am hugging my snacks tightly.

Recently, Wei Xu’s gold fingers unlocked a new function. As long as she aimed the camera at a certain scene, she could take really good photos.

This “certain scene” had a huge range. There were no rules that it had to be the same place.

“Little Xu, can you help take a photo for me?”

“Ah… I can’t, I can’t… I can’t take good portraits.” Wei Xu didn’t dare to agree to it unless the person she took had been shot in this area before.

“Oh is it…”

Since they were not very close, they didn’t dare to ask too much from her.

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