Cub Raising Association

Chapter 2

After entering the door, Xie Tao saw the environment inside more clearly.

The area of ​​this raising association was very large, but it was also very empty. There were only a few main buildings and other open spaces seem to be so idle.

The iron gate at the entrance was rusted and there was no guard at the gate. The flower beds and lawns on the roadside seemed to have not been pruned for a long time...

Xie Tao went to the place where the office building should be. The closer he got closer, the more worried he became.

It was not because of the fact that this branch of the cub raising association was not very to good at, but more so of what it said about its economic situation. Even if the correct way to save the world was for him come here as a childcare worker, Xie Tao felt a sense of crisis in that this place seemed like it will close its door at any time..


No matter what, just apply first.

Shaking of his off messy thoughts, Xie Tao stopped in front of a wooden door with an office sign and raised his right hand to knock twice.


After a crisp knock on the door, it took about three or four seconds, and there was a slight hesitation in the office. "Please come in."

Xie Tao opened the door and walked in.


Seeing the young human being who walked in, the girl who sat at the desk and counted the monthly income and expenses was obviously stunned, but she quickly reacted. She stood up and politely asked: "Hello, sir, you are here for....?"

The young girl who was questioning him was pretty and looked human, the only difference that could be seen was the two small antennas on her head as well as the fact that she occasionally swayed slightly when she spoke. When Xie Tao got closer he also saw that her eyes had abnormally larger pupils.

Although Xie Tao has seen many non-human races as he had been led here by the golden light ball, this kind of close contact with an alien race was still a novel experience for Xie Tao. His mood was very unstable and we wasn't sure what to feel.

If he looked at it from the perspective of an artist, Xie Tao actually felt that this experience was very interesting and would give him lots of inspiration.

"To apply." Xie Tao replied in a loud voice and at the same time he put the piece of paper that had been removed from the iron gate on the front desk. "I saw the job flyer attached to the door."

The young girl hadn't expected this answer and her antennas slightly shook as she widened her eyes in surprise.

The job flyer had been posted on the door for several months. Of course, at many other places on the street as well. However despite that, in the past few months, no one else had applied for it. She and the president had lost all hope of recruiting people.

If the salary was high, you can of course easily recruit people, but the problem was that their branch of the association had no money! The salary given was 1800 credits per month, as for additional benefits, such as year-end bonuses... There was none. The only thing that was good was probably only that food and a livable space was included.

The average person would just find another job and not settle at this salary.

Now that someone was finally willing to apply, Xia Qi was certainly very happy, but the problem was that the youth in front of her was a human being... As far as she knows, there is probably no cub in the entire interstellar family who has human caretaker, no parents want to employ them.

It was not because of prejudice against the human race, but an objective cause.

You see, once the technology, the special weapon equipment is removed, human beings are very weak, which does not apply to almost all the other races except the human race.

Even in the face of young cubs of other races, it's already quite dangerous for humans. The Cub Raising Association would therefore normally not hire a human caretaker.

"I am going to call the president and so I will trouble you to wait here for a little while." After considering for a moment, Xia Qi responded decisively, she was just an ordinary employee here and things like who is recruited was not for her to decided.

"Okey." Xie Tao nodded.

After she left, Xie Tao raised his hand and poked the golden ball of light still floating around him. It was invisible, when he walked here he had already confirmed it.

Xia Qi didn't let Xie Tao wait for long and soon she came back with an old man who's hair had already started to turn gray. He had the same antennas as Xia Qi on his head. This was the only thing that made one able to immediately identify them as being one of the Sevilla race.

Except the antennas, the appearance of the Sevilla people could be said to be very similar to humans, or more precisely, to the appearance of Orientals. But in terms of bodily functions and sturdiness, the two races were miles apart.

"Xiao Qi told me that you want to come here to be a caretaker, is it true?" The old president looked at the human youth in front of them and then said, "The specific salary is the number written on the recruitment flyer. There are no other extra benefits."

The base of the Earth Federation was very far away from this planet so it was really rare for humans to come to Gaia Star. Most of the people who came to this planet were businessmen. However, since this young human came to work as caretaker, it was obviously not in line with this.

Xie Tao nodded and responded with a sigh: "It's enough with food and accommodations, I will work hard."

