Cub Raising Association

Chapter 13

Kuhti cub

The amount of forwarding rose from a few thousand to one million at a speed visible to the naked eye. Xia Qi’s brain froze for a long time but when it finally started working again, it went into overdrive and she hurriedly picked up the connector and ran out.

“Quick, come look at this!” The connector was directly carried into the building where the cubs were taken care of and Xia Qi was so excited that she couldn’t help but shout to the others, they really needed to see this!

The others were puzzled by her behavior, but still got closer and looked at the screen. The first thing they saw was of course the cover of the Yunbao branch’s promotional video. They all knew that the Vice President had posted a promotional video yesterday but not all had seen it. Those who had not seen it therefore first thought that she meant to show it to them, but when she did not start it, they took a closer look and got scared silly by the amount of forwarding displayed under the video.

However the amount of forwarding wasn’t even the most outstanding thing and neither were the many comments. What was most shocking was the Xingyou accounts listed as having forwarded it. The employees recognized some and clicked on them, getting to their official pages they couldn’t believe that it really was true.

“This, how.. what is the situation?” Staring with big eye, Zheng Zhou once again confirmed that he hadn’t read wrong.

Several high ranking military officers from the Star Alliance had actually forwarded their video? ? !

Looking at the number of comments that continued to rise in the commentary area, the three people who had been called over by Xia Qi were now in the same condition she was when she first saw it.

This is impossible… Why had all these important men and women forwarded it? ?

Standing opposite the other three, Xia Qi could see the expressions on their faces and they were so outstanding that she, who had calmed down a bit, could not help but think to herself that she most have had the same expression not long ago..

The commentary area was filled with discussions about their clubs background. Xia Qi, who knew that their club really didn’t have any special background or backing, almost cried tears of grief when reading an accusation of using their strong backing to promote their low quality facility… they really hadn’t, ah. 囧

No, wait…

She had originally denied this in her heart, but… Xia Qi looked at the human youth walking out of the hatching room, and suddenly she was not so sure about this.

Following Xia Qi’s line of sight, the other three people who had been frozen in place, turned their heads and stared at Xie Tao.

Maybe they actually had a hidden powerful backing..

Thinking this, their eyes directed towards Xie Tao changed a bit.

Being stared at by everyone as well as seeing their inexplicable expressions, Xie Tao walked over to the connector and curiously took a look at what they were doing. Seeing the situation, Xie Tao, who by now had a good tolerance for unexpected weird things, could not help but be just as stunned as the others had been.

“This has nothing to do with me.” Raising his head, he suddenly understood why the others were looking at him so strangely and therefore said this.

But then there was no solution to this mystery…

Not able to think of a reasonable explanation, Xia Qi was still full of doubts.

“Let’s not think too much about it.” Xie Tao really didn’t want to put energy on meaningless speculation. Slightly sighing, he decided to simply regard this as an unexpected happy surprise. “This is a good thing for our club.”

Hearing his words, Xia Qi thought of something and nodded.

It may have been that their video had by coincide been seen and forwarded by the lieutenant, and then some of his subordinates forwarded the promotional video in order to get on his good side…

The more she thought, the more she felt it a possibility. After successfully convincing herself, Xia Qi quickly recovered her normal state of mind and even felt a bit excited.

Although most people were busy trying to find the club’s connection the the high profile people, there were still some complementing their club, and Xia Qi felt that some parents might even consider sending their cubs here.

In the meanwhile, Star Alliance’s General Zarad, the main culprit behind the confusion, took out a small connector and checked on lieutenant Ron’s work. He then unconsciously gave a light nod of approval.

As the promotional video spread across Xingyou, the name “Yunbao Branch” came known to many people. Although the matter of why the military officers forwarded it became the main interest, generally most people also got curious about the club itself.

Some people had dug deeper and found out that this club was ranked 3,000.

