Condemning the Heavens

Chapter 649

Chapter 649

649 Sovereign Beast Aura

Xue Wei and the others looked around the meadow that stretched in front of them, as they stepped outside the forest. There did not seem to be anyone else than themselves here for now, so they did not rush to advance.

Their trial had been to reach a certain mountain range that could be seen in the distance, and only the first part of the trial had been successfully accomplished.

The forest had not been a test for their ability to fight, but merely to check whether or not they were vigilant, and also their ability to remain vigilant throughout the entire journey.

“As far as I can see, there is only a meadow and a lake in front of us, before we reach the mountain in front. The trial is to reach the mountain top, so I would assume that there is another three sub-trials to complete.

“The first trial focused on our vigilance, but I am not sure what the other three is about. One of them ought to focus on actual combat ability.”

Bai Tianyi looked at the mountain in the distance, but his eyes contained a firmness and unwillingness to give up as he began to analyze the rest of their challenge.

Hei Gou also looked in front, but unlike Bai Tianyi, he did not focus on the later challenges, but merely looked at the meadow that spread out in front of them.

He could not help but furrow his brows as he looked inquiringly at the seemingly tranquil meadow. There were low sounds of insects buzzing around in the lush grass, but no larger animals could be seen. Even so, Hei Gou could sense that many beastly auras were present in the area in front.

He could not help but look hesitatingly at Xue Wei, wondering if he also sensed the beasts in front, but looking at Xue Wei’s expression, he did not appear as dignified and solemn as Hei Gou.


“These beasts, unlike the ones we encountered in No Man’s Land, has an innate fear for the Sovereign Beast Aura. Although they might be numerous within the grass in front, none of them will dare to attack, as soon as my aura has been released.”

Xue Wei did not have any doubt about his aura. The Dongfang Continent was a part of his home world, and the rules of the world also existed here. Although he had encountered issues with his aura before, he did not doubt the pressure and power it contained.

Hei Gou nodded his head understandingly, and no longer felt any pressure from the meadow in front. He had already guessed that the next part of the trials should be combat ability, and that groups of beasts would appear one after another, requiring the teams to work together to slay them, as they tried to cross the landscape.

However, now that their group had Xue Wei, this part would not be troublesome at all, so they all started to meditate one after another, leaving only one person at a time to guard their group.

“They are quite vigilant. Although they already left the forest, they still keep an eye on their surroundings to ensure that no one will attack them while they adjust their mindsets.” The middleaged man who spoke was one of those who had been given certain benefits to let another person succeed, but since they had already been promised to control who got which spots, he no longer shyed away from praising this group of talents.

“I am very eager to see how they will manage in the next part of the trial. Depending on their performance, I assume that their rank in the sect will rise.” As the other person spoke, he glanced at the female Elder from the White Tiger Sect.

They had all sensed her eagerness to bring Xue Wei and his group directly to the White Tiger Sect, but she had not ended the trial yet, so they clearly had to go through every stage, before they got the good news.

“I am afraid that you might be disappointed.” The woman kept her eyes on the mirror-like image of Xue Wei and his group, but she still commented on the previous words.

“I believe that they will cross the meadow without even fighting against one beast.” The more she spoke, the brighter her eyes shone, and she was very eager to see to what extent this young man had managed to control his Sovereign Beast Aura.

The Sovereign Beast Aura was very special, and even among the White Tiger descendants, not many were able to control this pure aura, so she hoped that this young man could prove what the true aura of the sovereigns were like.

The other experts present could not help but furrow their brows in confusion and even look somewhat confused. They did not understand how this female Elder was able to say that they could cross the meadow without fighting, but they did not question her either. Although she was younger than them, and also a woman, she held much more power than they would ever have, and her identity was not something they could challenge either.

Even so, they were much more curious to see what was going to happen, and when Xue Wei and his group finally got ready to move forward again, all eyes focused on their reflection in the mirror-like display.

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