This sentence Xie Tao said was true, he had suddenly been rushed and had crossed over to this world, he therefore didn't have anything with him, except the clothes on his body. So as he was officially poor here, he couldn't be picky.

If the job hadn't included food and shelter, Xie Tao even felt that he probably would have needed to sleep on the streets today....

Xie Tao saying this sentence was equivalent to inform them of his current situation, and sure enough, both of them quickly understood the meaning of his words.

Knowing the situation of the youth, the old president did not ask anything more, only his name. Then, because of them urgently needing personnel he decided to take Xie Tao in.

After Xie Tao signed the contract, the young girl who had been watching quietly next to him showed a smile. "Then we will be colleagues in the future. You can call me Xiao Qi like the president. The staff quarter is the building to the left, I will take you to find a room to clean up and you can start living in it today."

"Okey. Thank you." Xie Tao slightly bent the corner of his lips upwards as he gave his sincere thanks.

The young human was very good looking and when he showed a light smile on the so far expressionless face, there was a kind of soft feeling that could reach people's hearts. Making his thanks seem especially sincere.

Before going to the staff quarters, Xia Qi and the old president lead the youth around to familiarize himself with his new work place and explained to him the usual work content. The place where the caretakers work every day, taking care of the cubs, was next to the staff quarters. It was the largest building in the middle and there was also a large courtyard in front of the house where the young cubs usually enjoy outdoor activities.

There was basically no decoration in the yard, only a few trees and flowers with a few stones placed next to them. However, despite being far from chic, it still looked like someone was taking care of it.

It was not time for the cubs outdoors activities yet and normally you would not see any in the yard. But when Xie Tao's group stepped into the courtyard, a scream of horror was heard as well as hoarse low growl.

The screaming was issued by a childcare worker who, like Xia Qi, was a Sevilla, an adult male. Extreme fright could be seen on other person's face and he was fighting hard to run forward. When he saw Xie Tao and others in the distance, he immediately shouted as if seeing a savior: "Save, save me—!"

Chasing behind was a huge non-human creature. It's body looked cold, it's limbs stronger than steel and its claws sharper than a knife. One could see that the they got deeply inserted into the ground as it ran. Undoubtedly, once caught, these claws could easily pierce the body of the prey.

The creature was extremely fierce and had no feelings and this dangerous creature of terror was chasing the escaping person with extremely fast speed. Just like treating the other as a prey that needs to be torn into pieces, it's pupils locked on the opponent's body were contracted into a thin slits.

After seeing other people entering the courtyard, the caretaker who fled immediately ran towards them, not thinking of how it would affect them.

"This cub is..." Even if she had been a childcare worker for five years, this scene still made Xia Qi panic.

This was the cub of the Muka race. The Mukas were considered to be one of the lower races in the interstellar. They had lacking intelligence and didn't understand anything except fighting. It is impossible for them to advance into a humanoid form.

But this race does have a lot of combat power and survivability. They were a weapon themselves, hard, agile and sharp, and they were extremely fierce in battle. If it was purely melee, probably no race in the entire interstellar could match the Muka.

Even as a cub, the Muka held considerable power.

Cub? Xie Tao had prepared himself that the cubs here probably wouldn't look like he imagined but he still couldn't resist the slightest twitching of his eyes.

That's a cub? Why is it so big?!

Xie Tao felt the urge to vomit blood but he did not have time for it.

"Run!" When she found that her colleague was running towards them with the Muka cub following, Xia Qi's face changed.

The Muka cub was now six months old. For the past six months, the other party had been fairly stable and Xia Qi did not understand why this Muka cub suddenly showed aggression.

But now was not the time to ponder. They couldn't cope with the situation so they needed to run first. When the Muka cub is slightly calmer, they can consider approaching. But if someone where to face it now, that person will definitely have an accident.

As a Sevilla, Xia Qi only knew that human beings have little combat power after leaving the weapons and equipment, but she had not expected that even the ability to escape was basically zero!

In fact, Xie Tao had actually taken out the 100-meter sprint speed that he had not used in many years and had run with all he had. As a normal human, this was already pretty good but compared with the alien race that had an advanced physical fitness... Well let's just that zero escape ability was quite correct in comparison.

