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Chapter 1726 - F*ck, a heavenly tribulation!

Chapter 1726 F*ck, a heavenly tribulation!

As proven once again, seniors will forever be seniors. Song Shuhang looked up at the sky—where a group of people was neatly lined up, heading his way.

Before the Dragon Network Assistant could apply the patch, the members of the group with whom he was familiar were basically all already there.

Cave Lord Snow Wolf said, “Ah, Northern River, you’re here too. Did you also experience an ascension?”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator smiled slightly and looked around. “It seems that all of the fellow daoists in the group who were online are here.”

Most of the ones present were familiar faces… This year, the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group had met each other in real life rather frequently. Previously, it would be rare for them to meet once every few decades, yet they’d already met each other several times this year—although everyone did come together by coincidence.

Finally, Northern River’s Loose Cultivator took another look at Thrice Reckless.

He’s really hopeless.

Even a miracle doctor wouldn’t be able to save Thrice Reckless. Still, nobody had thought that playing this ‘Dragon Network Level Raising Game’ would ultimately gather everyone’s primordial souls together. Thrice Reckless was simply a goner.

Fairy Dongfang Six asked, “Who got here first? When I got here, I saw that Senior Yellow Mountain, Thrice Reckless, Shuhang, White Crane, Eternal Fire, and Tyrant Flood Dragon were all already here.”

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber triumphantly said, “Senior Yellow Mountain was the first to come here, and I was the second one. I was half a step behind Senior Yellow Mountain.”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator turned his head slightly, and couldn’t bear to look at Thrice Reckless. Rather than staying low-key at this time, he actually emphasized his own presence.

Fairy Lychee’s eyes sank, and then she smiled slightly. “I’ve found you, Thrice Reckless!”

In the next moment.

“Aaah~ Fairy Lychee~ Slow down, slow down… I’m going to vomit!”

It had been proven by facts that primordial souls were more fragile than physical bodies.

When the same skill was used on a primordial soul, the damage dealt to them would be 10 times what would have been dealt to a physical body.

“Doudou isn’t here?” Young Master Phoenix Slayer asked. He looked around and couldn’t find Doudou, causing him to feel rather uninterested in this matter. The greatest pleasures of his monster life were eating fish, sleeping, and beating Doudou, so it wasn’t any good if Doudou wasn’t here.

Venerable Yellow Mountain replied, “Doudou has gotten involved in Soft Feather’s heavenly tribulation, and he’s in the middle of transcending the tribulation with her. My main body is still watching them, and there should be no problems.”

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple said, “Why do I feel like there’s something wrong with the atmosphere here and that it’s somewhat stifling? Do any of you feel that way as well?”

Young Master Phoenix Slayer responded, “I’m feeling that too.”

“The same goes for me. I also feel rather pressured and uncomfortable,” Fairy Lychee said while spinning her small hand very quickly. At this time, Thrice Reckless was just like the propeller of an airplane, only the afterimages of his body were visible.

True Monarch White Crane said, “Look up. Look at the sky, and you’ll know why it feels rather pressuring here.”

As soon as the seniors looked up, they saw that a ‘tribulation cloud’ was condensing above, with electric arcs constantly flickering within it. It was clear that its might could not be underestimated.

Scholar Xian Gong exclaimed, “Shiet, another heavenly tribulation?”

Treasure Forging Heavenly Mansion’s Yang Xian said, “Who is so uncivilized to transcend their tribulation while in the middle of a crowd?”

“…” Song Shuhang.

“It’s little friend Shuhang. He was in the middle of transcending his tribulation when I got here. It was our primordial souls that crossed through space, and got involved in his heavenly tribulation,” Venerable Yellow Mountain said heartily. “In other words, it’s our fault.”

“Senior Yellow Mountain, are we in time to leave?” said Fairy Dongfang Snow, looking at Venerable Yellow Mountain with hopeful eyes.

Venerable Yellow Mountain shook his head.

