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Chapter 13: If……

Chapter 13: If……

A school dormitory is a wondrous place, the ladies’ dormitory is forbidden ground for the males, any male who dare take a single step into that minefield all receive the death penalty.

But to the ladies, the male dormitory is like their vegetable garden at home. They can enter or leave as and when they want to. Therefore, Song Shuhang did not encounter any obstacles bringing a girl into his dormitory.

Furthermore, since it was Sunday, a majority of the students living in the dormitories went out to have fun, or stayed in the dormitory to play games. When Song Shuhang brought Soft Feather back, it didn’t attract much attention.

Shuhang’s dorm room was on the 2nd story, and there was an elevator in the dormitory. However, most of the people living in the dormitory all take the elevator. Since it’s only one floor, taking the stairs to his room is much faster than taking the elevator.

“Shall I help you bring up your suitcase?” Song Shuhang looked at the huge suitcase pulled by Soft Feather, as a man, offering to carry a lady’s suitcase and bags are things that mustn’t be declined.

“Sorry to trouble Senior then.” Soft Feather bashfully smiled, and pushed the huge suitcase to Song Shuhang.

During the journey, Song Shuhang saw Soft Feather drag that huge suitcase the whole time. When they passed by areas where there were uneven roads, she would even carry it past those roads like it was a very simple task.

Therefore, he assumed that this huge suitcase wasn’t filled, and should be pretty light.

When he gripped the suitcase, and tried to pull it upwards, his face immediately flushed!

He only managed to lift the suitcase a small bit after amassing his strength. What the fuck, this box is at least 50-60 kilograms, and nearly the weight of an adult male!

He widened his eyes and stared at Soft Feather, and stared at her soft and slender hands. This girl, is she secretly a tomboy? For the whole journey, she pulled along this thing that is about 120-130jin like she was flying, wasn’t it exhausting?”

[TL: 1 jin is 0.5kg, no idea why author bothered to use it since kilograms is above.]

And I naively thought that she was a good target for kidnapping? Simply with this strength of hers, anybody who wants to kidnap her had better prepare a coffin.

“Senior?” Soft Feather looked towards the senior, puzzled.

“Cough! Let us take the elevator.” Song Shuhang quickly decided and said. With his strength, there’s no problem for him to carry this box up, but it would be very tiring.

“Oh.” Soft Feather pretended to understand but didn’t seem to understand as she nodded. This has been mentioned before, she is a good lady, and won’t ask superfluous questions. Furthermore, as a guest, she will not interfere with the host’s decisions, for the guest should always follow the host’s intentions.

The elevator slowly rose, at a time like that there was basically nobody using the elevator, so there was no need to wait.



There wasn’t a single soul in the dormitory room.

His roommates usually return around 3-4PM, there were times they even came back at night.

The dormitory room wasn’t considered large, being made for only 4 people to live in. Although the place was small, it had everything necessary. There was an attached bathroom, a balcony, a washboard and a small kitchen.

“Take a seat, would you like something to drink?” Song Shuhang turned on the computer, and let Soft Feather sit down.

Soft Feather obediently sat down, and replied, “Jade Spirit Vein Tea.”

“?” Song Shuhang was confused.

Jade Spirit Vein Tea? What’s that? A new beverage? Why haven’t I heard of it before?

He blanked out for a moment, then quickly remembered this long-legged beauty’s identity. Don’t just see her as a youthful and pretty girl, she’s a patient deeply afflicted with chuunibyou!

This so-called Jade Spirit Vein Tea, should be something created by the minds of those chuunibyou patients in the chat group.

Song Shuhang only felt his liver start to faintly hurt again.

“I don’t have those kind of things here temporarily, but I have orange juice, clean water, coke and milk… pick one.” Song Shuhang straightforwardly gave her a multiple choice question, he was afraid that Soft Feather might ask him for frightening things like ‘Enriching Dragon Blood Tea’, ‘Phoenix Liquid’ and so on.

Soft Feather was stunned, Senior’s place doesn’t even have Jade Spirit Vein Tea?

One must know that Jade Spirit Vein Tea is the spirit tea that is most commonly served by cultivators to receive guests.

It contains very little Spiritual Qi, but the tea is full of fragrance, with a rich taste that can last for a long time, it’s the most economic tea for entertaining guests. Moreover, one can drink it by themselves if they feel like it and it can even one’s strengthen physique. Although the effects aren’t as miraculous as pills, Jade Spirit Vein Tea’s price is cheaper than pills by thousands of times. As long as one is a cultivator, it’s essential to possess this, right?

Wait, I got it!

Senior is living here in seclusion, in the city, living like ordinary people. It is said that to temper themselves, every 150 years, some seniors would live in with ordinary people and follow their way of life, and truly live like an ordinary person, that is called ‘Realm Of Mortal Tempering’! Although this cannot increase their strength, this can make one’s will more resolute, and make one’s spirit more clear and bright!

“Then, Senior, please give me orange juice, thank you.” Soft Feather revealed a sweet smile.

