Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 962

Chapter 962

Yi Tianyun kept pushing forward, making his way to the Core of Life. The 500 meters between him and the Core of Life was riddled with pressure from the heavy gravity, but it was still tolerable for Yi Tianyun! 

He moved at a snail’s pace, and finally, the Core of Life was within his reach!

“I can feel the Life Energy entering my body!” Yi Tianyun said as he closed his eyes and immersed himself with the life energy that constantly entered his body. He felt that it was much more potent than the Longevity Set that he had. He believed that it would be healed right away if he was injured! He even believed that the intense vitality there could heal a broken bone!

Yi Tianyun touched the Core of Life, and he felt like his consciousness was drawn into the Core of Life! But the Life Energy kept flowing into his body exponentially. 

‘Acquired 110 million Exp, 108 million Exp, …’

The Exp he got was already reaching 100 million points, which was already impressive! But the most important thing for Yi Tianyun was that his core was being strengthened by life energy! So, Yi Tianyun absorbed the Core of Life, trying to strengthen his core even further! 

The elders who saw Yi Tianyun was steadily cultivating at the bottom didn’t know what to say as it was really impressive that someone could reach the bottom with only one try! They have never seen someone even attempt to get into the bottom on their first run! 

But the most confusing thing was that Yi Tianyun was only at the 3rd Layer Earth Monarch stage, while the cultivators who could reach the bottom were usually at the Heaven Monarch stage! 

“This time, our Heavenly Edict Divine Territory will undoubtedly produce a good result in God Domain’s War of Ascencion!” one of the elders said with a smile on his face while the other elders stood still speechlessly. Yi Tianyun was clearly in another league compared to the other geniuses that already existed! 

Although Xiao Murong was a genius and had a higher cultivation base than Yi Tianyun, she couldn’t even reach the bottom in one try! 

The elders sighed as they were impressed by Yi Tianyun’s achievement before leaving as they still had their own business to attend to. There was nothing left for them to watch here anyway. Yi Tianyun has already shown that he deserved to enter the War of Ascencion by reaching to the bottom and cultivating beside the Core of Life. 

The elders were actually envious of Yi Tianyun as they themselves wanted to cultivate beside the Core of Life, but they couldn’t do so as they didn’t want the Core of Life to be depleted too quickly. Even if the Core of Life was a big Core for a planet, it couldn’t revitalise itself! In other words, if the Core of Life was depleted, it would be gone forever. 

Xiao Murong noticed that Yi Tianyun had reached the bottom, but she didn’t envy him at all. She was indeed shocked that Yi Tianyun could reach the bottom, but it was by his own ability, so there was nothing she should envy about it.

The only thing she could do right now was to build her strength to catch up! 

“He is so much stronger than me!” Xiao Murong said as she clenched her fist and meditated once more. Unlike other cultivators, she was proud of her own ability! Everyone has regarded her as a super genius, but now she was surpassed by an unknown young man, and her pride couldn’t take it! 

She was bored of cultivating by herself earlier as there was no challenge whatsoever. But now that she has found Yi Tianyun, she wanted to catch up as soon as possible! 

Nevertheless, Yi Tianyun didn’t care about anyone right now as he focused on his own cultivation, absorbing the Life Energy for himself. His core was gradually strengthened, and he even grew Spirit Medicine inside his core! Although the grade was still low, it was already an improvement in itself! 

He didn’t overthink unnecessary things and focused on gaining Exp and boosting the Star Power. Not too long after, Yi Tianyun’s core let out a rumbling sound and emitted a ray of light! 

“Is it stronger now?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously. He immediately checked his own core and noticed that it had expanded a little bit, which made him happy! But then again, he didn’t know how long it would take to improve his core once more! Every cultivator had a different core, and thus, they had a different requirements to improve it! Yi Tianyun couldn’t take any advice from anyone for this one.

Yi Tianyun checked the content of his core and saw that it had been covered by Spirit Medicine. Although it wasn’t the highest grade, it should be good enough as it was at the 4th Grade Spirit Medicine! 

“The sensation somehow reminds me of breaking through!” Yi Tianyun said as he was surprised by the sensation from his core. Levelling up his cultivation would always be easier as he didn’t know the specific way to level his core up.

“Oh, there seems to be something here.” Yi Tianyun said as he carefully inspected the content of his core, but he began to notice a small core inside of his own core!

“A core?” Yi Tianyun said as he was surprised to find a core inside his own core!

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