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Chapter 16: This matter feels a tad abnormal!

Chapter 16: This matter feels a tad abnormal!

Since sending one teacher to the hospital is no big deal, why not send two!

Since I’ve already started something, I can’t give up halfway, this English teacher named Smith will be sent to the hospital too! Determination flashed in Soft Feather’s eyes……along with killing intent!

“Senior Song, is this Teacher Smith of yours a foreigner? What does he look like?” Soft Feather pretended to be curious as she asked.

“That fella? He’s an old-fashioned man, his standard of teaching is good, though.” Song Shuhang grinned as he said, then casually tapped on the name ‘Professor Smith’ in the message.

Soon after, the face of an old English man with a rigid face and flawlessly combed hair popped out.

Jiang Nan University’s school network has a large information system, where as long as one has the required level of authority, all of the students’ and teachers’ information can be found.

“He looks so serious, does he also stay at the teachers’ apartments?” Soft Feather nervously asked.

“Yep, that’s right.” Song Shuhang didn’t think much of itas he nodded, and continued to key in the particulars of Soft Feather’s identity card. He then registered and prepared to book the tickets.

Soft Feather felt embarrassed as she smiled, and quietly walked back to the balcony. She once again put on the magical tool: Desiring Thousand Miles Eyes, Take It Up A Notch.

Very soon, she located her target.

[TL: I’ve got you in my sights. – Soldier 76]

As of that moment, Professor Smith was out on a walk with his dog, by the school’s river

“Strange, is there a cold wind blowing?” Suddenly, this rigid old Englishman tightened his collar. He felt a mysterious chill, and was baffled.

“Sorry, sorry. Just like Teacher Renshui, after I’m done with my matters, I will compensate you.” Soft Feather again mumbled, then her hands rubbed the gold talisman.

At the school’s river……

The rigid Englishman felt that his condition today wasn’t good, and spontaneously decided to return to the hostel and rest, “Ham, let’s go back. Perfect timing, I still have to prepare the contents for tomorrow’s class.”

Having said that, Professor Smith pulled on the dog’s leash.

“Wu……Wu!” At this time, his normally obedient pet dog suddenly howled, while its eyes turned completely red.

Professor Smith felt a tremendous force coming from the dog’s leash. Ham the little puppy usually follows obediently with a gentle pull, yet today it fiercely pulled the leash.

Professor Smith frowned, then used more force to pull on the dog’s leash.

“Wang!” The pet dog indeed followed the dog leash as it returned, but it returned pouncing with red eyes! His mouth ferociously opened, targeting the Englishman’s skinny calf, and fiercely bit down on it.

“Oh, no! Help! Help me!” At the riverside, Professor Smith’s screams resounded.



15 minutes later.

At the affiliated hospital close to Jiang Nan University, in a room with two beds.

Teacher Renshui was lying in bed, both his legs dangled high, showing an extremely shameful posture. His wife held their child, while she displayed an expression of not knowing whether to laugh or to cry.

Right at this time, the ward’s door was opened, and a rigid-looking Englishman was pushed into the ward.

“Huh? Professor Smith? Aren’t you supposed to substitute me for tomorrow afternoon’s class? What happened?” Teacher Renshui was surprised and questioned him.

The Englishman spoke with clear Mandarin as he angrily said, “I was…… bitten by Ham. Ss, it’s the dog I’m raising. The doctor said it bit too hard, and hurt the bone. Ss, I have to be hospitalized. When I’m discharged tomorrow I will slaughter it and turn it into stew! Ss……”

It seemed like this rigid old Englishman was deeply hurt emotionally by the puppy he was raising. He felt that that dog was a practically a white-eyed wolf that cannot be domesticated. It so fiercely bit onto him, and nearly wanted his old life. Stew, it must be stewed!

[TL: White-eyed wolf means ungrateful person.]

“……” Teacher Renshui felt that the events of today were a tad abnormal!


At the dormitory, Song Shuhang had already booked a train ticket for Soft Feather.

At this time, the school’s email network once again broadcasted a new message.

“Mechanical Engineering Discipline, Machinery Designs and Manufacturing Faculty’s 19th department 43rd class’ students please take note: As Professor Smith is injured and hospitalized, tomorrow afternoon’s University English class is cancelled. Mechanical Engineering Discipline, Machinery Designs and Manufacturing Faculty’s 19th department 43rd class’ students are to have a half-day break tomorrow afternoon. Please notify each other, and make the appropriate preparations! Thank you.”

Likewise, this message was broadcasted three times in a row.

Moreover it was set to be rebroadcasted every half an hour, so as to cover up the previous message.

“……” Song Shuhang looked at this short message, in his mind thousands of grass mud horses crazily galloped across.

[TL: Grass mud horse is how the chinese say ‘F**k your mother’ on the internet, they sound almost the same.]

