Cub Raising Association

Chapter 29

To Yunbao Branch

The big bird was flying with his small cub. Xie Tao followed them with his eyes as they soared high above and after a while, he lowered his head and touched the back feathers of the two fluffy cubs in his arms.


Although their hearts were filled with longing and they were very envious, the cubs obediently stayed in Xie Tao’s arms and gazed up at the sky. When they felt their back feathers being touched, they chirped and turned their heads to look up at Xie Tao before snuggling into his shirt.

The fluffy Kuwei cub with yellow feathers was called Rawei and the gray Cotto cub was called Leeds. [1] Xie Tao silently stroked the two fluffy cubs for a while and then said, “Should I fly with you later?”

When he spoke this sentence, Xie Tao did not stop to think how he, as a human being, would be able to fly with them like the Kuthi cub’s father had. He simply asked this first.

“Tiuh! Tiuh! Tiuh!”

As soon as the youth said this, the two fluffy cubs immediately raised their heads and chirped in excitement, they seemed very happy.

Lightly poking the two lively cubs’ soft chests and bellies, Xie Tao mentally noted down this matter and started contemplating on how to do this.

This was the interstellar era, certainly there must exist some kind of equipment that could let him accomplish this and make him able to fly in the sky.

For example… maybe something similar to the equipment of Iron Man?

Xie Tao did not think too deeply about this for the time being.

Ultimately, some adults of the same race as the two cubs might come and apply for guardianship. After all, these two cubs were so good, so cute, so outstanding—

In the heart of Xie Tao, who had already attained the mentality of a parent, all the cubs in their club were good cubs who deserved being spoiled and pampered.

After listening to the two cubs’ response, Xie Tao felt his neck and cheek being rubbed by something fluffy.

Already accustomed to being rubbed by the Knox cub on his shoulder, Xie Tao turned his head and took the initiative to return the gentle rub.

The Knox started emitting a low hum as he got nuzzled by the youth and his pupils seemed to slightly tighten with stratification.

By the time the huge Phoenix-like creature and the little red cub had completed the parent-child activity and the cub and father came face to face once again, the fluffy cub showed almost no timidity when meeting the father’s usual stern face.

When the pair now approached Fuya and Xie Tao together, the little cub was even squatting on top of his father’s head, his small claws clutching the hair of similar color.

A stern, cold-faced man, with a small round fluffy cub on his head…. this scene, it really made one feel an absurd contrast…

However, for Fuya, seeing this scene only filled her with joy. That her husband and their cub got along so well, this truly was the best possible outcome.

Xie Tao was naturally also very happy to see that everything had turned out well and that the Kuhti cub had two parents who loved him dearly.

“Our Peipei… I will have to ask that your club continue to care for him in the future.” When he said these carefully chosen words, the man’s stern face held a barely noticeable embarrassment.

Not long ago, he had used a tough unyielding attitude and the same questioning tone to ask his wife why she had sent their cub to an unfamous nursing club.

At that time, Tanner had believed in his heart that the conditions at the club had to be very poor and it would not be a good living environment for the cub. The same goes for the caretakers, at such a club, how could the caretakers possibly provide the care the cub needed?

However, he had been wrong, seeing the improvement of his cub for himself, Tanner could not deny this. They had made the cub able to fly. As for the caretakers, just looking at the intimate and caring attitude of the youth in front of them was enough.

He must have been very attentive.

The fact that he once disliked this nursing club called “Yunbao” was only known to his wife and even though she would not mention this, Tanner still felt a sense of embarrassment.

Xie Tao nodded at his words and tiptoed to retrieve the cub sitting on the man’s head.

The flying competition at Orte was over and the cub’s family matter had been resolved. Now was time for Xie Tao and the cubs to return to Gaia Star. To their club.


When leaving, the little red fluffy cub called out two times to his parents, but still obediently stayed put in Xie Tao’s arms.

Out of the two chirps, one was meant to him.

Thinking this, the stern man’s face unconsciously relaxed a bit.

While the butler accompanied the guests to the gate, Tanner faced his wife in the living room and her silence made him a little uneasy.

Without saying anything, she took in his whole appearance, starting from the bottom. When her eyes reached the top of his head, she abruptly raised a hand to cover her mouth and she made a snorting sound similar to that of a suppressed laughter.

“…” Not understanding the origin of the laughter, Tanner held back from asking and instead went into the study. After closing the door behind him, he picked up the photo standing on the desk.

As soon as he saw his own reflection in the glass, Tanner understood why.

His hair that always was tidy and fixed with hair gel, was now in a complete mess and it could be described as a bird’s nest, literally.

It was probably from when he let the little cub sit on his head… No hair gel would be a match for the cub’s small claws as he moved around on top of his head.

