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Chapter 1720 - The Dragon Network Assistan

Chapter 1720 The Dragon Network Assistan

After transforming into a lake, the golden core would disappear and cease to exist.Then why was the ancient nether dragon soul occupying the node?

It might have happened because I’m part of both the cultivation system and the Black Dragon World’s mage system, Song Shuhang said inwardly.

Anyway, it didn’t look like it was something negative.

Song Shuhang’s consciousness left the small dantian, and he looked up towards the sky.

In the air, the tribulation clouds had gathered once more.

Sure enough, Uncle Heavenly Tribulation had not given up yet.

“Could it be that because I have seven small Lustrous Golden Cores, I’ll have to face the bombardment of the ‘last wave’ seven times?” Song Shuhang wondered.

The virtuous lamia blinked, and said, “If you don’t know anything, what did you come out for?”

…This was said using Pavilion Master Chu Two’s voice.

“…” Song Shuhang.

[Beep~ Your ally ‘Fat Ball’ has revived.]

[Mr. Shuhang, hello, I am Fat Ball.] Lady Kunna’s voice rang in Song Shuhang’s mind through the Dragon Network.

Song Shuhang was overjoyed, and replied, [Lady Kunna, you’ve recovered?]

Previously, Kunna had been swallowed by the Demon Emperor, and the Demon Emperor’s clone had run away while carrying the main body.

Song Shuhang was planning on finishing transcending his heavenly tribulation before heading out to look for Senior White Two to fight the Demon Emperor and bring back Lady Kunna.

He did not expect that Lady Kunna would be able to escape on her own.

[Please call me Fat Ball. Thanks to Mr. Shuhang having successfully connected the Dragon Network to the ‘Virtuous Network’, the core I left behind has been activated, and I am now recovering. As for the part of me which was swallowed by the Demon Emperor, it has already been digested, and there is no longer any way to take it back. Nevertheless, thank you, Mr. Shuhang,] Lady Kunna replied.

Song Shuhang replied, [You are welcome.]

The digestive ability of the Demon Emperor is that good?

In addition… I have inadvertently helped Lady Kunna by connecting the Dragon Network to the ‘Virtuous Network’, an unexpected surprise.

Song Shuhang asked, [How long will it take for you to recover?]

Lady Kunna’s voice sounded. [I can’t give you an exact frame of time. I will be falling into a deep sleep soon. During this period, I’ll be requesting Mr. Shuhang to manage the Dragon Network for me… I will leave behind the ‘Dragon Network Assistant’ to help you in the management of the daily operations of the Dragon Network.]

Song Shuhang replied, [No problem, but I only have authority for 20 days. After this time, there is nothing I can do.]

Lady Kunna responded, [Please don’t worry. With the Dragon Network Assistant present, Mr. Shuhang should still be able to manage the Dragon Network to a certain extent. Well then, Mr. Shuhang… We shall meet again some other time.]

After saying that, Lady Kunna’s aura completely disappeared. It seemed that she had already entered her slumber.

In the next moment, there was a wave of spatial fluctuations that appeared above Song Shuhang’s shoulder.

A bunch of colorful lights fell on his shoulders, exuding a faint warmth.

At the same time, his ‘magical power top-up device’ got drawn over. It drilled out of his size-reducing purse, merging with the colorful light.

Is this the ‘Dragon Network Assistant’ Lady Kunna mentioned? Song Shuhang reached out to touch the colorful light. When he saw it, he felt a familiar sensation. He felt as if it was similar to his colorful waist.

Just as Song Shuhang thought this, the form of the Dragon Network Assistant changed.

It became a large, colorful kidney, floating above Song Shuhang’s shoulders.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang said, “Can we change your form to something else? Since you’re the Dragon Network Assistant, why not appear in the form of a ‘Black Dragon’ or ‘Lady Kunna’. I should be able to get used to that better.”

The Dragon Network assistant seemed to understand Song Shuhang’s words, transforming again soon after.

After a while, a fist-sized Lady Kunna with dragon wings on her back appeared on Song Shuhang’s shoulder.

“Hm, this form is good. Just stay like that.” Song Shuhang nodded.

In the air, thunder boomed again.

Tribulation clouds formed once more.

In the next moment, a giant made up of clouds and mist appeared in the air. The giant looked handsome, and had a beautiful QR code on its forehead.

The cloud giant grabbed a huge bow, and locked onto Song Shuhang.

“A Celestial?” Song Shuhang suddenly began to get restless when he saw this giant.

Celestials were very valuable.

In addition… a ‘personified’ heavenly tribulation had finally made its appearance.

Ever since the ‘magical treasure’ heavenly tribulation had appeared, Song Shuhang had been worrying about whether the heavenly tribulation was eventually going to imitate the master of the said magical treasures. After all, theoretically speaking, imitating a person should not be that much more difficult than imitating magical treasures.

Along with the future improvement of the personified heavenly tribulation, would cultivators end up facing big shots?

Song Shuhang felt that ‘personified heavenly tribulations’ would be especially terrifying because some fathers, mothers, grandpas, and grandmas were very powerful cultivators.

Just imagine, when ascending, the heavenly tribulation suddenly imitated a bunch of fathers, grandfathers, and other seniors. Even if the attack power did not increase by much, the psychological pressure of such an attack would definitely be significant.

[When the heavenly tribulation father beats you, or a heavenly tribulation mother-father pair comes out to attack you, how are you supposed to resist in a proper manner?] This topic would definitely become something that cultivators wouldn’t be able to avoid in their studies in the future.

Song Shuhang said, “What a pity. If this were a real Celestial, it would be extremely valuable.”


In the air, the heavenly tribulation Celestial attacked.