He was soon left behind and Xie Tao could hear the creature's loud breaths behind him that seemed to be getting closer and closer. His forehead was dotted with small drops of perspiration and his heart was jumping in chest. Not only because of the dangerous situations, but also because of strenuous exercise.

He couldn't run anymore, he had reached his limit. Xie Tao's legs that he had lost feeling in, accidentally dragged and he stumbled, falling down to the ground. Rolling uncontrollable, he grunted with pain as he finally stopped.

Landing with his back against the ground, he could see how in the next second, the Muka cub, who had already caught up from behind, rushed over and completely trapped him.

Although the target to be pursued in the beginning was not the youth, the Muka cub, who was in an irritated state, did not hesitate to rush after catching up with the young man who fell and pin him down.

Its paw stomped down beside him, burying into he ground and the creature placed its other paw on his neck, the edges of the claws lightly piecing his thin skin. Xie Tao looked up and met a pair of fierce and cold scarlet eyes. At the moment of sight, Xie Tao felt that it was easy to see from the appearance that this fearful creature, that it was whispering a threat of death to him.

Xie Tao: "..." I have had a long life.

Seeing him caught as well as that the young man's neck and head risked getting clawed to shreds and separated by the Muka, the people who returned to the scene got a shock and anxiously observed from afar. Afraid that there was no way to save him.

The contract has just been signed and this new colleague will be gone so soon?!

Looking at the paw on the youth's neck, Xia Qi did not dare to act rashly. She could only try her best to show the Muka cub that she was not malicious and try to convey to the other party the message of not hurting.

However, her actions did not seem to have any effect. The Muka cub was not moved at all. It was still issuing a dark low sound in the back of its throat and continued pinning the young man down. Actually, it seemed to have the opposite effect. Because when it saw a figure moving at the side, the aggression of this Muka cub became more apparent.

Probably aware of this, Xia Qi had to grit her teeth and prepare to forcibly save him, but just as she stepped forward, she heard the voice of the youth.

"Do not come."

After swallowing a few times, Xie Tao finally managed to suppress his fear and calm his heart. His breathing that was violent from running also calmed down a bit, he then said: "Stay far away..."

Xie Tao did not say it for no reason. He has observed that the hostility of this Muka cub was actually more towards the childcare worker who was behind. He was already caught and other people would only further irritate it if they came close.

Since the cub did not immediately sever his head when it caught him. Xie Tao had calmed down, there was still a lot of room for change.

When everyone retreated again, Xie Tao took the initiative to meet the scarlet eyes that was staring at him and seriously looked at the dangerous creature.

Under the staring of the scarlet eyes, Xie Tao raised his right hand, which was free to move, and in the other's line of sight, carefully touched the paw on his neck. "Be good......"

Rather than appeasing, it is better to say that it sounded awkward. After all, Xie Tao had never confronted a Muka cub before or tried to sooth it.

When touched by the youth, this dangerous creature stopped all movements for a moment and the tightened scarlet eyes seemed to slightly relax but it still looked fierce.

"Baby, be good." Xie Tao continued whispering with a soft tone. The touch under his hand felt cold and the claws he was partially touching was sharper than a real knife. It was very dangerous to the naked eye, but Xie Tao was not afraid of contact and did not stop the appeasement.

No matter whether the exterior looked scary or not, this was still a cub.

It was just a six-month-old cub, and of course it couldn't understand the language. But even if you can't understand the language, you will have a vague concept when treated softly.

For the first time, it was so peaceful. Whether it was the voice or movement of the youth, there was a feeling of warmth. The Muka cub, who had pinned the young man to the ground, gradually converged on his aggression.

He didn't understand what "baby, be good" meant. It is the first time he heard these three syllables. The Muka cub only instinctively responded with a voice from the throat.

It was still a hoarse voice, but it did not express a threat, it was simply a responds.

The paw, pressing on his throat, was removed, but it wasn't move too far as the cub only places it down beside him. The Muka cub stared at the young man's right hand.

Because Muka's body temperature was low, the temperature of the young man's hand felt extraordinarily warm. From the time of it's birth, he had only felt such a temperature a few times. This Muka cub actually really liked it.

Having the pressure as well as the sharp objects attached to his neck finally moved away, Xie Tao began to relax his body a bit.