In the past, Tanner’s first reaction would have been to lose face. [2]

But now, after having experienced the feeling of being close to his cub, Tanner did not feel any negative emotions when he discovered this.

The cub had been so happy when he sat on his head, and this had made him happy as well…

When it came down to it, which was more important, maintaining face or his own cub?

Having already put down his barriers once, Tanner suddenly felt that it was not very difficult to let them down a second or third time.

After leaving the Waren estate, Xie Tao took the four cubs and boarded the returning starship.

This time, he managed to book a place on the latest commercial starship model, and so, about a half day later, Xie Tao arrived at Gaia Star together with the Knox cub and the three proud cubs wearing medals.

It was at this time that the “flying contest” tread on Xingyou reached its climax.

When some people were discussing how an unknown club had managed to make a Kuhti cub who had never been able to learn how to fly, master it and also win first place in the competition. A message suddenly emerged in the thread from a staff member of the Ary branch which attracted the attention of many people.

The Ary branch was ranked tenth among all nursing clubs in the interstellar and it was undoubtedly on many parents list when they decided on a club for their cub.

The message had not been officially issued by the Ary branch per se, but it had been sent by one of the staff members’ private account.

“That Kuhti cub stayed at our branch for more than half a year. The caretakers at our club gave spiritual guidance to the cub every day. Although it’s a pity that he did not fully grasp it before he left, I’m happy to see that the cub can now fly.”

Even though nothing was directly stated, just like as if it was only the person’s own emotions, they still specifically mentioned that the caretakers at their club had given spiritual guidance every day, and this, of course, made many people wonder.

After all, even though Ary branch, compared with the top three, still had a long way to go when it came to capital, background and so on. There was one thing that made them able to compete with the highest ranking clubs—- They had a S- level caretaker.

The Kuhti cub had been at the branch for over half a year and every day a S-level caretaker had used their spiritual power to guide the cub… when the cub later mastered flying, maybe it was actually because of Ary branch’s hard work?

This speculation was not groundless. Just thinking about a S- level caretaker’s excellent spiritual strength, it was quite reasonable to believe that the fact that the Kuhti cub had later acquired his flying ability was because of the repeated guidance given by Ary branch’s caretaker.

In addition to Ary branch, this Kuhti cub has been treated at several other clubs in the past as well. But even though some staff at these club had similar ideas, they could now only silently store these thoughts away in their heart.

Even though there was only a small hint in the other’s message, in the eyes of the other clubs, it was equal to claiming credit.

“It was obviously thanks to Ah Tao’s hard work and encouragements that the cub was willing to take the initiative to learn how to fly.” Seeing the comments on Xingyou which favored Ary branch, the staff at Yunbao branch immediately became dissatisfied.

Since it was not only the youth’s efforts but also because of the cub’s own hard work that he was able to learn how to fly, they did not feel it right to comment and let their club take all credit for this. But this didn’t mean that they were okay with watching others talk nonsense.

“The cub worked hard. Ah Tao often trained with him and the other two cubs also helped and flew with him every day. It is clearly because of this that the cub was slowly able to learn.” Xia Qi and the other staff members could not help curl their lips in disgust as they read the countless comments on Xingyou. They felt that they all were complete rubbish—

The Vice President and investor of their club had said that the reason the cub was not able to fly was psychological. Later, this had also turned out to be true. So what could spiritual guidance possibly have to do with it??

Through the live broadcast on the Star Network, the staff members knew that all three of their club’s fluffy cubs had gotten good placements and received medals in the competition. Xia Qi had not rushed things and had thought that when they came back, they could take a photo of Xie Tao standing with the three cubs by the gate. They could then upload it into the official account of their club.

She hadn’t expected that it would become such a hot topic on Xingyou…

Not being able to stand it, she had logged onto her own private Xingyou account and tried to clear thing up.

But it had been helpless, the comments refreshed too quickly, and her rebuttal drowned in the massive stream of comments.

She was outnumbered. With so many people believing the same thing, it was hard to make a difference, and the new people who joined in was off course quickly persuaded by the masses.

However, as the public opinion got more and more unified, a thank you letter from the Kuhti cub’s parents suddenly surfaced.

The first paragraph in the letter read—

To Yunbao Branch.

A stone stirs thousands of waves. The hot topic which had gradually calmed down due to the convergence of the public opinion once again started to boil.


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[1] – The Kuwei cub’s name would better be translated as Ravi or Ravey, but the second character in his name is the same as the “wei” in “Kuwei”, hence why I wrote “Rawei”. The Cotto cub’s name can be translated as “Leeds” or “Lidz”. I leave it up to you readers to decide what the two fluffy cubs should be called. (^^)

[2] – To lose face basically means that something humiliating happens which makes you appear weak and makes people respect or admire you less.

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