Although it felt a bit unlikely considering the military officials’ interest, but the ranking was from the official list produced by the Star Alliance –

[Interstellar Nursing Club Rankings]

The ranking was published by the Star Alliance and each of the clubs on the list was ranked after a field assessment made by the Star Alliance’s dispatchers. Participation in the assessment required clubs to apply on their own. Of course, the application was conditional and required all aspects of the facilities to meet the minimum application requirements.

In the beginning, some people thought that the Yunbao branch had not applied for the assessment and was therefore not on the list.

When the word spread of them being on the 3000 spot, many had been skeptical. But after once again watching the promotional video, they found that although the video and graphics were trying to highlight the club’s good points, the club still had relatively simple facilities.

This was just a regular nursing club..

No matter how you looked at it, they could only come to this conclusion.

After this realization, the interest for the post decreased just as fast as it had increased. Most people’s curiosity about this cub raising branch gradually dissipated, but the name “Yunbao” still left a shallow impression on their hearts.

Of course, there were exceptions to this, but to really understand one would need to see it from the other’s perspective-

A few planets away, in central city at Orte planet, a family dispute was taking place in a villa’s sunlit dining room.

“Since this club does not work, then quickly change to another, don’t waste time.” In the room, the well-dressed man paced back and fourth as he calmly said this. However his tone did not leave any room for objection, he was simply telling the other what to do.

The young woman sitting at the table was silent, but then she opened her mouth and with a weak voice said: “To change it… The cub has been at this new nursing club for three months, if we change it so suddenly… At this age.. He will not be able to adapt…”

Both the man and the woman in the room belonged to the Kuhti people. This race was characterized by the light red hair they had in humanoid form. However when they were cubs and could not yet transform, they were similar to baby birds with red fluffy feathers.

“Not adapt!” The man suddenly raised his voice and his expression became very bad. “He almost disgraced our entire family. You tell me, which three years old Kuhti can still not fly?! Other family members have already started to see us as a joke.”

The woman could only stay silent, even though she did not feel that it was shameful that her cub had yet to learn how to fly, she had no way to refute what he had said.

“In short, you can move it to a new club this time. But if there is a next time, you won’t get this opportunity, then you don’t have to come back to me in the future.”

The atmosphere in the room was very tense and at this moment the door was nudged open. The Kuhti cub’s black eyes gazed inside through the small gap, his fluffy light red feathers trembled slightly as he observed the situation. The woman sat with her back to the door and did not notice its movement but the man did. Suddenly meeting those cold eyes, the cub slightly jumped in fright and escaped back to the living room.

Hiding in a corner, the cub lowered his head and made himself small.

The Star Crest Nursing Association, which was one of the best nursing associations, had already tried many different branches and many high level caretakers but the cub was still unable to fly. Fuya felt helpless about the situation. One year ago she had already taken the cub to the hospital for an examination, but the medical report showed that he had no deviation in wing development and his body was healthy, he had no diseases that may cause him to be unable to fly.

However, despite this, the cub could still not fly, and he also seemed very resistant when people tried to make him fly, sigh, it all made Fuya feel both very distressed and anxious.

She now had to once again find a new club for the cub and since she didn’t feel like going over those lists that she had repeatedly read through, she instead logged onto her Xingyou account. She planned on going to the different associations’ platforms and see if there were any new information.

However, just after logging in, she spotted a promotional video for a Cub Raising branch called Yunbao.

Yunbao Branch?

To be honest, Fuya had read through the Interstellar Nursing Club Rankings so many times that she could almost fully recite it, at least down to 2000, she therefore clearly knew that this was not a famous club.

But this club’s video was on Xingyou’s front page, there must be a reason. Looking closer she saw that it had been forwarded a lot and even some outstanding people had shared it. They couldn’t have done it for no reason, there must be something special about this club..

When desperate, one will cling to any hope given. Even though the ranking didn’t peg it as something special, they had already tried so many top-ranking clubs without getting any results, so why not try this one?

