Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 10 - Bet

Chapter 10: Bet

Under everyone’s gazes, Yi Tianyun smiled faintly: “This is the last battle, I will fight till the end. Let me teach them a lesson and let them know that our Jade Palace is amazing!”

His voice is low, he won’t let Spirit Sect do whatever they please!

“Young Master, are you really ok?”

“Yeah, we thought you’re a weakling. We didn’t expect that Palace Lord actually conceal your true strength. Young Master, you really got us!”

Yi Tianyun’s prowess captivated many female disciples, they’re really confused. At least most of them if not all have changed Yi Tianyun views.

Former Palace Lord’s behaviour was very irresponsible, but it did not cause a serious impact to Jade Palace. When she was Palace Lord of Jade Palace, she contributed quite a lot to Jade Palace, so she can still be forgiven.

Of course, everything is because of Yi Tianyun’s capabilities, and the most important thing is he won, not just for himself but also for Jade Palace. If it’s not for this factor, probably he will still be looked down upon even if his strength is mediocre. In the end, without power, you can’t change others’ opinion about you!

Shi Xueyun saw the situation around her and couldn’t help but shook her head. They all thought that she deliberately concealed Yi Tianyun’s strength. As a relative who often takes care of Yi Tianyun, she obviously know that’s not true, even if Yi Tianyun have normal blood qi like everyone else it’s impossible to suddenly be this strong.

This is what bothers her and Xiaolian.

“Alright then, can you still fight in that condition?” Shi Xueyun worried: “Don’t be stubborn, if you can’t, then come down.”

Yi Tianyun just wants to say something, Zhao Hualong on the audience said coldly: “He has promised to fight, last fight, we must continue!”

Everyone shift their attention and saw that Zhao Hualong eyes were red, and killing intent is spread to his surrounding. Even the disciples of Spirit Sect glared at Yi Tianyun who killed their two brothers in succession. Not only their expression drastically changed compared to when they come here, but they also lost two talented fellow disciples!

At this time, Zhao Hualong can’t hold his anger any longer. With Mo Cheng talent, in the future he can definitely become a core disciple, but now he is dead! He will be held responsible later after returning to Spirit Sect.

Now, he only wants to kill Yi Tianyun, avenge his disciples, and saving his dignity in front of Spirit Sect.

“Elder Zhao, Tianyun already fought twice, in this last fight let other disciple participate, it is not against the rule!” Shi Xueyun looked at Zhao Hualong with cold eyes, and the powerful aura around him seemed to be turned into weak spark in the face of Shi Xueyun. The killing intent released by Zhao Hualong was washed away.

“He just said that he would continue to fight, and of course we will respect his wish!” Of course, Zhao Hualong is not willing to let Yi Tianyun leave. If he leave, he will miss the chance for a revenge.

“Now I said on his behalf. I don’t know what elder is Zhao talking about?” Shi Xueyun already knew that Zhao Hualong wanted to take revenge.

Everyone couldn’t help but despise Zhao Hualong. Shi Xueyun just spoke up and said that he was not going to let Yi Tianyun participate.

“Palace Lord Shi, this is his own choice!” Zhao Hualong raised two fingers and said: “If he choose to participate in this round as well, and win then I will give him Spirit Breakthrough Pill.”

It takes everyone’s breath upon hearing Zhao Hualong’s statement. Spirit Breakthrough Pill, as the name suggests, it can help the user to breakthrough from Body Refinement Stage to Spirit Refinement Stage.

If user already reach peak of Body Refinement Stage. As long as they take it, they can basically breakthrough to Spirit Refinement Stage!

What Zhao Hualong put as a bet is definitely something tempting, and the price of Spirit Breakthrough Pill is not low. If he loses, not only losing two disciples, but also Spirit Breakthrough Pill.

Originally, he didn’t want to bet using something as precious as Spirit Breakthrough Pill, but in order to tempt Yi Tianyun to remain on stage, he could only use this pill as a bet. Originally, this pill was going to be given to Mo Cheng.

Without anyone expectation Shi Xueyun sneered and said: “Is this Spirit Breakthrough Pill very precious? despite being an elder you are so shameless to use it as a bet. Take it back and eat it yourself!”

Jade Palace can still get their hands on Spirit Breakthrough Pill. For the time being, no matter how precious this thing is, Yi Tianyun is more important to her. Looking at Zhao Hualong attitude, he is definitely planning something, Yi Tianyun will be in danger!

Zhao Hualong is getting desperate, this Spirit Breakthrough Pill is precious to the disciples of Body Refinement Stage, but it has no effect for Spirit Refinement Stage.

“Then what do you want?” Zhao Hualong clenched his teeth.

“Get out! I don’t need anything from you!” Shi Xueyun said, no hesitation at all on that sentence, Yi Tianyun is more important!

Zhao Hualong face became darker, he wanted to take revenge but he’s at his wits end

“A Spirit Breakthrough Pill? I will fight!” Yi Tianyun smiled lightly. He planned to fight till the end anyway from the beginning. He didn’t expect them to continue discussing about it, regardless of his opinions.

From the very beginning, he had already said that he would fight. He didn’t expect them to be arguing, even made a bet. This bet makes thing even more interesting, he likes it!

Like earlier, he still chose to fight. But, this time no one dared to laugh at him. The strength that he just been shown has already shocked everyone.

Zhao Hualong eyes showed joy and hurriedly said: “In that case, then get ready!” He didn’t want to miss this opportunity, his heart was cold, and as long as Yi Tianyun agreed, he would have a chance at revenge!

Shi Xueyun was anxious. When she wanted to stop Yi Tianyun from fighting, she saw Yi Tinyun eyes exerting overbearing confident. She let her mouth open, just to be closed second after, she can’t bring herself to stop Yi Tianyun.

“Last fight, Zhao Feng go!”

Zhao Hualong pointed out a disciple who was seventh level of Body Refinement Stage. His level even worse than Fang Yun. Sending him to fight, can he win?

However, since it is Zhao Hualong the one who sent him, he must have his reason. Zhao Hualong have reached an elder position, he is not a fool.

After letting Zhao Feng come over, he whispered: “Don’t spare any effort, abolish him!, I will help solve sour problem, as long as you can win!”

“No problem!” Zhao Feng cold eyes stared at Yi Tianyun, his cold eyes were like a poisonous snake, reflected in his eyes.

Zhao Hualong was so furious and mercilessly said: “You still want this Spirit Breakthrough Pill? You must be a fool, you won’t be able to win, let alone get your hands on this Spirit Breakthrough Pill, you will pay the price for killing our people!”

The anger in his heart has shown up in his face. Not only has he been slapped, but the outstanding disciples who have been brought by him was dead. If he doesn’t take revenge, he surely will lose his dignity.

Meanwhile What Yi Tianyun is thinking right now was completing his mission and getting the juicy reward.

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