He turned around to look at Soft Feather who had a flowery smile. He felt that the things that happened today are a tad abnormal!


In the end Shuhang still had to go along with Soft Feather to J City; because he no longer had a reason not to accompany Soft Feather for this trip.

He truly didn’t expect for the two professors to be sent to the hospital one after another. The probabilities of this were practically the same as winning the top prize in a lottery, yet he somehow managed to strike it? Due to the tragic encounters of the two professors, he had a whole day of free time tomorrow. Therefore, under Soft Feather’s expectant gaze, he booked two train tickets to J City.

The ticket number was the one right after Soft Feather’s, therefore it was the seat immediately next to hers.

“Hey Soft Feather, for the two professors to be hospitalized in succession, do you think it is a coincidence?” Shuhang unyieldingly stared at Soft Feather without blinking. These were eyes that could kill, using an oppressive air to force the enemy to confess. Under this fierce gaze, the one getting stared at would feel uneasy if they lied.

The matters today were indeed excessively coincidental. A professor was sent to a hospital, while another professor substituted for the class, and in less than three minutes that professor too was abruptly sent to the hospital. What kind of bullshit story line was this?

Shuhang had long thought that he had passed the age of delusions and fantasies. Wuxia dreams, Xianxia dreams and so on should have left his life a long time ago. But right now, he truly suspected that Soft Feather had some special abilities, abilities that had somehow caused the two professors to be hospitalized.

When he opened his mind, he even thought towards the side of evil; this young lady is actually the young mistress of a terrifying dark organization, like in the movies, she has a large bunch of people following her in secret, and ready to fulfill whatever she wishes. Then, because she wanted him to accompany to her to J City, those covert subordinates ruthlessly sent the two professors to the hospital?

Yet upon receiving this death stare from Song Shuhang, Soft Feather instead wore a unperturbed expression, “How can that be? Ah am not the kind to do such things, right? Senior Song, you must believe ah!”

[TL: I’m just using Ah as a slang for I, Soft Feather is using a countryside slang in that sentence.]

Her innocent eyes were like a sacred lake that has never been tainted by anybody, but…… Where did that ‘Ah’ slang come from?

Luckily, Shuhang didn’t continue pursuing this topic, he just felt that all these events were too surprising, and casually asked.

“We will set off at approximately 3.10PM in the afternoon, and will be able to arrive at Jiang Nan University Station at 3.30PM. Since we still have some time, why not you make use of it by looking up the internet for information regarding ‘Ghost Lamp Temple’? I’ll go purchase lunch for us both, is there anything you can’t eat?” Song Shuhang asked.

“Nope, I can eat anything.” Soft Feather answered. At this moment, in order to conceal the uneasiness in her heart, even if her most hated green peppers appeared in front of her, she would dump them straight into her mouth!

“Then you try your best to find Ghost Lamp Temple, I’ll be back in a jiffy. If before that my roommates return, just tell them you’re my friend.” Song Shuhang waved his hand as he went out the door.

After Song Shuhang left, Soft Feather guiltily cringed in front of the computer, then continued to research all of the temples in the Luo Xin Street of J City, going through them one by one.


June 2nd, at 3PM in the afternoon.

Song Shuhang’s 3 roommates had received the school’s email notification, so they didn’t return to the dormitory today.

“Soft Feather, it’s time to go.” Song Shuhang called out.

“Coming.” Soft Feather stood up in front of the computer, crestfallen.

She had researched for half a day, yet still didn’t manage to find any information regarding Ghost Lamp Temple. Meanwhile, it was unknown what happened to North River’s Loose Practitioner as he didn’t come online for the whole afternoon.

Song Shuhang put the stuff he bought from the Foodie Paradise into the fridge, then wrote a simple note for his three roommates, mentioning that there was food in the fridge for them to eat.

For this trip he brought a sling bag. Inside, he placed his phone, power bank and charger. It was unknown how long this trip would take, if his phone runs out of battery things could become extremely troublesome.

Soft Feather pulled her large suitcase along while following Shuhang out.

Shuhang saw how dejected she was, and asked, “Couldn’t find Ghost Lamp Temple?”

“There’s completely zero information, I don’t even know if it has changed its name or has been torn down. Right now there is only the option of going to J City and asking the locals there.” Soft Feather said gloomily.

“When the boat gets to the pier-head it will naturally straighten itself, let’s get there first.”

The two spoke as they walked, and took the elevator down.

As it was 3PM in the afternoon, the number of people in the dormitory gradually increased, and the boarding students from the various disciplines began returning to school.

“Ah Hang, where are you going to play~” Approaching was Shuhang’s classmates greeting while waving their hands. Soon, their attention was stolen by Soft Feather who was behind Song Shuhang.

What a tall beauty!

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