Condemning the Heavens

Chapter 234: Returning to the Capital

Having finished his business in Lingyun Town, Xue Wei did not stop to take in the scenery and instead stepped into the air and started flying towards the capital.

A Sky Warrior could fly for a short amount of time and at a slow speed, but the higher your rank, the better you were at flying. Still, even though Xue Wei was an Ordinary Knight and capable of flying through air rather well, the speed with which he flew was far from as fast as when he was transformed.

But Xue Wei did not transform. Lan had given them a full month to sort their issues with the Kingdom of Heping. With that much time, they could afford to take it easy.

Most Primordial Beast Hunters in Heping Kingdom had residence in the capital of the city. They would only leave when it was time for them to go hunting, and most went hunting once a year or once every second year.

A Primordial Beast’s corpse was worth a fortune, even in a place like the Heping Kingdom. If they successfully hunted a Primordial Beast, they would earn enough money to live up to five years in the capital if they were just slightly frugal with their money. 

Of course many of the Primordial Beast Hunters were bad at saving money and were talented at spending all the money they had when they had it, which was why many had to go every second year to go hunting. 

Xue Wei knew this, so he did not expect to encounter a lot of beasts hunters in the wild. Those who were out hunting were perhaps fortunate to be able to survive after Xue Wei is done trouncing the country. 

His plans did not stop at just killing Primordial Beast Hunters. Although he aimed to kill all the Primordial Beast Hunters that had a blood feud with him, he also wanted to kill those who were behind the grudge that had been created back then. Anyone who had taken part in the mission ought to die, including those who had a hand in the whole thing escalating like this – the ones who claimed that Xue Wei was a Primordial Beast. 

If they had not believed Chu Huiyin back then, they would never have caused things to grow this much and Tie Haolong would still have been alive. In fact, Xue Wei blamed these people just as much as he blamed the Primordial Beast Hunters that served as the weapons that were used to oppress him. 

While they were not exactly slow, it still took them quite some time to reach the capital of Heping Kingdom. 

On their way, no one caused problems for them. Since they could fly as fast as they could, most thought that they were Primordial Beast Hunters, so no one caused problems for them but withdrew and looked at them with adoration and veneration. 

Xue Wei had no intention of taking out his rage on the commoners within the kingdom, but he was aware that his revenge would cause the already troubled Heping Kingdom to be even more troubled in the future.

By getting rid of the majority of their Primordial Beast Hunters, they were bound to have a lot of trouble withstanding the beast hordes in the future, but this was something that the kingdom had brought upon itself in Xue Wei's eyes. 

Even if the entire kingdom was left desolate, it was the king’s fault when he decided to cause such a scene with him and Tie Haolong. 

As they arrived at the capital, Xue Wei did not fly into it. Instead, he hovered right in the air above the city, looking down at it with cold eyes. 

This city had both an outer and an inner city; the inner city was where most cultivators and even a few Diviners were present. 

"I, Xue Wei, have returned to Heping Kingdom to settle scores!" Xue Wei infused his voice with Qi and yelled out. His voice penetrated through the entire city, including the royal palace housing the king and his family.

Since the prince and everyone in the inner city heard him, obviously the ones in the outer city heard it too, but the ordinary citizens were confused. 

Who was Xue Wei? They had all forgotten as time went by since he had left. Although he had made a dramatic exit back then, it had not mattered much to the common folk. 

"Xue Wei. Is that not the human name of the Crimson Devil?" A few people in the crowd remembered the name. Some of them looked incredibly fearful, while others were laughing and looking down on Xue Wei appearing in the air like this. 

Next to Xue Wei were Bai Tianyi, Hei Gou, and Lin Xiao. All four of them looked imposing as they hovered in the air above the capital, but no one dared move towards them. Even the proudest Primordial Beast Hunters had holed up in their mansions.

These experts were no fools. If Xue Wei had appeared here and declared his arrival like this, it meant that he was confident in his own strength. A glance at their cultivation bases was enough to make them all shrink their necks and want to appear as invisible as possible.

It was simply impossible to determine the cultivation bases of any of these experts that were hovering in the air, meaning that all of them were above the Heavenly Warrior rank. 

Fear started creeping into the hearts of every person below. Why had the experts from the palace not come out yet? The commoners started to fear for their lives. 

But the only thing that met Xue Wei was silence. No one was willing to step up to attack him. All of them knew that they would be killed right away if they tried.

Xue Wei was here to kill everyone who had participated in the battle against him and Tie Haolong, and he was not going to let any of them go. 