As soon as she made up her mind, she quickly withdrew the cub from the previous club and on the same day booked tickets. Two days later, she arrived at Gaia Star.

“Sweetie, mommy got you a new club, you will be staying on this planet.” Picking up the cub, Fuya said this as she stepped out of the star ship and showed him their destination.

Two days travel by star ship was still quite far and if they she let the cub stay on this planet, then she would not be able to visit as often or take the cub home from time to time like other parents did.

But if this could help him..

Following the map Fuya soon found the cub raising branch, however she didn’t go inside directly. Instead she stopped and took a good look at the club’s facade. Seeing that it gave a bright, friendly and childish feeling, Fuya unconsciously relaxed and let go of the breath she didn’t know she had held in.

Just a few days after the promotional video was posted, the club finally managed to get a parent who wanted their send their cub to them! The employees were therefore very happy and all joy and excitement was channeled through their enthusiastic welcome.

As Fuya was led to the office, she observed the club’s environment, and although she felt that it was a bit inadequate, it could be seen that it was well organized. She was therefore quite satisfied, what she really cared about was after all the staffs attitude, and seeing as they were very friendly and the club had a good atmosphere, she felt it safe to entrust her cub to them.

The club’s fee was charged on an annual basis and was paid for one year at a time.

“On average, the monthly fee is 2000, one year is 24,000. Can you accept such a fee?”

When Xia Qi said this, she lost some of her enthusiasm. The fee was based on the nursing club market and should be responsible. But Xia Qi still felt a bit embarrassed about demanding such a high price.

“Yes, I will pay directly with crystal card.” Fuya nodded immediately. The fee here was extremely low compared to the club the cub stayed at before.

Looking down at the cub in her arms, Fuya couldn’t help but sigh. She knew that her child didn’t like staying in nursing clubs, but it hadn’t always been like this. At first he had seemed happy and at home, sigh, she didn’t know when it changed..

Fuya looked up and swiped her eyes over the people newly gathered. It was easy to find the person in charge just by looking at how they stood and their interaction. So when she discovered that it was a human youth, she was a little surprised.

“Hi, you must be the president, I just want to tell you about my son’s situation…” After shaking hands, Fuya told them about how he was in full health but still hadn’t been able to fly, as well as his preferences and other things that she would feel better knowing that they were aware of.

Healthy but not able to learn how to fly?

Xie Tao did not bother correcting her about the president matter, and instead started to ponder on her words as he directed his eyes to the Kuhti cub in the other’s arms.

Light red velvet feathers and clear black eyes. This Kuhti cub that was resting in his mother’s arms, was very similar to a chubby baby chicken and the cub’s immature fluffy feathers made him seem round from every angel.

He did not have any physical problems, his wings was neither injured nor stunted, so in theory the cub should be able to fly.

Although he didn’t know what caused this cub to be unable to fly, Xie Tao felt that it might be because the cub did not receive correct guidance.

Xie Tao nodded to the young woman in order to show that he understood the situation and then lifted his arms.

Meeting his eyes, Fuya understood and gave a slight nod before lifting the cub higher up and planting a kiss on his head. “My sweetie, mommy need to go now..” Fuya took a step closer to Xie Tao, but when she slowly started to hand the cub over, he suddenly grabbed onto her shirt and huddled close.

The woman seemed a little troubled and Xie Tao was also worried at that the cub would resist if he tried to lift him now. So Xia Tao first raised his hand and gently touched the cub’s back feathers which was very smooth and nice to feel. Seeing him relax a bit, he carefully picked him up and called out to the cub in a soft voice in order to calm him: “Baby.”

Hearing this tone that was almost too warm, the Kuhti cub unconsciously moved his small wings and raised his head to look at the human youth. Seeing the youth’s gentle smile and soft eyes, the cub once again moved his wings slightly, and with a fragile and tender voice called out to him: “Tiuh, tiuh.”


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