Fairy Firefly remarked, “We’re dead.”

Besides the few members who were closed up or occupied by something else and couldn’t go online, the rest of the members of the group had gathered here today. At this moment, over half of the group was here.

So many primordial souls were gathered in one place, and joined Song Shuhang’s heavenly tribulation.

To what extent would the might of his heavenly tribulation increase?

And to make matters worse, the members of the group were now in their primordial soul state, so they were unable to exert their maximum combat ability.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer said worriedly, “We aren’t all going to be drawn to the ‘Heavenly Tribulation Realm’ to transcend the Eighth Stage Tribulation as it happened with the previous ‘group heavenly tribulation’, right?”

“There’s a chance that we won’t be drawn to the Heavenly Tribulation Realm this time,” Song Shuhang said. “The situation last time could be regarded as a bug or loophole of sorts. But the heavenly tribulation has been changing very frequently recently, and the loopholes that existed back during my previous ascension have likely already been patched.

“As long as we don’t get pulled into the ‘Heavenly Tribulation Realm’, then you seniors have nothing to worry about. I can definitely deal with this tribulation!” Song Shuhang added.

As the Administrator of the Dragon Network, as long as he was in the Black Dragon World, he could use the power of the network to overcome his heavenly tribulation.


[Patch has been applied.] At this time, the Dragon Network Assistant sent a notification.

Song Shuhang looked around, and saw that nearly all of the members of the group he was familiar with were already there.

Fairy Dongfang Six asked, “Who isn’t here?”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator said, “Senior Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue isn’t here. He has ascended to the Profound Sage Realm, and he should be busy.”

“Fellow Daoist Seven Lives Talisman also isn’t here. Perhaps he hasn’t gone online today?”

“Su Clan’s Seven isn’t here, either. Seven has been acting quite mysterious recently. I have no idea what he’s been doing. Right, is the number 7 especially lucky? Could he have escaped this disaster?” Medicine Master scratched his hair. Purple Mist was behind him, silently tying his hair into small braids.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber desperately yelled, “Aaaah~ In the future~ Please~ Aaaah~ call me~ Seven Reckless Mad Saber~ Aaaah.”

While he said that, 500 meters away, a spatial passage appeared.

Su Clan’s Seven drilled out of the void with a dazed expression. “Strange, I saw a familiar fairy maiden walking in front of me in the passage I was in, but then the spatial passage suddenly collapsed. What happened?”

The ‘patch’ that the Dragon Network Assistant had applied was starting to take effect. With the patch, Seven was teleported to a safe area 500 meters away, outside the range of the heavenly tribulation.

But then, while Su Clan’s Seven was talking, his primordial soul started flying involuntarily. Like he was being attracted by a magnet, he was dragged to the space behind Song Shuhang.

There was no need to be polite when it came to keeping the group neat and tidy.

Song Shuhang felt very tired.

This patch was of no use at all.

“Senior Seven, who was the familiar fairy maiden you saw?” Zhou Li asked curiously. Zhou Li had been having a great time recently. Not only was he in a relationship with a fairy maiden from the scholarly faction, but Doudou had recently gotten locked up, so he didn’t have to bother himself with him.

Su Clan’s Seven scratched his head. “She looked familiar. But after thinking about it carefully, I’m sure I’ve never seen her before.”

Young Master Phoenix Slayer said, “But it’s certain that she must be a member of our Nine Provinces Number One Group. Otherwise, they would not have been added to the Dragon Network, and their primordial soul would not have been drawn over to little friend Song Shuhang.”

Medicine Master said, “Is it possible that Soft Feather sent the QR code to others?”

After all, the QR code of Song Shuhang’s Golden Core Composition had been shared in the group by Soft Feather.

“You’ve all forgotten about someone,” Fairy Lychee said. “I vaguely remember that there was a fellow daoist in our group called Fairy Sunken Moon. Perhaps it was her you saw, Seven?”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator said, “You’re talking about Scholar Drunken Gloom, who’s a man and not a fairy. I’m 100% certain of this.”