The first arrow fell, piercing the Triple-Layered Virtuous Palace Projection of the virtuous lamia.

The remaining power continued onward to Song Shuhang, but it got smashed by the tail of the virtuous lamia.

At this moment, the Dragon Network Assistant on his shoulder suddenly asked, [A cross-world attack has been detected. Would you like to use the Dragon Network’s energy to launch a counterattack?]

Song Shuhang responded, “Eh? What kind of counterattack?”

The Dragon Network Assistant said, “It has been detected that the account [Tyrannical Dragon] is in the Dragon Network’s Sixth Level Area, and has Administrator Authority. It is recommended to use Seventh Level magical techniques, which are within the range of what your mental energy can bear, to launch a counterattack.”

With Song Shuhang’s authority, more powerful magical techniques could be cast through the Dragon Network. However, in order to ensure that Song Shuhang’s mental state remained stable, the Dragon Network recommended that Song Shuhang only use Seventh Level magical techniques to counterattack.

The Dragon Network Assistant asked, “Do you wish to launch a counterattack?”

Song Shuhang replied, “Does that still need to be asked? Go f*ck him!”

The Dragon Network Assistant’s eyes shone with bright colors. “Selecting the most suitable magical technique… The ice magical technique ‘Ice Dragon’ has been selected. In preparation for casting, requesting Tyrannical Dragon to cooperate.”

Song Shuhang followed the instructions of the Dragon Network Assistant, assisting it with his mental energy.

After a while…

Song Shuhang felt his hands starting to act on their own, his fingers quickly drawing a string of runes in the air.

He also chanted a spell in the language of the Black Dragon World.

The Seventh Level magical technique ‘Ice Dragon’ condensed and formed.

A lifelike ice dragon was born from Song Shuhang’s fingertips, and rose into the sky.

At the moment when the ice dragon was formed, an overwhelming chill spread outward.

In an instant, everything within the radius of nearly 1,000 meters with Song Shuhang as the center was frozen.

This feeling of casting magical techniques was so wonderful that it simply couldn’t be described in words. It was much more refreshing than just slashing things with a saber.

Song Shuhang remarked, “I remember that I had the dual attributes of fire and lightning. Despite that, I can actually cast ice magical techniques?”

Authority truly was something great.

In the distance, Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “A Song Shuhang that’s able to cast magical techniques feels really off for some reason…”

“Song~ Slash with Saber.” Fairy Creation nodded in agreement.


From the tribulation clouds, the Celestial fired three consecutive arrows at the ice dragon, but each arrow only managed to chip off a part of the ice layer on its body.

After a short while, the ice dragon slammed into the tribulation clouds, shattering the Celestial into fragments.

Seeing the heavenly tribulation dissipate, Song Shuhang immediately sank his consciousness into his small dantian, staring at his first small golden core and at his sixth small golden core.

If it was going by order, it should be the turn of these two golden cores to mutate, right?

Sure enough, it wasn’t far off from what he expected.

The sixth small golden core ‘ancient divine witch blood’ began to melt… It was already a liquid, a drop of divine blood, so it melted very quickly.

In the blink of an eye, it turned into a lake of blood.

The Blood Lake was deep as well, and it also had nine layers, which was equivalent to a ‘Nine-Dragon-Patterned Golden Core’.

Next, the QR code Golden Core Composition materialized, and appeared in the Blood Lake.

The QR code materialized in a form different from the usual one.

The Golden Core Composition appeared at the bottom of the ninth layer of the Blood Lake, and then a pattern was projected from the QR code to form the ‘ancient witch blood sacrifice scene’.

The 3D blood sacrifice scene filled the entire blood lake.

On Song Shuhang’s shoulder, the Dragon Network Assistant asked, [A pattern named ‘QR code’ has been detected. Would you like to link it with the Dragon Network?]

Song Shuhang said, “Huh? You can directly link it with the Dragon Network? Sure then, go ahead.”

This was exactly what he’d wanted to do before, but he hadn’t been able to find a way to link it.

The Dragon Network Assistant nodded slightly.

Not much time later…

The Dragon Network Assistant said, [Linking complete.]

Song Shuhang asked, “That fast? So if I send this ‘QR code’ to others now, can they use it to join the ‘Dragon Network’?”

The Dragon Network Assistant asked, [This function can be added. Would you like to add it?]

Song Shuhang replied, “Add, add, add. This function is very useful to me.”

The Dragon Network Assistant said, [Function has been added.]


In the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber had been thinking about the ‘QR code Golden Core Composition’ that Soft Feather had sent in the group last time.

His intuition told him that this Golden Core Composition was a very interesting thing.

There seemed to be a kind of attraction coming from the QR code that caused him to use his spare time on it.

In order to study it, Thrice Reckless hadn’t even sought death recently.

The fellow daoists in the Nine Provinces Number One Group were unable to immediately get used to this sudden change.

It worked for Fairy Lychee, but not for the rest of us. It doesn’t make sense. I must have overlooked something, Thrice Reckless Mad Saber silently thought to himself.

In recent days, he had tried nearly 100 different methods, but none of them worked.

“Today, I’ll try this method . This is the last method I can think of.” After saying that, Thrice Reckless closed his immortal cave.

Then, he took out two big dumplings from the treasure chest at the side—this was the biggest difference between himself and Fairy Lychee that he could think of at the moment.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber stuffed the big dumplings under his shirt, and once again scanned the ‘Golden Core Composition’ with his mental energy.

[Beep~ Tyrannical Song invites you to join the ‘Dragon Network’. Yes/No.]

The corners of Thrice Reckless Mad Saber’s mouth curled upwards, and he proudly said, “Hehe, sure enough, there is only one truth.”

He couldn’t wait to go online and tell the fellow daoists in the group of the results of his research..

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