Condemning the Heavens

Chapter 14: Diviners

Chapter 14: Diviners

While Li Jian was talking with his father Li Fang, Xue Wei was training. He was ecstatic that he had managed to reach the fifth layer of the Ordinary Warrior rank and did not fear Li Jian any longer.

Even if Xue Wei had heard what Li Fang said, he would still not fear Li Jian. Li Fang had made it clear that he would not act, and as long as he did not move, Xue Wei would be safe.

Although Xue Wei was capable of using his Forbidden Rush to escape the attacks of Li Jian, he was also aware that he could not avoid the attacks from a Heavenly Warrior, in fact, he was quite certain that even an Earth Warrior would be able to defeat him easily.

Although there was only one layer between the ninth layer of the Ordinary Warrior rank and the first layer of the Earth Warrior rank, there was an immense difference when it came to it.

The difference between the Ordinary Warrior and the Earth Warrior was massive, and the further up one came in the ranks of cultivation, the harder it was to reach, and the more energy was needed.

Because of this, it was also harder and harder to reach the higher ranks of being a Warrior. Xue Wei was very well aware of this, and he even knew that although it would, in theory, take Li Jian between half a year and a year to reach the Earth Warrior rank, there was plenty of ways to improve it, amongst one taking low purity medicinal pills.

Although this would be a very desperate action, it was something that Xue Wei took into consideration. Right now Li Jian's Sonic Palm was not able to threaten Xue Wei, but if he reached the Earth Warrior rank, he would be able to command at least seven percent of the ability's strength.

With that upgrade, and considering that the Sonic Palm specialized in speed, Xue Wei knew that he had met a fierce opponent. His only hope was that Li Fang would never allow for his son to consume the low ranked medicinal pills.

Xue Wei was living a simple life. His every waking hour was spent cultivating his abilities or his Qi, and he would not waste any time sleeping. Ever since he had become an Ordinary Warrior, every moment was squeezed for time, and he would even sit on his bed at night cultivating as his rest time, not allow himself even one moment of rest.'

A couple of weeks went by like this, Xue Wei continuously training Forbidden Rush, Shattering Mountain Palm and Azure Light Finger or was seated in the bathtub filled with the concoction of plant extracts.

That was until the day that Shen Mu once more came to visit, his eyes were shining with excitement, and his face had a great smile plastered on his lips.

Manager Su let him in instantly, although Manager Su did not want anyone to interrupt Xue Wei, he also understood that this person was the next City Lord, and assumingly Xue Wei's only friend.

Manager Su noticed that Shen Mu had brought with him a whole group of youngsters from the noble families within Tiankong City, but he did not allow even one of them to enter the premises.

Shen Mu and the others did not mind. They were all fully aware of how they had treated Xue Wei in the past. Although this group had never bullied him, due to their relationship with Shen Mu, they had never been friendly towards him either.

Shen Mu rushed to Xue Wei who was currently in the training field. The eagerness with which he was moving was evident, and Xue Wei soon noticed him, stopped what he was doing and turned around.

Xue Wei was drenched in sweat from constantly moving and using combinations of the Forbidden Rush, Shattering Mountain Palm and Azure Light Finger. He had used all his Qi time and time again, only to restore it and he found that every time he was empty of Qi, his restoration was going much faster than when he had a bit left behind.

"Wei, listen to this!" Shen Mu exclaimed the moment he saw Xue Wei move towards a towel and some water that a maid had left for him. "There are diviners in town!"

Xue Wei, who had not been too interested in whatever it was Shen Mu had to say, suddenly widened his eyes in surprise. Had it been before then he would have told Shen Mu to leave soon because he was training, but now that he knew it was about diviners he was eager to see them too.

"Real diviners?" Xue Wei could not help but ask a little doubtful, but Shen Mu nodded his head seriously, "they are here, and they brought some fierce beasts that they have tamed! They are going to be auctioned off this afternoon; the Tiankong Auction house has promised to let them use their auction hall without any form for a commission fee."

Xue Wei was stunned but also excited. "We should go see them!" he exclaimed excitedly, "Wait a moment I will quickly rinse myself."

Shen Mu nodded his head. It was early in the morning, so they still had some hours before the auction started. Rinsing off the sweat would not take long and thus waiting was no problem.

"I have to tell you though, quite a few of my friends have followed me. I don't know if they came to see you who is no longer trash or if they came to see the diviners or both," Shen Mu said honestly, "but since their old men follow dad unconditionally, I really ought to treat them with respect, and when so many of them requested to come with me I could not say no."