Seeing that no one came out to meet him, Xue Wei considered for a moment before he looked at Bai Tianyi. "All of you stay here," he said seriously.

"If someone comes out to meet you, then make them wait till I arrive or kill them if they act uncouthly. If someone tries to flee, kill them right away!" 

"Where are you going?" Hei Gou asked curiously. Xue Wei sighed. "I am going to the Genius Camp." he said seriously. 

"It is a place where every young man and woman from the continent are sent to improve their strength and become experts. The leader of that place is the one at fault for the mistake back then. He should never dream of having an easy time."

Having said this, Xue Wei nodded to Bai Tianyi and the others before turning around and flying away.

Many were breathing out in relief when they saw he vanished, but moments after this relief turned to worry as the rest of the experts remained where they were in the air 

Some got ready to escape, knowing that they had no option than to let their heads fall on the chopping block once Xue Wei returns and descends upon them. 

They should definitely try to flee as fast as they could. While this was happening, Xue Wei flew towards the Genius Camp. 

The trip to the Genius Camp was rather short. It was located almost right outside the capital, and looking at it brought memories back to Xue Wei of the year he had spent there. Many things had happened in the time he had lived there, but it was also the beginning of the disaster that later struck him.

He hovered in the air above the camp, looking down on a lot of youngsters who were passing by. Some noticed him and stopped curiously. Soon, a commotion broke out in the camp as all of them curiously looked up at him in the air. 

Was he a Primordial Beast Hunter who had come to their Genius Camp for some reason? To be able to hang in the air like that meant he was at least a Sky Warrior. 

"Have the commander of the Genius Camp come out to see me," Xue Wei said, his Qi-enhanced voice reaching every part of the camp. 

The youngsters were shocked. They had never thought of using their Qi in this way. 

The commander had heard the call as well. He exited his tent in a rage and flew into the air. This commander was a Heavenly Warrior, and as a result he did not fear anyone in the Heping Kingdom. 

He never bothered to check Xue Wei's cultivation base. When he saw his face, the commander turned pale because he recognized the other right away, but he did not flee. He was still completely certain of his own strength. 

"You!" he called out with furious voice. "You beast, how dare you show up here?!" 

The man did not infuse Qi into his voice, but he was yelling out loud, so those close by could still hear him.

"I have come to settle our scores from back then," Xue Wei said casually while looking at the angry man who was pointing at him. 

"Crimson Devil, don't think that showing up here means you can win, that I don’t have a way to deal with you!" The commander was filled with hatred and anger. He hated beasts to the core, and from the very beginning, he had been certain that Xue Wei was, in fact, a beast. 

Xue Wei just smiled slightly as he kept hovering in the air. He said nothing, but murderous killing intent started to seep out from his body and his eyes had turned as cold as ice. 

The commander was a war veteran. He had been in so many life and death struggles against the beasts that he had lost count, and he could sense the sudden danger that exploded from Xue Wei. 

He did not retreat. Instead, he accelerated towards Xue Wei, still feeling that he was much stronger than this young man. He had lived for much longer, and he was recognized as a genius. He refused to believe that this young man had overtaken him, and frankly the possibility of that happening had never crossed his mind. 

Seeing the man rush at him, Xue Wei did not feel any pleasure. He did not feel excited at the idea of killing him, but the man had to die!

Stretching out his arm, he prepared to welcome the charging commander. As they reached each other, a boom sounded out. A shockwave erupted from the place where their hands connected, but the expression on everyone’s faces, except Xue Wei’s, twisted. 

Up in the air, Xue Wei had stopped him with a single hand that had grasped his fist. A cracking sound came out as the fingers of the hand which had grabbed the fist started to clamp inward. 

Xue Wei shook his head. He felt empty right now, even as he was about to begin his revenge. Melancholy struck him and a part of him started to reflect on everything. Nothing would have happened if he had not used the draconic arms back then.

Lan had warned him about it, but he still got caught up in his own excitement and used the transformation like an idiot. Still, that did not free those who were directly involved in Tie Haolong’s death of their guilt. 

After crushing the commander’s hand, Xue Wei had lost all desire to mess with him as he had initially planned.

Inner Might: Qi Sword Style!

A sword quickly cut through the neck of the commander, separating his head from the rest of the body.

It only lasted for a moment, but the execution was so fast that no one could have seen it coming. The youngsters of the Genius Camp below grew fearful. Their eyes were filled with dread. Were they going to be slaughtered now? 

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