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Chapter 1718 - Song “Pain Makes Me Stronger“ Shuhang

Chapter 1718 Song “Pain Makes Me Stronger“ Shuhang

The Dragon Network was currently Song Shuhang’s territory.Turning the heavenly tribulation into a version belonging to the Black Dragon World would benefit him greatly.

After all, Song Shuhang was very confident in his ability to endure pain, especially mental pain.

When the backlash from using the ‘secret appraisal technique’ hit him, the mental pain he suffered was over 10 times the physical pain. As such, Song Shuhang’s tolerance for mental pain had long since become stronger than his tolerance for physical pain.

…And the Black Dragon World’s heavenly tribulation focused on testing the mental endurance of its target.

“I choose ‘Yes’,” Song Shuhang enunciated his choice without hesitation.

[Beep~ The assimilation of the heavenly tribulation is complete. The intensity is that of an ‘enhanced’ Sixth Stage heavenly tribulation. Countdown to the descent of the heavenly tribulation. 3… 2… 1…]


The tribulation in the air had been sending down explosions onto Song Shuhang’s body.

Nevertheless, the virtuous lamia had only needed to prop up the ‘Virtuous Palace’ projection, and the first four waves of the heavenly tribulation were easily defeated.

It wasn’t until the fifth wave of the heavenly tribulation when the Virtuous Palace Projection finally couldn’t bear it, and was blasted apart.

The heavenly tribulation broke the Virtuous Palace, became ‘sword-like’, and then chopped at Song Shuhang.

The virtuous lamia spread her arms wide open, preparing to embrace and shield Song Shuhang from the fifth wave of the tribulation.

Song Shuhang said, “Fairy Waiting for a Promise, I will handle this wave.”

Fairy @#%× blinked, retreating slightly after a short while.


The ‘lightning sword’ of the fifth wave of the tribulation headed straight for Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand, coating himself with the ❮Variant Steel Hands Technique❯ and the body tempering techniques of the scholarly and beast systems to block the heavenly tribulation sword.

The moment the lightning sword touched Song Shuhang’s arm… It suddenly became illusory.

It didn’t hurt Song Shuhang physically. However, there was a form of ‘mental’ pain that assaulted him.

This pain came from the ‘lightning sword’ that pierced his arm.

Is this the result of the heavenly tribulation being assimilated by the Black Dragon World? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

The heavenly tribulation had been turned ‘illusory’, and all its damage had been changed to ‘mental damage’. The pain level had been increased, but it would not harm the cultivator’s physical body.

Song Shuhang patted his left hand lightly. “It’s a bit numb.”

And also a little painful maybe?

Song Shuhang was not too sure whether he had felt some pain just now.

It might have been a little painful, but he hardly felt anything.

Song Shuhang boldly said, “If the following waves of the heavenly tribulation are like this, I can endure them lying down.”

He was at the Fifth Stage Realm but with strength at the Sixth Stage. Despite that, his pain tolerance level was probably above the Eighth Stage Realm. After all, he had even managed to resist the aftermath of the Ninth Stage heavenly tribulation head-on.

Pain could only make him stronger!

In the distance, Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword reminded him, “Transcend your tribulation properly, don’t plant flags for yourself.”

It was afraid that while Song Shuhang was transcending his tribulation, something would suddenly come up to complicate things. It remembered very clearly that during the several months it had been with Song Shuhang, his heavenly tribulations had never been normal.

Song Shuhang said, “Don’t worry, Senior. I’m taking this very seriously.”

It wasn’t common for him to encounter an ordinary, unmutated heavenly tribulation. He wanted to have himself a great experience today in bullying this heavenly tribulation.

Scarlet Heaven Sword only became more worried when it heard Song Shuhang’s reassurance.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “Fairy Creation, in a while, when the final wave of this heavenly tribulation descends, make sure that you’re ready to sing. I’m getting the feeling that Song Shuhang will encounter heart demons.”

“Mm-hm~” Fairy Creation nodded.

At this time, her eyes were fixed on Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword as she pondered something.

“Fairy, what are you thinking about? I feel like there’s something wrong with the look in your eyes.” Scarlet Heaven Sword suddenly felt a chill.

Fairy Creation reached out, touched her throat and stomach, and then measured Scarlet Heaven Sword with her eyes.

Soon after, she grabbed it, opened her small mouth slightly, raised her head, and stuffed Scarlet Heaven Sword into her mouth.

“…” Scarlet Heaven Sword.

What do you think of me? I’m an Immortal-level divine weapon!

Also, if I remember correctly, Fairy Creation is of scholarly origin, right? She isn’t some performer.

One should not mess around with their talent points, alright?

Can’t you just stay as a proper scholarly fairy?

Although it was depressed, Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword still tried its best to dull its blade and the sharpness of its body so as not to hurt Fairy Creation.

…Why did it feel like it had been spoiling these two little girls a bit too much recently?

No, what little girls… One of them was the flower of the Ancient Heavenly City, and the other was a direct disciple of the Scholarly Sage. They were both several generations older than Scarlet Heaven.

Scarlet Heaven ‘Mind is Tired’ Sword.

At this moment, Fairy Creation, who was halfway through with the swallowing motion, suddenly stopped.

Her beautiful eyes were wide open, and tears could be seen at the corners of her eyes—she couldn’t continue swallowing it anymore.

Although her body structure was very similar to that of Fairy @#%×, she ultimately did not have a body of virtue. Therefore, it was impossible for her to swallow Scarlet Heaven Sword like Fairy @#%× did.

And so, she’d lost to her again.