“Alright, give me a moment.”

After a short while, Song Shuhang carried over a large cup of orange juice poured from the refrigerator in the kitchen.

Soft Feather received the orange juice, “Thank you Senior.”

“You’re welcome.” Song Shuhang replied. This was a good lady, good character, polite, it’s a pity that she had chuuni. He sat in front of the computer, and connected to the internet.

He proficiently opened up Baidu Maps, and entered J City, Luo Xin Street.

[TL: In case you don’t know this, Baidu is like Google in China, and Google is also banned there.]

Very quickly, the map marked out the location of Luo Xin Street in J City.

“I’ve checked, this place is a little far from J City’s Luo Xin Street.” Song Shuhang said.

Originally, taking a taxi from Jiang Nan region’s airport to J City’s Luo Xin Street requires 5 hours or so. But Soft Feather mistook her destination. Luckily, Jiang Nan University City was bordering J City, so something like going north when the destination was south did not occur, she only stumbled upon the wrong path midway.

Right now, if she takes off from Jiang Nan University City, the journey to J City’s Luo Xin Street requires another 3.5 hours, and this is without considering the road traffic/condition. To be honest, the condition/traffic of these roads are incredibly inferior, the real amount of time needed to reach there is approximately 5 hours or so.

Soft Feather moved over, and when she saw the long distance, she couldn’t help but open her mouth wide, “Senior, for such a long distance can a taxi go there?”

“Well, they can, but I’m afraid that not many of them will be willing to do so.” Song Shuhang replied.

He then explained to Soft Feather.

A 5 hour car journey is a little far, although the various cities in the vicinity of Jiang Nan region can go from one city to another, most of the taxis drivers work on shifts.

Furthermore, going there takes 5 hours, and returning takes another 5 hours. In total it’s a 10 hour car journey, how many taxi drivers would want to do this? This is something that isn’t a good deal even if there were incentives.

“Then what do we do?” Soft Feather asked.

“Take a train, luckily, there’s a train station pretty close to J City’s Luo Xin Street, Black Elephant Station. This University City’s vicinity also has a station like this. Taking a train is also faster than taking a taxi, and it would take at most 2 hours to arrive.” Song Shuhang explained.

“Then what time shall we leave?” Soft Feather’s eyes shone.

“No rush, train tickets can now be booked on the same day. Let me see, the train from University City towards Black Elephant Station takes off at 4PM. So you will make it as long as you collect the ticket and enter the station by 3:30PM.”

Huh? Wait!

What time are we leaving? We?

This lady can’t be thinking that I will accompany her to J City’s Luo Xin Street, right?

I still have classes tomorrow, I’m still a mere student, and can’t just leave as I please!

“Then Senior, let us quickly book two tickets online. Do you need my identity card?” Soft Feather happily said, she felt very lucky that she was able to meet someone willing to help her like Senior Song.

“Cough cough, us?” Song Shuhang’s cold cough has relapsed, “You mean you want to book two tickets? You and me?”

“Ah? Senior isn’t accompanying me there?” Soft Feather stared blankly, and her face immediately blushed.

She was indeed too excited earlier, and assumed that Song Shuhang would accompany her to J City. She didn’t even ask for Senior’s input, it was too rude of her.

“Senior, I was too rude earlier, and didn’t ask for Senior’s opinion before acting on my own initiative. Senior, may I ask if you can accompany me on a trip to J City’s Luo Xin Street? To be honest, I’m…… I’m bad with directions, I’m afraid I won’t be able to find Ghost Lamp Temple.” Soft Feather beseeched.

Song Shuhang sighed, and rejected her, “Although I wish to help, I’m afraid I’m powerless in this matter.”

The train leaves at 4PM, so it will be at least 6:30PM in the evening when it reaches. It is unknown what Soft Feather wants to do there, and what time she will be done with her matters there. But one thing is for sure, I wouldn’t be able to get back by noon tomorrow.

Yet he has classes at noon tomorrow!

Soft Feather was immediately incredibly disappointed, she’s a lady whose thoughts are written all over her face, “Senior, is it because you don’t have time?”

“Yep, it’s because I have classes at noon tomorrow.” Song Shuhang answered.

Looking at the face of Soft Feather that looked like she was about to kneel, he suddenly felt that his rejection earlier was a little too stern, and was worried that it hurt this lady’s fragile heart.

Thinking of that, he negotiated, “If……. What I mean is, Soft Feather, if you’re not in too much of a hurry, I do have the time to accompany you to J City next Friday. I am currently a student, and only have rest days on Saturday and Sunday.

Next Friday? Soft Feather was still disappointed. Although she could wait 1 or 2 days, 5 days is a little too long. Her father might enjoy messing with people, but he obviously wouldn’t stay and play at Mad Saber Three Waves’ place for half a month.

However, she suddenly thought of something, and her eyes shined brightly. She seriously asked, “Senior Song, if you don’t have classes tomorrow afternoon…… and I’m only hypothesising, can you accompany me to J City then?”

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