Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 938

Chapter 938

Their companion had just died so easily, so they couldn’t just watch from their seat any longer! They no longer cared about Yi Tianyun’s body anymore as they could just find another body that wasn’t so problematic! 

“You go get him from that side, I will come at him from the other side! We have to kill him quickly!” The two Divine Generals planned their attack to bring Yi Tianyun down. 

“He isn’t that big of a deal, is he? Well, his offensive power is pretty good, but it’s still weaker than our current power!” the other Divine General said with a puzzled look on his face.

“Didn’t you hear what the boss said earlier?” the Divine General said as he was confused by his partner’s word. Divine General Sha Long was their boss, the head of the ten Divine General who naturally led them into battle. Divine General Sha Long was the one who shouted that Yi Tianyun had to be eliminated quickly earlier. 

Meanwhile, Divine General Sha Long was dealing with the other Heaven Monarch cultivators as some of them had reached 6th and 7th Layer of Heaven Monarch cultivation stage! So, he had to make sure that they wouldn’t become a problem later on.

Although they were in a very advantageous position inside the tower, Divine General Sha Long knew that they couldn’t control all the variables! Furthermore, if they used the Murderous Aura too much, they could fall into Cultivation Deviation themselves! Although they used the Murderous Aura as a weapon, they weren’t actually immune to the effect of the Murderous Aura! 

Meanwhile, Nian Ciyu felt pressured in front of two Slaughter God Divine Generals! She could feel the dominating power from the two Divine Generals to the point that she didn’t think she could do much against such strong cultivators like them! But then again, there was nothing she could do except fight the enemy back!

“Are you ready?” Nian Ciyu said as she gripped her long whip confidently. She showed no fear even though she realised that she had no chance of winning. At the same time, she took a Medicinal Pill and prepared herself for a fight! But regardless of the outcome, she had to fight!

“You don’t have to do anything, just let me handle it!” Yi Tianyun said as he stopped Nian Ciyu from consuming the Medicinal Pill on her hand. 

“I am your Elder, it is my duty to ensure your safety!” Nian Ciyu said as she turned her head towards Yi Tianyun. 

“An Elder is a teacher! Furthermore, if you are injured, Heavenly Edict Territory Lord would be very upset! Afterall, Heavenly Edict Divine Territory will be yours in the future!” Yi Tianyun said as he smiled towards Nian Ciyu. 

“Well, can’t have you face these enemy alone! I will be right by your side!” Nian Ciyu said as she was a little bit startled by Yi Tianyun’s words. She remained stubborn even after what Yi Tianyun said as she didn’t think he would be able to win alone. 

“Of course! You will be here to help me!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face. He didn’t say anything else as he knew that Nian Ciyu has made her resolve. However, it didn’t matter now as he was already browsing his shop. 

“Buy the Evil Demon God Suit!” Yi Tianyun said as he interracted with his system.


‘Successfully redeem Evil Demon God Suit for 50 million Sin Points!’

Evil Demon God Suit: Level requirement: 80. Can turn into Evil Demon God anytime the suit was equipped. Increase combat power by 200 times, defense power by 200 times, speed by 50 times! After turning into Evil Demon God, all attack will turn into long range attack that would cover a thousand miles. Increase Crit Chance by 50%! Consume 100.000 Cps per minute!

He now had enough Sin Points to redeem the Evil God Suit and it was common sense to redeem such a strong suit!

“Equip Evil Demon God Suit!” Yi Tianyun said, and the system was immediately put to work. His body was immediately covered with a thin layer of armor that had an intricate texture. The armor itself also radiated an unparalelled evil aura that started to erode the ground. 

Nian Ciyu suddenly felt there was a sudden change within Yi Tianyun, as if Yi Tianyun has suddenly become even more powerful than he already was earlier!

“Turn into Evil Demon God!” Yi Tianyun said as his body was immediately covered with a black light! A dark power surged into the sky, piercing through the murderous aura that enveloped the tower itself! 

The Murderous Aura itself was immediately blown far away after coming into contact with the black aura that came from Yi Tianyun’s transformation, clearing the area from the suffocating murderous aura, clearing the view for Yi Tianyun’s terrifying new transformation!

The black light also had the effect of burning everything it came into contact with, and so, anything it touched turned into ashes immediately, including the murderous aura itself! 

Yi Tianyun’s body didn’t didn’t swell this time unlike when he used his other suits. Instead, his eyes now became magical-looking and gave off a foreboding vibe to his aura, plus a curving horns on his forehead! 

The two big Slaughter God Divine Generals that were rushing towards Yi Tianyun suddenly felt stiff as they feel a foreboding sense that they were about to lose their lives! They stopped moving and took a step back to get away from Yi Tianyun. They felt that an encroaching evil was all around Yi Tianyun right now.

They felt that they would die as soon as they stepped any closer towards Yi Tianyun!

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