Fairy Creation squatted at the side in silence, and looked up at the sky with a sword in her mouth.

Scarlet Heaven Sword asked, “Fairy, can you place me down first?”

Fairy Creation stubbornly shook her head.

Scarlet Heaven ‘Feeling a Bit Embarrassed’ Sword.


In the air, the Sixth Stage heavenly tribulation continued to send down explosions.

This heavenly tribulation had a lot more tricks to it.

In addition to modernized weapons, magical treasures, and magical techniques, it imitated some other inexplicable things. For example, Song Shuhang had seen some medical equipment being condensed within the tribulation clouds.

What’s this about?

Is the heavenly tribulation going to perform an operation on me?

The more tricks the heavenly tribulation had, the worse it was for the one who was transcending the tribulation.

Song Shuhang asked, “Fairy Waiting for a Promise, if the heavenly tribulation sends out something related to ‘modern medicine’, what do you think it’s going to be?”

[email protected]#%× opened her mouth, and replied with the electronic female voice. “Searching vocabulary related to ‘medicine’: injections, blood drawing, viruses, biohazard, surgery, ligation, cancer… various diseases… various operations… as well as kidney removal to buy a phone.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

Why the hell was ‘kidney removal to buy a phone’ listed here?

Everyone, please take care of your kidneys and drink plenty of water to avoid getting a kidney stone.

Above, thunder was still booming.

The heavenly tribulation had entered its most violent stage.

Various types of tanks, heavy artillery, and machine guns swept at Song Shuhang; sword intent and saber intent filled the air; numerous lightning-type magical techniques that Song Shuhang didn’t recognize condensed in the air; and a variety of Sixth Stage magical treasures blasted down.

Song Shuhang got the impression that he wasn’t even transcending a tribulation, but rather that he was being besieged by experts of the science department, cultivation system, mage system, and blacksmiths.


At this time, in the ‘small dragon scale world’ next door, the demonic hamster found a suitable place, and prepared to transcend its tribulation.

But first, it prayed to its master, Netherworld’s White.

“My Lord, I am back, and I will transcend my tribulation soon. If you can hear me, please respond to me. If you don’t hear me, I’ll start transcending my tribulation.” № Hamster prayed sincerely.

This time, Senior White Two quickly answered its prayer. “Wait a moment. I will drag you into the Ancient Nether and arrange a special place for you to transcend your tribulation.”

After № Hamster heard its master’s response, it was delighted. “Lord, please hurry up. I won’t be able to hold on for much longer.”

Senior White Two said, “I’m ready, come!”

№ Hamster’s figure disappeared as it was directly dragged by Senior White Two into the Ancient Nether World.

Song Shuhang, who was transcending his tribulation, saw this scene clearly.

He had been following № Hamster through the Dragon Network.

Since Senior White Two had taken № Hamster away, Shuhang no longer had to worry about its tribulation

Song Shuhang let out a breath of relief.

He could now completely focus on his own heavenly tribulation

The heavenly tribulation had already reached its peak, and would soon begin to decline.

“It looks like I’m about to enter the second half of the heavenly tribulation,” Song Shuhang estimated.

Until this point, he only needed to have the virtuous lamia prop up the ‘Virtuous Palace Projection’ to block out the various waves of the heavenly tribulation.

Occasionally, the heavenly tribulation would break the projection and fall on Song Shuhang. Nonetheless, what reached him would have already had its power weakened, and it was impossible for it to bring Song Shuhang any real pain.

He could really just lie down and do nothing.

It was just that it was a little boring.

Song Shuhang said, “Now, I just have to wait and see how powerful the last wave of this heavenly tribulation is, seeing if it would be able to bring me a surprise or not.”

The heavenly tribulation in the sky began to accumulate power for the last wave.

Under normal circumstances, the last wave would also be the most powerful wave of the heavenly tribulation.

[Beep~ Administrator Tyrannical Song, your ‘buddy’ Heavenly Emperor has begun to transcend her tribulation, and your steel manifestation has been involved in her heavenly tribulation, please pay attention to your own safety.]

“…” Song Shuhang.

Because of his steel manifestation getting involved in the heavenly tribulation of the Heavenly Emperor, the power of the ‘heavenly tribulation’ above Song Shuhang’s head rose sharply, just as if it had received a shot of adrenaline.

The heavenly tribulation, which had begun to decline, suddenly roared with power once again.

Song Shuhang was submerged in artillery fire once more.

In an instant, the Virtuous Palace Projection was broken.

Ten or so heavenly tribulation attacks fell on Song Shuhang, some of which were blocked by the virtuous lamia, while the rest hit his body directly.

However, because of the assimilation, when the attacks came into contact with Song Shuhang’s body, they became illusory and transformed into ‘pain’.

“Hiss~ I can feel it this time.” Song Shuhang touched his arm.

It felt like he got stabbed by a sword, beaten a few times, and shocked by a decent number of volts.

But that was all.

It was far from a level of pain that could make Song Shuhang cry.

[Beep~ Your ‘steel friend’ Doudou has been involved in the heavenly tribulation of your ‘junior’ Soft Feather.]

“!!!” Song Shuhang.

How did Doudou get to Soft Feather? And it even got involved in Soft Feather’s heavenly tribulation?

If Doudou was there, Senior Yellow Mountain should be there as well.

If Senior Yellow Mountain were by its side watching, how could he allow for such a low-level mistake to happen?

In addition, was that so-called ‘steel friend’ referring to the marks that were left on Doudou’s monster core and the steel manifestation’s core reactor after they transcended their tribulation together previously?

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