Xue Wei was taken aback, but he quickly shrugged his shoulders. He did not care about them as they had never bullied him, but he never liked them either. As long as they did not cause problems for him, he would just choose to ignore them.

After rinsing himself and changing into a clean set of clothes, he grasped his purse filled with coins and then Xue Wei walked out of the mansion gate together with Shen Mu. In front of him was a full twenty-four people standing, looking at him curiously.

Some looked more hesitant than others, but they were all checking him out without an ounce of embarrassment.

"Seen enough?" Shen Mu asked a little uncomfortable after a bit of time, and they all realized that they had just collectively stared at Xue Wei, but suddenly someone exclaimed, "I thought he was only at the fourth layer of the Ordinary Warrior rank, when did he become a fifth layered cultivator?"

The others had also noticed Xue Wei's cultivation base, but no one had dared to ask about it. All of them were between the seventh, and the eight-layer, only Shen Mu, and Li Jian were at the ninth layer at their age in the entire Tiankong City.

These youths had all trained since they were ten years old, and when they realized that not even five months had gone by since his disappearing act and till now, and he had still managed to reach the fifth layer, this speed seriously made their cultivation speed seem as if it was a joke.

"Let us get going," Xue Wei said casually, and completely unperturbed, and he started walking towards the marketplaces in center of the city.

"Mu, I do not know which one of the markets they are at, why don't you lead the way?" He stopped and asked after realizing that the group of more than twenty youths had not moved even an inch, not even Shen Mu had moved.

"You broke through?" he asked surprised. Although he could easily sense Xue Wei's cultivation base now that he checked it, he had not done so earlier.

It was right that Xue Wei had been a peak fourth layered Ordinary Warrior before when he had fought Li Jian, but to make it to the threshold of the fifth layer so swiftly was unheard of before.

Xue Wei just smiled wryly, "you know about my situation," he said with a shrug of his shoulders, "it will get harder for me soon."

The situation he was referring to was obviously the lie he had told Shen Bingwen before. That he had been gathering Qi in his body which had just waited for the dantian to open and now all this accumulated Qi was changing to increase his cultivation base.

The explanation was a complete lie, and even Xue Wei did not know for just how long he would be able to cultivate at such a swift speed as he was doing now, but he had to say something to keep the curious experts at bay and do not cause a complete shock and horror, not to mention greed towards his Azure Dragon Scripture.

"Anyway, what we should consider is not my strength but the Diviners. I am sure that Li Jian and his friends are already there and although we are too weak to purchase fierce beasts, I am sure that we do not want to be behind them in anything."

Xue Wei did not care about being later than Li Jian at the marketplace, but he knew that these other youths indeed minded. There was a fierce battle between the Li and the Shen family, but so far it had only been in the younger generation as Li Fang was aware of his inferiority when Xiao Lei was counted in the equation.

"What kind of beasts do you think the diviners have brought with them?" one of the youths asked, his name was He Mengyao. His name meant to be handsome, but contrary to his appearance he was rather short, and although he was lean he could be described as average at best.

"I hope it is a Nine Headed Hydra," one of the girls, Luo Zhirou answered ecstatically.

The others also started answering with which fierce beasts they hoped to see, but Xue Wei kept quiet and walked steadily with the group.

This was the first time in his life that he was walking together with a group and he felt strangely tense and uncomfortable hearing the many chattering youngsters around him. He had never before experienced it and he was unsure of how to react, so in the end, he just stayed out of their discussion.

No one was sending strange looks at Xue Wei any longer, and although he was the weakest of the group no one dared look down on him anymore. He had been able to avoid Li Jian's Sonic Palm so it was clear that they could not even touch the hem of his clothes, and his cultivation speed was also incredibly fast.

These youths were all aware of different things, and they understood that with his current performance he would overtake them soon, and when this time came, they would want to be on good terms with him.

"I haven't seen a diviner before," Luo Zhirou said with a low voice.

"I know that they are monks but what else is there to say about them? I know that they can tame fierce beasts, but how are they able to do so?"

Everyone was silent, and no one knew how to answer before Xue Wei sighed. "They can not only tame fierce beasts if the diviner is strong enough it can tame a Primordial Beast too."

Hearing him speak the others were surprised, but they looked at Xue Wei curiously. "Do you know about diviners?" Luo Zhirou asked curiously, and Xue Wei shrugged his shoulders, "I know a bit," he answered evasively.

"Can you tell us about them?" the girl asked once more and Xue Wei nodded his head, seeing no reason not to tell what he had learned while reading books.

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