Cultivating In Secret Beside A Demoness

Chapter 853: A Cursed Retreat

Chapter 853: A Cursed Retreat


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Moonlight spilled onto the earth.

Even the paths were illuminated.

At that moment, a flying magical treasure whizzed through the high sky, with three figures above.

One of them was sitting cross-legged and leisurely making tea.

“Mr. Tao, are we really going back like this?” Tang Ya looked down and asked.

“Is there anything here worth missing?” Mr. Tao asked curiously.

“Not really… It’s just that we are so close to the Dragon’s Nest. Why give up suddenly?” Tang Ya felt regretful.

Zhu Shen was also puzzled.

He was about to find a very important person.

Leaving like this suddenly made him feel remorseful.

Mr. Tao’s rapid departure indicated that this place was not safe to stay for long.

They had to listen to him.

Mr. Tao was good at strategizing.

Mr. Tao did not miss anything. Everything was under his control.

If Mr. Tao still chose to leave the West overnight, it meant it was a serious issue.

However, they didn’t understand.

“Are our enemies coming here?” Tang Ya asked.

“No.” Mr. Tao shook his head. “The Dragon’s Nest can be found anytime. It might be a bit delayed, but it wouldn’t affect us so much. But if we don’t leave right now, we might be stuck in the West for a long time.”

Zhu Shen and Tang Ya were surprised.

“Is the West dangerous?” Tang Ya asked.

“Is there a danger we don’t know about?” Zhu Shen also asked. It wouldn’t be this serious unless it was something very dangerous.

Mr. Tao smiled.

Tang Ya looked at Zhu Shen. “Do you understand Mr. Tao’s riddle?”

Zhu Shen was speechless.

“You don’t like riddles now, do you?

Bi Zhu woke up in a wooden house in the village. She lived with the Mountain Princess.

This house was the newest in the village, but it still looked ordinary and small.

Bi Zhu walked out of the house and walked to a big tree in the distance.

She wanted to find someone to talk to.

“Auntie Qiao?” she called out softly.

“Princess, are you looking for me?” Qiao Yi walked out from behind the tree. Bi Zhu was startled. “Auntie Qiao, can you make some sound next time?

“What’s wrong, Princess?” Qiao Yi was puzzled. Bi Zhu asked softly, “What is the name of this village?”

“Mountain God Village,” Qiao Yi said.

“That’s good…” Bi Zhu breathed a sigh of relief. “Auntie Qiao, after this is over… if we survive, let’s go back to the South and stop wandering around for a while.”

Qiao Yi shook her head. “Princess, have you forgotten? We still need to go overseas to find the Heavenly Spirit Tribe.”

Bi Zhu was speechless.

She just wanted to go home.

After the gathering, Jiang Hao took out a book and started taking notes.

There wasn’t much that needed to be written down.

Only the Great Thousand God Sect’s involvement in Zhang’s affairs needed to be noted, and there was also a high possibility that the corpses would be wandering in the west. They might be getting closer to fortune and karmic treasure.

There was a possibility that Jiang Hao might run into the corpses.

Gu Jin’s fortune and identity might confuse the corpses to seek him out.

It was inevitable.

Jiang Hao sighed. He felt that he was getting involved in too many things after coming to the West.

It was difficult to escape.

The only way now was to quickly find the Sage’s Pages and return home.

Before returning to his sect, he had to help Zhang with her offering.

It was an ordinary task.

He could now see how dangerous it was to make it to the Immortal Ascension Platform.

Even such an ordinary task was difficult to do. Zhang had underestimated the danger of advancement.

Not everyone could make it to a new realm safely.

After writing down everything, Jiang Hao began to study the nameless manual.

What he needed now was the power of perception. He couldn’t raise his combat prowess, so this was helpful.

He needed to improve quickly. So, the only way was to use the spirit stones to digest the divine soul of the Holy Master.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t do it now.

He didn’t have enough spirit stones.

He only had twelve thousand left.

The next day, Jiang Hao found Hong Yuye.

He discussed what had happened in the gathering. He also mentioned the walking corpses in the West who were targeting fortune and karmic treasures.

He hoped to get some advice from her because the solution given by Senior Dan Yuan was of no use to him.

He was Gu Jin. So, he obviously couldn’t use his identity to solve his own problem.

He also brewed a pot of tea for her.

“The Corpse Clan?” Hong Yuye asked.

“Yes. It’s said to be someone from the Corpse Clan,” Jiang Hao said.

“Why do you think he’s looking for karmic and fortune treasures?” Hong Yuye poured a cup of tea for herself.

“If he’s still a corpse, then karmic and fortune treasures are most likely needed to revive him.” Hong Yuye took a sip of tea. “Currently, even if the corpse is awake, it has no life force. It’s similar to a discarded body. As time passes, it’ll disappear. Then, it’ll wait for someone to revive the corpse again.”

Jiang Hao nodded. He understood why it hadn’t caused so much commotion.

The corpses were trying to find a way to revive themselves.

“If it appears, can you sense it?” Jiang Hao asked.

“People from the Corpse Clan have avatars. This person should be no exception.” Hong Yuye looked at Jiang Hao meaningfully.

Jiang Hao was somewhat puzzled. Many people had avatars.

The Divine Corpse Sect, the Corpse Clan, and the Great Thousand God Sect…

They all used clones and avatars.

Hong Yuye didn’t provide much information, and Jiang Hao could only take one step at a time.

However, the danger seemed to exceed his capabilities.

He didn’t know what to do.

In front of real power, he was too insignificant.

No matter how hard he worked over the years, he still couldn’t become strong enough.

Perhaps in the sect, he could still manage. But once outside, he was reminded of where he stood. He felt helpless.

Maybe he should continue hiding in the sect.

The two headed toward the Thousand Springs River.

At that moment, an old woman descended from the sky near the spring.

There were already some people there. When they saw the old woman, they stepped back.

The old woman had dark auras around her. When she landed, the grass withered at her feet. The curse spread.

“I’m waiting for someone. I hope you won’t get in my way,” said the old woman as she looked around at the others.

The people could only nod and retreat or stay there silently.

Granny Kufa was a dangerous person.

It wasn’t good to provoke her. She could kill someone with a curse without even lifting her finger.

Similar things had happened before.

For a while, the crowd dared not speak, but they were all curious about who Granny Kufa was waiting for.

After asking around, they found out that Granny Kufa’s avatar had been killed while avenging her grandson.

Now, the main body was waiting for the enemy here.

Someone sighed. “If this person doesn’t have a big, influential background, they’re in trouble.”

“Yeah. They managed to offend her. I heard that even the most powerful individuals of major sects don’t want any beef with her,” said a woman who was standing nearby..

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