Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 22 - Jiu Lingyun

Chapter 22: Jiu Lingyun

『Ding, acquired the task to defeat arrogant Wing Sect disciple Ma Liangpeng, reward 5.000 exp, 500 blacksmith mastery, 500 gold.』

When Wing Sect’s wagon disappeared in front of him, suddenly a voice rang in his mind.


Yi Tianyun subconsciously accept it, and he’s stunned for a moment This is one of Crazy Leveling System’s feature it can also acquire quest randomly, the quest acquired is optional quest, so whether you want to complete it or not is completely up to you.

It’s a pretty good reward overall, there is no common item in it, normally the rewards from the quests acquired by Crazy Leveling System is quite good. Especially for monster slaying quest…

“If I activated lucky aura the moment i complete the quest will i get an extra reward?” Yi Tianyun suddenly got an excellent idea.

When you played the game, what is the decisive factor at the beginning of the game? Of course it’s the character’s luck. Now that there are multiple lucky auras, obviously the reward you obtained will be better.

When he’s deep in his thought, the voice of An Ling sounded in his ear.

“Come on, let’s go.”

Yi Tianyun was snapped back into reality, nodding his head and follow An Ling’s back. There was a towering stalwart in front of him. The decoration was extremely luxurious, and the exposed corners were all coated with a layer of gold. The surrounding borders are all layered with silver and look quite luxurious.

This is their destination this time, Wind Building.

They will sell some spirit tools here for some gold which will be used to purchase some more materials.

“Such luxurious place…” Yi Tianyun eyes lit up, compared to the surrounding buildings, Wind Building is much more conspicuous.

When they are about to go in, they heard a ruckus.

They divert their attention toward their back, and they are fascinated by an ordinary girl, average looks, nothing special about her, everything about her is average. She clung to the arm of a man, with her eyes full of anger.

“Liu Li! You agreed that you will give me 8 silver! Jade Spirit Grass can’t be that cheap, I have asked everyone, this Jade Spirit Grass worths at least 12 silver, yet you only give me 3 silver.” The girl’s eyes are full of anger, and judging from her tattered clothes, at first glance anybody will know she is not from a well-off family.

Liu Li pulled away her dirty hand, but the girl’s grip was really firm, resulting with her tearing his clothes.

“Wind Building now buys Jade Spirit Grass for 4 silver. And my share is only 1 silver, nothing more! If you continue to pull it down, don’t blame me for it! If you don’t want to help me in the usual situation. I have already smoked you, and now the clothes have to be broken by you… Mom, so dirty, it is suffocating!” Liu Li is full of anger, he is not a cultivator, just an ordinary person.

“Impossible, the price is still the same untill yesterday. How could it be so cheap all of a sudden? You must have taken the rest of the money!” The girl still pulled his clothes tightly and shouted: “Come back!”

Meanwhile, Yi Tianyun and others who were watching up until now looked at each other, they hesitated to help.

“Let’s go in, no need to concern ourselves about them.” Qin Xue shook his head and didn’t plan to help.

In her opinion, there are just some people who are too lazy to take care of themselves.

An Ling kind of wants to help, she knows Liu Li is deceiving her.

Not only An Ling, even Yi Tianyun can’t overlook this, he’s not exactly a nice guy, but seeing this situation, he can’t just sit still!

『Ding! Successfully accepted a quest to help young lady Jiu Lingyun, reward 1.000 exp, Jiu Lingyun’s favorability increased by 100 points and 5 prestige points.』

Yi Tianyun didn’t care about rewards at this point. He quickly approach her. For him, the reward is not important..

“You dare to tear off my clothes, damn it, compensate for this!” he’s so infuriated, he raised his hand intending to slap the girl. The girl though, have no intention of escaping, she’s not afraid at all.

Fortunately right before his hand reaches the girl, Yi Tianyun grab his hand.

“Jade Spirit Grass’ price is indeed 12 silver, aren’t you being unreasonable here?” Yi Tianyun frowned.

“Get your hands off me! Mind your own business!” Liu Li was angered, he’s trying to break free from Tianyun’s clutch but it’s too strong so he use his other hand and try to punch Yi Tianyun’s face.

“Watch out!” Jiu Lingyun tried to protect Tianyun by putting herself in front of him.

Bam! The clear sound of someone’s face is being slapped, however it was neither Yi Tianyun, nor Jiu Lingyun’s face, turns out the one who was knocked down was Liu Li.

His face swollen and one of his teeth is detached.

“Trash!” He can’t see clearly yet and he is being mocked, of course by none other than Tianyun.

“Son of a bitch, do you know who I am!” Liu Li tried to stand up, his face is swollen, and his mouth is full of blood looking at Yi Tianyun full of anger.

“I don’t know who you are, but you better give back the silver this girl deserve, otherwise I don’t mind giving you a few more slaps!” Yi Tianyun stepped forward, and he reveals his intense aura in front of Liu Li.

How can a normal person withstand the aura of a cultivator, his feet are shaking, he is scared.

“Cultivator…” Liu Li realized that Yi Tianyun is a cultivator and he fainted. After he is awake, he quickly took out some silver, but it was not much really. The rest of the silver he owes Jiu Lingyun that’s all he got.

He begs Tianyun for mercy: “I am sorry, sir, please let me go, i’ll never cause trouble…”

He kept begging mercy now that he knows Yi Tianyun is a cultivator, he even left all his money there nothing left, all he can do is beg for mercy now

“Go!” Yi Tianyun glanced at him coldly. He had no intention to kill him. There were too many people anyways, he can’t afford to kill anyone amongst this crowd.

Then he ran off as fast as he can never looking back.

『Congratulations for completing the quest, earn 1.000 exp, Jiu Lingyun’s favorability is increased by 100 points and prestige 5 points.』

100 favorability! All of a sudden Yi Tianyun is already at the level of a good firend. It seems that she really appreciates his help.

Only after Liu Li ran away that she picked up the scattering silvers,and held it carefully in her hands. 12 silver is enough for three months for a family in the slum.

She paused, and immediately took out 5 silver from her arms and handed it over to Yi Tianyun and said: “This is my token of appreciation… I’m sorry i can’t give too much, i need to feed my younger brothers at home”.

Looking at the 5 silver handed over by Jiu Lingyun, Yi Tianyun shook his head and smiled: “it’s ok, keep it for yourself, i was wondering, would you come with us? Join Jade Palace.”

“Ja, Jade Palace!?” She is so surprised she couldn’t believe her ears. She immediately shook her head: “I… my talent is very low, there is no way i can join Jade Palace.”

Many fractions will recruit people. Of course, they will examine their talents. Those with low talent won’t be able to join. Jiu Lingyun talent is not high, and since she knows the fact that she got no chance, she refused the offer beforehand.

“Sisters, can she join Jade Palace? Not to be a formal disciple, but rather to do some chores and stuff in Jade Palace, is it possible?” Yi Tianyun asked.

An Ling and Qin Xue approached them.

“No problem, and younger brother, since you are a young master of the Jade Palace. You can bring in people at will. There is no problem at all.” An Ling looked at Yi Tianyun full of admiration, she is really impressed by Yi Tianyun’s deed.

Obviously, this move earn him a lot of favorability from her. Although Qin Xue, who was next to her, did not help, she couldn’t help but feel compassionate when she saw Jiu Lingyun.

“In this case, are you willing to come with us?” Yi Tianyun smiled. He has no ulterior motive. He simply wanted to help her. He thought that this girl eyes were very honest, and she didn’t think twice when she tried to fight back or protect Yi Tianyun earlier.

She’s just so pure and honest to her feelings!

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