Congratulation Empress

Chapter c1

Chapter 1 – Strongest Family

Translated by: Sugar

Editor: zxrdm (Thanks)

TL Notes: This is my first ever translation (excluding the synopsis), there might be errors here and there. Hope you guys can enjoy it.

While keeping both eyes closed, Hua Jin Lan thought that even if she was tied and thrown into the river by her young sister, she did not fall so low as to allow the imps in the underworld to bully her especially when she mentioned that she was going to be reincarnated to the strongest family. The imps gathered together for a discussion but in the end sent her away.

‘Ku…Ku’ (Sobbing)

Why is someone sobbing beside me? Didn’t I reincarnated? Shouldn’t I be the one crying right now? Hua Jin Lan thought while rolling her eyes.

Wait. Why do I still have my memories with me? Did the Wheel of Reincarnation not work? (Before they are sent to be reincarnated, their memories are wiped)

When she opened her eyes, she saw an old, dusty veil in shabby condition with two gaping holes, allowing her to see the tiles on the roof. Beside her, was a female servant(maid) who was trying to wipe her tears. Also kneeling beside her, was a child. Hua Jin Lan was shocked at the scene before her but even more surprisingly she knew both of them.

What is happening? She looked at her own hands. It wasn’t hands that belong to a baby, nor was it her hands filled with scars and callus that she was used to. It was white and slim, to sum it up it was weak and completely different

This….This…. my G.o.d…. This was a case of body transfer.

“Young Mistress! You are awake!” Jiao Yue shouted.

Hua Jin Ling quickly sit up, opened her mouth to say one word: “WATER!”

Chu Yun immediately poured a cup of tea, “Young Mistress, we currently do not have any hot water. Here is some cold morning tea, please drink it first.”

Hua Jin Lan grabbed the cup and polished it clean within a gulp, soothing her throat. She turned to look at the tearing Jiao Yue,then to the reddened-eyed Chu Yun and finally to the poorly maintained house. She demanded “Can I at least get some thicker and warmer clothes?”

“Young Mistress, your thickest and warmest coat is drenched, yours truly have hung it outside to let it dry” Jiao Yue meekly replied.

Immediately, Chu Yun took off his outer clothes and draped it over Hua Jin Lan. “Young Mistress, your servant is not cold. Please use it for now!”

Hua Jin Lan throw the clothes back, while reorganizing her thoughts and memories. The only way she can think of how to describe the current situation, is due to the previous host’s mistakes in her youth. She was unloved by parents ,bullied by siblings,neglected and left alone in shabby house to fend for herself. However, she did not let any of that get to her but instead managed to endure all of that and is able to live in such a condition. Truly the people of Yue Dynasty deserves praise.

(TL: That marks the end of the first chapter. The original author jumps a lot in this chapter.Hopefully the next Chapter will allow you to understand more)

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