Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 12 - Repulsed

Chapter 12: Repulsed

“This is awesome. I got quite a lot of things from accomplishing this task. I get a divine armor and 200 gold. This is enough for a while.”

Yi Tianyun is very satisfied with these rewards, although he feels kind of dissapointed as well due to the amount of the rewards, although he is well aware that the one he just fought against is a basic mob level not the boss level.

“Look at my cultivation level. I break through to Spirit Refinement Realm already, this cultivation speed is crazy.” Yi Tianyun once again being reminded of the awesomeness of this Crazy Leveling System, if somebody else finds out about this, surely he will be in a lot of trouble.

The initial practice is really killing him, but with this crazy system, in just half a month he can breakthrough Spirit Refinement Realm, which is truly at genius level if not insane.

Host: Yi Tianyun

Level: 11 (First Level of Spirit Refinement Realm)

EXP: 1573/30000

Crazy Point: 698

Cultivation Technique: Dark North Divine Art (Human Grade, Mastery 378/1000)

Martial Arts: Absorbing Stars Great Technique (Human Grade, Mastery 378/1000), Eagle Claw Art, Falling Feather Sword Technique, Floating Cloud Steps

Weapon: Frost Fist (Common Grade, Mastery 329/1000)

Armor: Snow Wolf Boots

Divine Ability: Crazy Mode Level 1

Eagle Claw Art and Falling Feather Sword Technique cannot be leveled up, human level is it’s max level. This is a low-level skill to begin with, and there is no room for improvement. To put it bluntly, there’s no merit from repeatedly using it because it can’t be leveled up anyway.

However, because his martial arts are relatively limited, he had no choice but to utilize it whenever necessary. he is satisfied upon seeing the vast improvement of his martial art’s mastery, however the rate is just slow. There are too few monster in snowy mountain, otherwise he would have level up.

If exp card can be used to improve mastery as well, he wouldn’t have a hard time. However, exp is different from mastery, so that makes the exp card unusable for this matter.

In addition, now that he reaches level 11, he is eligible for Gift Pack Lv11.

While he was viewing the status, Zhao Hualong, who sits on the audience seat, was completely stupefied.

“This, this is impossible…” Zhao Hualong felt very frustrated and irritated about the outcome.

Tianyun won three out of three duel, leaving all his opponent’s corpse too to boot. Only using a gauntlet, and his martial arts is not particularly strong. How can this be?

He lost not only three disciples, entry permit to enter Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, and also Spirit Breakthrough Pill! This really pisses him off. If this was not Jade Palace He probably would’ve behead Yi Tianyun.

“But something’s off. He used Floating Cloud Steps just now, how can he master that technique, a secret technique belong to us Spirit Sect? and his speed is faster too”

Everyone’s reaction is almost the same. Because this battle is even more shocking than the two previous battles! and How can the disciples of Jade Palace know the martial arts of Spirit Sect?

Yi Tianyun is showing faster speed than that of Mo Cheng. The reason is that he is equipped with snow wolf boots. He himself didn’t realize it at first, but when he runs, the speed will be greatly improved, at least twice. The speed is naturally far beyond that of Mo Cheng.

“Elder Zhao, this duel ended with Spirit Sect’s lost!” Shi Xueyun looked at them with cold eyes.

The disciple of Spirit Sect came here full of confidence, but they used an underhand tactic and lost. Just imagine how disgraceful it is and how can they bear it..

“He, he is not a disciple of Jade Palace! Jade Palace never accepts male disciples. This win is not counted at all!”

“Yeah! Jade Palace’s disciple has always been woman, this man can’t be considered a disciples at all, at most can only be considered as an outer disciple!”

The disciples of Spirit Sect believe that this contest is not counted. Jade Palace has always been for woman, But Tianyun is a man and there goes Spirit Sect point of view to not partake on their lost.

These sly disciples, Yi Tianyun could not help but despise them at this point. If his battles doesn’t count, why did they let him participate in the first place? These people are so shameless

Yi Tianyun screamed at Zhao Hualong: “Elder Zhao, is your disciple denying your own words?”

“How can you use our Spirit Sect secret art!” Zhao Hualong avoided the topic at hand, and his eyes stared at Yi Tianyun coldly.

“I learned with a few glances. You think i steal that technique from you?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“If it is really stolen, it’s also too bad for you Spirit Sect! that means it’s not particularly an amazing technique or anything” Shi Xueyun added a cold comment and cold glare: “Elder Zhao, now you lose, that is fact!”

Zhao Hualong face is constrained with fury, and no matter what he said this matter is already decided. It’s just a shame that not only three disciples have died but they also lost entry permit to enter Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins. How can they not feel bad?

Zhao Hualong stared coldly at Yi Tianyun: “No matter how you learn it, you are forbidden use our martial arts in the future!”

This is Spirit Sect’s technique. Of course, he can’t just let other people use it even if they managed to master it somehow, but it is impossible to make Yi Tianyun forget about the techniqe he already learned.

“I have learned this myself, and I don’t steal it, so you have nothing to say in this.” Yi Tianyun said indifferently: “As for this martial arts, I don’t care if I don’t use it. And i already used it anyway, is it against the rules? Now as promised, hand me my reward and entry permit”

Zhao Hualong stared at Yi Tianyun, his eyes filled with killing intent!

Immediately, he took the pill and a metal token, and throw it. it fell into the hands of Shi Xueyun, his face turned gloomy: “Return to the sect!” He has no more energy to stay, and not wanting more shame directed to his sect

Looking at the figure of Zhao Hualong from far away, Yi Tianyun eyes flashed with realization, and Yi Tianyun succesfully made himself as their enemies. However, he looked at Zhao Hualong’s name bar is flashing indicating a boss character. He really wanted to punch him and kill him. He wonder what kind of treasure would he get for successing such a feat.

After the disciples of Spirit Sect left, the disciples of Jade Palace cheered, and the duel between the two factions has finally ended with their victory! All thanks to Yi Tianyun. They can’t deny the fact that they can’t win this tournament if its not Tianyun that fights for them, no one at Jade Palace can fight against Mo Cheng and win.

“Continuously defeated the three disciples of Spirit Sect, Tianyun, your cultivation is already at the peak of Body Refinement Realm!” Shi Xueyun estimated from the power of Yi Tianyun.

But that information is a little bit outdated as for this moment he is in Spirit Refinement Realm!

“no, this is… a little higher than that.” Yi Tianyun smiled and touched his nose. For Shi Xueyun, he doesn’t want to lie.

“Spirit Refinement Realm?!” Shi Xueyun was shocked. When did he breakthrough?

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