He couldn't pinpoint the reason, but since he started to interact and speak to the cub he no longer felt scared at the bottom of his heart. The cub was now staring at his hand, and Xie Tao, who had no experience as a caretaker, understood after a moment. He naturally raised his hand and laid it on the Muka cub which lowered itself down.

After touching for a while, Xie Tao felt it a bit hard to breath. "cough..."

But it was only reasonable sense the big cub that had laid itself onto him and was pressing him down, was very heavy..

At this time, it didn't wait for Xie Tao to make a sound again. The large cub that was heavily pressed against the young man seemed to understand what he was doing. While continuing to stare at the youth, he slowly moved his body away.

After having entered the state of battle, this Muka cub was actually willing to take the initiative to let go of the prey... Seeing the change of things, in the distance, the three people who had cold sweats was now stunned at the development.

Standing up from the grass, Xie Tao did not make any moves to escape. He just stood in the same place and reached into his own pocket, he recalled having a milk candy on him somewhere.

This was also a personal quirk, you see, Xie Tao always feels that when he is painting, eating sweets will give him more inspiration, so he always had a few sugary things nearby.

Peeling off the paper, Xie Tao did not send the candy to his mouth, but tiptoed and raised his hand, feeding the milk sugar to the large cub in front of him.

When good and obedient, you have to give some kind of reward. Although it was now a cub of a non-human race, Xie Tao felt that this was still universal.

"This is my only possession, if not counted the clothes on my body."

After checking that the cub had gotten it's teeth and had a strong bite-force, Xie Tao placed the candy in the mouth of the Muka cub in front of him.

Xie Tao did not lie, he now had nothing. But what bothered him was not that, but the fact that the candy, for the Muka, was at most the size of a pea.

It seemed a bit too embarrassing...

The candy was too small for this Muka cub, originally he had wanted to swallow it directly, but then the sweetness of it spread in his mouth and it was not willing to swallow.

"Like it?" Looking at the Muka cub who was no longer showing obvious aggression, even being a little quiet, Xie Tao smiled.

Was this the first time the cub ate sugar? Remembering the economic situation of this nursing association that he observed from entering the gate. Xie Tao couldn't help thinking so.

Hearing the voice of the youth, the Muka cub, who had been feeling the sweetness of the treat, quickly followed the sound.

It did not have any concept of what looked good and what didn't, but at this time, the soft smile on the face of the youth and the brilliance in his eyes, reflected in the scarlet eyes of the Muka cub, and there was a sparkling feeling, very beautiful, attracting it close.

The big cub wanted to follow the urge but didn't know how to, in the end, he lowered his head and gently snuggled it into the arms of the youth.

The warm body temperature of the youth was like the residual temperature left on the eggshell when it was born, and it gave the Muka cub a sense of security. So as the cub was snuggling in the arms of the youth, he made a low sound.

The dangerous creature that had just been fierce and brutal lifted his head a bit and looked up at the youth, like a baby who listens to the parents' words. Although the appearance still looked dangerous, the Muka cub who were waiting for the youth seem to have a docile feel.

God knows how the word "docile" can be used with Muka cubs. The three people in the distance had already been stunned for a while, and they were still doubting their eyes.

After you get the S-level qualification, you will be greeted by the nursing association of each planet. That also applies for the one the Muka resides on, but even a S-level caretaker would have it hard to calm a Muka cub who has entered battle mode.

However despite it, the Muka cub, who were in front of them, was now actively bowing his head to the young man and was even snuggling him, snuggling!

Not knowing that he had done something incredible in the eyes of others. As a man of the Five Dregs[1], Xie Tao who was gently nudged by the large cub in front of him... fell down and landed on his butt.

Hey... Butt hurts!

Xie Tao felt sore but he resisted the urge to make a sound and only reached out to touch the Muka cub who seemed to want to snuggle him again.

This time when snuggling in his arms, the large cub, who now knew that the youth in front of them was fragile, was very cautious. His sharp claws and teeth were kept away and he did not dare to use too much force when pushing and snuggling.

Although Xie Tao had thought it was not right at first, he now found that did not dislike this script.


[1] - I'm not sure about this one, but if I would have to guess, he probably means that he was a shut in? A painting otaku? A net? Somethings in those lines that made him have a weak body... Do any of you know what "a man of the Five Dregs" means?


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There are some fluffy velvets, but the murderous ones like to stick to the big cubs will also have =v=

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