Cthulhu Gonfalon

Chapter 988 (END) - Epilogue: New Era

Chapter 988: Epilogue: New Era

In the depths of the Great Circulation lay a unique, tiny world.

This world was different from any other place and could be said to be universally independent. However, the tiny world itself had its own sun, moon and stars. There were mountains, rivers, flowers, trees as well as animals such as birds, insects and fish.

Of course, there were residents as well, and a sizeable amount at that.

“The skies, mountains, rivers and scenery are always constant. This quiet life is really too bland for me!” the previously high and mighty God of Aristocracy said in frustration as they waved their pickaxe, hacking away at the ground as if they were engaging in battle with the wild grass. In fact, they seemed like they were cutting trees instead of trimming grass! “I hate this boring life…”

“Actually, it’s not as boring as it seems. If you get used to it, it is actually rather comfortable. One feels at peace and free, with nothing much to bother you. Having peace every day is not necessarily a bad thing.” The God of Vagrants walked by, holding on to two pails of old and fermented toilet water. Although the God of Aristocracy had smelt this nasty smell several times before, they still had their nose wrinkled and a full face of disgust.

“Can’t you walk further away! That thing smells absolutely disgusting!” the God of Aristocracy complained out loud as the stench hit their nostrils.

“I can’t, actually, since the grass needs this as fertilizer,” the God of Vagrants replied calmly. “Actually, the smell isn’t that bad. It has already fermented and been diluted by me. This level of smelliness definitely can’t compare to the smell of dead corpses strewn everywhere during battle. At that time, we fought so many wars and I never once heard you complain then…”

“That was battle, of course I would be too distracted to complain!” the God of Aristocracy replied crossly. “We are all immortal and do not need to farm for harvests to live our lives. As long as we complete it, that’s enough. Why do you have to take this all so seriously?”

“Since we have embarked on tasks, why not just do them well?” The God of Vagrants smiled. “Even a pig can do its job well, so why can’t we?”

The God of Aristocracy was temporarily lost for words as they glanced at the Pighead standing in the middle of the field who had on a safety helmet and a stern expression on his face.

“That salt pig! If this were the past, I could squash him dead with a single finger!”

“But that’s impossible here, right?” Another god who was working nearby overheard this comment and sighed. “Just get on with your work and focus on changing yourself into a better person just like what the God of Virtue wanted.”

“I am a good person! What do you mean to change myself? Furthermore, why do I have to listen to a stupid frog’s commands!?”

The commotion in the fields did not affect the peace of the nearby rivers. A bespectacled frog was crouching on the ground where the rivers were, glancing at the figure who was stoning dazedly against a tree.

“Wuther, your resistance towards change is useless. I have the patience to accompany you till the end. The time where you manage to humbly serve your sentence is when I will allow you to leave.”

The great Master God of the Human God System harrumphed coldly and ignored this great Divine Power who had appeared out of nowhere to become the guard of this prison.

“I hate this! This place has cut off faith as a source of power and I can’t utilize a single bit of power… If there were anyone who followed me, I would be able to gather up a little bit of power and utilize it to break the lock which this bastard made and regain my freedom. He’s but a stupid human who likes to transform himself into all sorts of creatures…

“It’s been so many years, and I’m unsure as to what the outside world has become… No matter what, as long as I am able to escape eventually, I’ll definitely be able to return to my glory days, take over the world again and become a great dictator!

“Previously, my preparations were insufficient, and I was unable to succeed. This time, I’ve calculated it all, and I will not fail again!”

The frog glanced at Wuther in frustration and disappointment, shaking his head endlessly.

“Wuther, you’d better stop daydreaming. You all actually died along with the extinction of the world. The fact that you could resurrect along with Sui Xiong’s rescuing of the world is already a lucky matter. Matters like becoming a dictator will never happen again!”

Just as the frog was nagging at Wuther, the sky suddenly jolted a strange circular disc flew in. Its speed was extremely fast, but in a split second, it slowed down, turned once in the sky and eventually landed unhurriedly at the empty land beside the river.

“I guess this is the place.” An energetic middle-aged man wearing a strange coat that had a hat attached brought several similarly attired men out of the disc, and they peered around. “This is the prison that houses the evil king Wuther Rang and his accomplices for their evil deed of trying to control and destroy the world… Well, it doesn’t look much like a prison. It looks more like a farm or field!”

It was a strange sight to see as all the men were of different races as well as strength levels. Some were extremely powerful, while others were relatively weak. However, they seemed to be at peace with each other and did not display any prejudice or isolation against those who were weaker.

Wuther noticed them immediately. First, he paused before jumping up and sprinting over hurriedly to where the men were standing. “Who are you? Are you here to find me?”

The middle-aged man froze and took out a thin book comprised only of two pages. He casually flipped it and pressed it several times. The pages of the book transformed and displayed a sketch which was identical to that of Wuther Rang.

However, the sketch was of Wuther wearing a body of armor, looking glorious and mighty. The Wuther of the present was wearing typical farming clothes and looked downcast and normal. He certainly did not look glorious at all!

“Since you both look the same, it should be Wuther after all…” The middle-aged man matched the sketch with Wuther and nodded confidently. “We have arrived at the right place at last.”

With that, the middle-aged man could not resist but add, “To be able to interview Wuther, well, we definitely deserve to be honored as the most newsworthy interviewers yet!”

Wuther ignored the middle-aged man’s impertinence and spoke up urgently. “Are you human? If so, you should be faithful to me as followers. I am the Master God of the Human God System, after all!”

The middle-aged man froze. Even before he could reply, another younger man spoke up. “We no longer believe in gods anymore. There’s no benefit in doing so.”

“How could there be no benefits!?” Wuther raged out loud. “There are many benefits to following gods!”

A young man laughed and winked at his companions. The men began to press buttons on their clothes, recording the scenes and sounds before them.

“Can being faithful to gods guarantee us infinite happiness?”

Wuther thought for a while, furrowed his brows and shook his head.

“Can it help this world to stay peaceful forever?” another young man asked.

Wuther furrowed his brows for a long period of time and eventually shook his head again.

“Can it allow me to know the secrets of the entire cosmos immediately?” a middle-aged man asked.

Wuther was lost, and he fell silent.

“I guess not. Let me ask you, can you help us to explore the entire cosmos then?” the middle-aged man spoke again.

Wuther’s face twisted, and he remained silent.

“If everything is impossible, what’s the use of faith!” a young man spoke up mockingly.

Wuther’s eyes slightly hardened as he heard the mocking words of the bastard Pighead as well as the guard frog.

“If you believe in me, I can grant you immortality!” Wuther cleared his throat and spoke up in a stern way.

The middle-aged man who replied to him spoke in a bored and casual way. “There are many who use technology to sustain life in the world, immortality is not appealing at all…”

“Are you really the Supreme Lord of before? It seems like there is nothing much noteworthy about our exchange… The words you deliver are of no interest to us…”

“Could we have wasted our time in traveling here to find him?”

“That’s impossible!” Wuther flew into a rage and yelled out. “How can this be!? When did this happen!?”

“It’s been many years…” The middle-aged began to flip that two-paged, thin book again, searching for something. Suddenly, the frustrated Wuther reached out and grabbed the book from him. Before flipping it open, he was already drawn to the cover of the book.

On the cover, a green jellyfish hoisting up a flag was smiling radiantly at him.

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