“It’s indeed true that the scholar is a man,” Senior Yellow Mountain said. “So the person who Seven saw was not the scholar… Speaking of which, the scholar didn’t come here?”

“I might have the answer.” Song Shuhang finally found a chance to cut in. “Perhaps it was Senior Copper Trigram.”

He had been matching the seniors present with the ones he had in his memory. After doing so, he discovered that ‘Copper Trigram’ was not among the fellow daoists present.

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator’s eyes suddenly lit up. “Yes, it should be the shady fortune teller! I’m afraid that it might really be him. He’s even live-streamed scanning little friend Song Shuhang’s QR code.”

“If the shady fortune teller was in front of Seven, then shouldn’t he have appeared here already, or 500 meters away at least?” Fairy Lychee turned her head and looked around.

One of the 10 great mysteries of the Nine Provinces Number One Group was Copper Trigram’s true appearance. Perhaps they could finally get the answer to that mystery today?

Even if one could change the appearance of their physical body, the same could not be said for their primordial soul.

While she said that, a spatial channel opened up 500 meters away from them.

Two figures stepped out of the passage together.

Tian Tiankong laughed, and said, “Eh? What are you all doing staring at me? It’s making me feel quite shy.”

Behind him was Vice Island Master Tian Tianwei, her gaze dull. She seemed to have yet to fully recover.

It was the siblings, Tian Tiankong and Tian Tianwei.

Just like Su Clan’s Seven, as soon as they appeared, they were sucked into the group as if attracted by a magnet.

“There is another person over there.” Dharma King Creation found their target.

In the sky, a figure fell out of a vertical spatial channel.

They had slender legs and wore a big, red dress.

Sure enough, it was just as Seven had said; it was a fairy maiden.

The figure fell to the ground. “Oh, I’m finally out.”

Then, they raised their head, a delicate metallic mask on their face.

This mask was a precious ‘primordial soul magical treasure’ designed specifically to protect one’s primordial soul. After wearing it, it could shield one’s aura, strengthen their primordial soul, and so on.

The members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group were all speechless.

The shady fortune teller truly was impeccable in this regard.

“But at least one thing has finally been determined.” The corner of Northern River’s Loose Cultivator’s mouth curled up as he said, “Shady fortune teller, so you are a fairy maiden!”

Immortal Master Copper Trigram patted her red dress, and lazily said, “Okay, okay, as long as you like it… If you think I am a fairy maiden, that’s fine by me. Anyway, even if I am a woman, you’re not my type, so what are you so happy about?”

In that short reply, Copper Trigram’s voice had been changing constantly, switching between several kinds of voices, and it sounded particularly strange.

“…” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator.

This is not happiness, but pride, can’t you see? You shady fortune teller, I’ve finally determined your gender, so I’m showing a triumphant smile!

True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon said emotionally, “If Copper Trigram really is a fairy, I suddenly find her shady predictions rather cute. Sometimes, fairies really do get privileges.”

“Whoosh~” At this time, Immortal Master Copper Trigram was drawn to the crowd as if pulled over by a magnet. It just so happened that she fell beside True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon.

“Hahahaha, but that’s too bad, Fellow Daoist Tyrant Flood Dragon. I’m not a fairy maiden, so I can’t be cute,” Copper Trigram said using a proud man’s voice. He then tore his dress open, revealing strong chest muscles. “There is also that idiot Northern River. As soon as he saw that I was wearing a red dress, he immediately thought that I was a girl. In fact, I have just put on this red dress while in the passage, hahahaha.”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator responded, “You shady fortune teller, sooner or later you will be struck by lightning.”


In the sky, muffled thunder boomed.

“It struck as soon as you said so. Northern River, have you learned power words?” Copper Trigram looked up. “F*ck, a heavenly tribulation!”

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